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What Time Is The Bet Music Awards What Time Is The Bet Music Awards

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What Time Is The Bet Music Awards

Written by: Gerri Morelli

Get all the details about the BET Music Awards including the date, time, and nominees. Find out who takes home the coveted awards at this exciting music event.

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The BET Music Awards, also known as the Black Entertainment Television Awards, is an annual music awards show that celebrates the achievements of African Americans and other minorities in the music industry. Established in 2001, the BET Music Awards has become one of the most prestigious and highly anticipated events in the entertainment industry.

With its focus on recognizing and honoring the contributions of black artists, the BET Music Awards is a platform that showcases the talent, creativity, and cultural influence of the African American community in the music industry. It provides a stage for artists to showcase their artistry and receive recognition for their work.

The BET Music Awards is more than just an awards show; it is a cultural celebration that highlights the diversity and vibrancy of black music and its impact on popular culture. From hip-hop and R&B to gospel and jazz, the BET Music Awards represent a wide range of genres and styles, attracting a global audience of music enthusiasts.

What sets the BET Music Awards apart from other music award shows is its commitment to uplifting and empowering black artists. The event not only recognizes their artistic achievements but also provides a platform for important discussions about social justice and equality. Through powerful performances and thought-provoking speeches, the BET Music Awards strives to create a space where artists can use their platform to address pressing societal issues.

Over the years, the BET Music Awards has garnered a reputation for its memorable performances, surprise collaborations, and unforgettable moments. It has become a must-watch event for music lovers around the world, eagerly anticipating the show’s lineup, winners, and red carpet fashion.

In this article, we will delve into the significance of the BET Music Awards, explore its previous winners and nominees, discuss the date and time of the upcoming show, highlight the broadcast information, and provide details about the hosts, performers, and red carpet coverage. Additionally, we will explore the award categories, voting process, and share some highlights and memorable moments from past BET Music Awards shows. So buckle up and get ready for an exciting journey through the world of the BET Music Awards!


The significance of the BET Music Awards

The BET Music Awards holds immense significance in the music industry and beyond, making it one of the most highly regarded awards shows in the entertainment world. Here are a few reasons why the BET Music Awards are so important:

  • Celebration of Black Excellence: The BET Music Awards specifically celebrates the achievements of African Americans and other minorities in the music industry. It serves as a platform to recognize and honor the immense talent, creativity, and cultural contributions of black artists.
  • Diversity and Representation: The BET Music Awards showcases a diverse range of musical genres, reflecting the multiculturalism within the black community. The show features performers from various music genres, including hip-hop, R&B, gospel, jazz, and more, highlighting the richness and diversity of black music.
  • Mentoring Future Artists: The BET Music Awards not only honors established artists but also provides a platform to uplift and mentor emerging talents. The show’s performances and collaborations often feature a mix of established artists and up-and-coming musicians, giving the latter a chance to gain exposure and connect with industry professionals.
  • Cultural Impact: The BET Music Awards have a significant cultural impact, influencing popular culture and shaping musical trends. The show has been instrumental in highlighting and promoting artists who have gone on to become major musical icons, influencing both music and fashion styles.
  • Social Justice Advocacy: The BET Music Awards are known for addressing important social justice issues, providing artists with a platform to share their thoughts and advocate for change. These moments of activism and solidarity serve to inspire and empower both artists and fans alike.
  • Global Reach: The BET Music Awards attract a global audience, reaching music enthusiasts around the world. The live performances, memorable collaborations, and captivating moments from the show generate excitement and interest on a global scale, showcasing the talent of black artists to a diverse audience.

The BET Music Awards’ significance extends beyond the music industry. It symbolizes a celebration of diversity and representation, championing the voices and achievements of black artists in a predominantly white-dominated industry. By providing a dedicated platform for black artists, the BET Music Awards encourages and inspires future generations to pursue their musical dreams, fostering inclusivity and representation in the entertainment world.


Previous Winners and Nominees

Over the years, the BET Music Awards have recognized and honored numerous talented artists across various categories. Let’s take a look at some of the past winners and nominees:

  • Best Female R&B/Pop Artist: This category celebrates the best female artists in the R&B and pop genres. Past winners include Beyoncé, Rihanna, and H.E.R., while notable nominees have included Janelle Monáe, SZA, and Kehlani.
  • Best Male R&B/Pop Artist: Recognizing outstanding male artists in the R&B and pop genres, this category has seen winners such as Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, and The Weeknd. Notable nominees have included Usher, Khalid, and John Legend.
  • Best Hip Hop Artist: This category highlights the top hip hop artists, celebrating their lyrical prowess and impact on the genre. Past winners include Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Cardi B, with nominees like J. Cole, Megan Thee Stallion, and Travis Scott.
  • Best New Artist: This category honors breakthrough artists who have made a significant impact in their debut year. Artists such as Lizzo, H.E.R., and Khalid have emerged as winners in this category, while nominees have included Roddy Ricch, Doja Cat, and Summer Walker.
  • Video of the Year: Recognizing the visual excellence in music videos, this category has seen iconic videos take home the award. Winners have included Beyoncé’s “Formation,” Childish Gambino’s “This Is America,” and Drake’s “God’s Plan.” Nominees have featured creative works from artists like Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, and Cardi B.
  • Album of the Year: This category honors the best albums released in the past year. Winners have included Beyoncé’s “Lemonade,” Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN.,” and Cardi B’s “Invasion of Privacy.” Notable nominees have included Janelle Monáe, Anderson .Paak, and Lizzo.

The BET Music Awards encompass a wide range of categories, spanning various genres and styles. From recognizing the most talented R&B, pop, and hip hop artists to honoring the best music videos and albums, the BET Music Awards accurately capture the diverse talent and artistry within the music industry.

Each year, the BET Music Awards nominations are highly anticipated, and the winners are determined through a combination of industry votes and public voting. The awards show not only celebrates the achievements of the winners but also shines a spotlight on the nominees, providing valuable exposure and recognition for their work.

As the BET Music Awards continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing music landscape, we can expect to see even more groundbreaking artists and incredible talent being recognized in the years to come.


Date and Time of the BET Music Awards

The BET Music Awards is typically held annually in the summer months, providing a star-studded celebration of music and entertainment. While specific dates may vary from year to year, the BET Music Awards consistently draws in a large audience eager to witness the dazzling performances and see their favorite artists take home prestigious awards.

The date and time of the BET Music Awards are usually announced well in advance, allowing fans to mark their calendars and make plans to tune in. The show is typically held on a weekend, often on a Sunday night, to maximize viewership and ensure a memorable finale to the weekend’s events.

In recent years, the BET Music Awards have been broadcast live from various venues and arenas across the United States. These locations provide the perfect backdrop for the electrifying performances and the glitz and glamour that accompany the event.

As for the duration of the BET Music Awards, the show typically lasts for a few hours, with captivating performances, acceptance speeches, and special segments honoring influential artists and industry figures. The exact duration may vary slightly depending on the number of presenters, performers, and award categories featured in a given year.

To stay updated on the latest information about the date and time of the BET Music Awards, fans can follow official BET channels and social media accounts, where announcements regarding the upcoming show will be made. Viewers can expect plenty of anticipation and excitement as the date approaches and the music industry prepares to celebrate another incredible year of talent, creativity, and achievement.


Broadcast Information

The BET Music Awards is widely broadcasted, allowing fans from around the world to tune in and be a part of this spectacular event. The show is typically broadcast on the Black Entertainment Television network (BET), which is available on various cable and satellite providers.

In addition to the traditional television broadcast, the BET Music Awards also offers streaming options for those who prefer to watch online. The official BET website and mobile app often provide live streaming services, enabling viewers to watch the show on their computers, smartphones, or tablets.

Furthermore, social media platforms have become an integral part of the BET Music Awards experience. Many fans and viewers engage with the show through live updates, behind-the-scenes footage, and interactive content shared on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. These platforms provide a way to connect with other fans, participate in discussions, and stay up-to-date on the latest highlights and moments from the show.

The BET Music Awards broadcast usually includes not only the live performances and award presentations but also pre-show events and red carpet coverage. The red carpet segment gives fans a glimpse of their favorite artists and celebrities as they arrive in stunning attire, sparking conversations about fashion and style.

To ensure you don’t miss out on the broadcast of the BET Music Awards, it’s advisable to check the official BET website or local listings for accurate information on the date, time, and channel for the show in your region. You can also follow BET’s official social media accounts for updates and announcements regarding the broadcast.

Whether you choose to watch the BET Music Awards on television, stream it online, or engage with social media updates, the broadcast options provide a wide range of choices to suit your preferences. So gather your friends and family, get your viewing devices ready, and prepare for a night of unforgettable performances and moments at the BET Music Awards!


Hosts and Performers

The BET Music Awards showcase a dynamic lineup of hosts and performers who bring energy, talent, and charisma to the stage, making the event an unforgettable experience for viewers. Let’s take a look at some of the notable hosts and performers who have graced the BET Music Awards in the past:


The show’s hosts play a crucial role in setting the tone for the BET Music Awards, entertaining the audience, and keeping the show running smoothly. Over the years, the BET Music Awards has been hosted by some of the biggest names in entertainment, including comedians, actors, and musicians. Notable past hosts include Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, Queen Latifah, and Kevin Hart.


The BET Music Awards are known for their electrifying performances that span various genres and styles, captivating audiences with incredible vocals, dance routines, and stage presence. Each year, the show features an eclectic mix of established artists, rising stars, and surprise collaborations. Past performers have included Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and many more.

The performances at the BET Music Awards are often highly anticipated and leave a lasting impact on viewers. These captivating showcases showcase the talent and artistry of the performers, often incorporating inventive stage designs, choreography, and visual effects to create memorable moments.

From powerhouse vocal performances to show-stopping dance routines and innovative collaborations, the BET Music Awards deliver a diverse and engaging lineup of performances that entertain and inspire music lovers worldwide.

As for the upcoming BET Music Awards, the hosts and performers are usually announced closer to the date of the show. The announcement generates excitement and anticipation among fans, who eagerly await the star-studded lineup that will grace the stage and bring the music to life.

Whether you’re a fan of R&B, hip-hop, pop, gospel, or any other genre, the BET Music Awards promise an incredible showcase of talent and creativity from some of the biggest names in the industry. So get ready to be entertained by the hosts’ wit and charisma and be blown away by the electrifying performances at the BET Music Awards!


Red Carpet Coverage

The red carpet coverage of the BET Music Awards is a highly anticipated and glamorous affair. Just as much as the performances and award presentations, the red carpet serves as a platform for artists and celebrities to make a fashion statement, creating buzz and conversation among fans and fashion enthusiasts.

Before the main event, the red carpet becomes the focal point of attention, as artists and other notable attendees arrive in their fashion-forward ensembles. The red carpet coverage allows viewers to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars, observe their style choices, and get a sneak peek into the latest fashion trends.

During the red carpet coverage, media personnel, fashion commentators, and celebrity hosts interview the arriving guests, asking about their outfits, inspiration, and expectations for the evening. These interviews provide insights into the artists’ fashion choices, allowing fans to gain a deeper understanding of their personal style and creative vision.

The BET Music Awards red carpet is known for its diversity and inclusivity, showcasing a wide range of fashion aesthetics and highlighting the cultural influences within the black community. From avant-garde designs to timeless elegance, the red carpet at the BET Music Awards features an array of stunning looks that captivate and inspire.

Fans and viewers can engage in the red carpet experience through various platforms, including live television coverage, online live streams, and social media updates. Many media outlets and BET’s official channels incorporate interactive elements, such as polls and commentary, allowing viewers to participate in the fashion conversation.

Moreover, social media platforms play a significant role during the red carpet coverage, as fans enthusiastically share their thoughts and reactions to the outfits and hairstyles of their favorite celebrities. The red carpet moments often become trending topics, with fans applauding their favorite looks and engaging in fashion debates.

As a viewer, be prepared to witness an array of breathtaking fashion moments, from designer gowns and tailored suits to bold accessories and avant-garde creations. The BET Music Awards red carpet coverage offers a memorable prelude to the main event, setting the stage for an evening filled with music, celebration, and style.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the fashion extravaganza that unfolds on the red carpet at the BET Music Awards!


Award Categories

The BET Music Awards comprises a diverse range of award categories, recognizing excellence and achievement in various aspects of the music industry. From honoring top artists and producers to celebrating the best music videos and collaborations, the award categories at the BET Music Awards highlight the breadth and depth of talent in the industry. Here are some of the key award categories:

  • Best Female R&B/Pop Artist: This category recognizes the outstanding female artists in the R&B and pop genres, honoring their vocal abilities and musical contributions.
  • Best Male R&B/Pop Artist: Similarly, this category celebrates the best male artists in the R&B and pop genres, acknowledging their talent and impact on the industry.
  • Best Hip Hop Artist: This category highlights the top hip hop artists, honoring their lyrical skill, creativity, and influence within the genre.
  • Best New Artist: This category honors breakthrough artists who have made a significant impact in their debut year, acknowledging their potential and promising talent.
  • Video of the Year: Recognizing outstanding creativity in music videos, this category celebrates the visual artistry, storytelling, and innovation behind the nominated videos.
  • Album of the Year: This category honors the best overall album of the year, acknowledging the artistic vision, cohesive storytelling, and musical excellence exhibited in the nominated albums.
  • Song of the Year: This category recognizes the most impactful, popular, and well-received song of the year, celebrating the songwriters, performers, and producers behind the nominated tracks.
  • Best Group/Duo: This category acknowledges outstanding musical collaborations, honoring the chemistry, creativity, and collective talent of the nominated groups or duos.
  • Best Collaboration: This category celebrates exceptional musical collaborations between artists from different genres, highlighting the synergy and magic created when diverse talents come together.
  • Viewer’s Choice Award: Voted by the public, this award recognizes the artist and song that resonate with the audience the most, showcasing the power of fan support and engagement.

These are just a few examples of the award categories featured at the BET Music Awards. Each year, the show aims to honor excellence in a wide range of musical genres, styles, and contributions, providing well-deserved recognition to artists from diverse backgrounds.

As the music industry evolves and new talents emerge, the award categories at the BET Music Awards may adapt to reflect the changing landscape. This ensures that the show remains relevant and continues to champion the best in Black music and entertainment.

Winning a BET Music Award is not only a symbol of achievement and recognition but also a testament to an artist’s impact on the industry and their ability to connect with and inspire fans. As the years go by, the award categories continue to showcase the incredible talent and artistry within the music industry.


Voting Process

The BET Music Awards provides an opportunity for fans to actively participate in the celebration of their favorite artists and music through the voting process. Voting allows viewers to have a voice in determining the winners across various award categories. Here’s an overview of the voting process for the BET Music Awards:

Public Voting:

One of the distinguishing features of the BET Music Awards is the inclusion of public voting. Fans have the chance to cast their votes and support their favorite artists in select award categories. The voting period is typically announced prior to the show, allowing fans to have ample time to participate.

Online Voting:

The BET Music Awards voting process primarily takes place online. Fans can visit the official BET website or dedicated voting platforms associated with the awards show to cast their votes. These online platforms are designed to be user-friendly, ensuring a seamless and accessible voting experience for fans around the world.

Voting Criteria:

When casting their votes, fans are encouraged to consider various factors, such as the artists’ musical achievements, impact, versatility, and cultural influence. The voting process aims to recognize and reward excellence while reflecting the preferences and opinions of the fans.

Limitations and Guidelines:

In order to maintain fairness and integrity, there may be limitations on the number of votes that can be cast per person. This helps prevent any potential biases or unfair advantages in the voting process. Additionally, the BET Music Awards may have guidelines and restrictions in place to ensure the legitimacy and credibility of the votes.

Announcement of Winners:

Once the voting period is over, the results are tabulated, and the winners in each category are determined based on a combination of public votes and industry votes. The winners are then announced during the BET Music Awards show, creating an exciting moment for the artists and fans alike.

The voting process for the BET Music Awards is an opportunity for fans to actively participate and support their favorite artists. It allows fans to feel connected to the awards show and have a say in who takes home the prestigious honors. By involving the public in the voting process, the BET Music Awards ensure that the winners truly reflect the preferences and choices of the fans.

So, whether you’re a dedicated fan of a particular artist or passionate about the music industry as a whole, make sure to cast your votes and have your voice heard in the BET Music Awards!


Highlights and Memorable Moments

Over the years, the BET Music Awards have provided countless memorable moments and unforgettable highlights that have become etched in the minds of viewers. From powerful performances to surprise collaborations and inspiring acceptance speeches, these moments have contributed to the show’s legacy. Here are some notable highlights from past BET Music Awards:

Iconic Performances:

The BET Music Awards stage has witnessed some extraordinary performances that have left a lasting impact on viewers. From Beyoncé’s fierce and empowering performances to Kendrick Lamar’s thought-provoking and energetic showcases, the stage comes alive with mesmerizing choreography, impressive vocals, and captivating visuals. Artists like Prince, Michael Jackson, and Janet Jackson have also graced the stage, delivering legendary performances that are still talked about today.

Surprise Collaborations:

The BET Music Awards have become known for their surprise collaborations, bringing together artists from different genres and generations. These unexpected pairings often result in unique and memorable performances. From Jay-Z joining forces with Alicia Keys for “Empire State of Mind” to Usher and Chris Brown delivering an electrifying dance-off, these collaborations create magic on stage and leave audiences in awe.

Incredible Acceptance Speeches:

Acceptance speeches at the BET Music Awards are often powerful and meaningful, with artists using their platform to address important social issues. From Beyoncé’s impactful speeches celebrating black excellence to Jesse Williams’ passionate call for justice and equality, these moments go beyond the typical thank-you speeches, serving as a reminder of the influence and responsibility that artists have to advocate for change.

Triumphant Wins:

The BET Music Awards have witnessed numerous historic and triumphant wins that have marked significant milestones in the music industry. From artists breaking records and shattering barriers to emerging talents receiving their first major recognition, these wins symbolize the hard work, resilience, and impact of the artists within the industry.

Unforgettable Fashion:

The BET Music Awards red carpet is a spectacle of style and fashion, with artists and celebrities showcasing their sartorial choices. Memorable fashion moments, from iconic outfits to bold and unconventional looks, become the talk of the town and inspire trends within the industry.

These are just a few examples of the many highlights and memorable moments that have occurred at the BET Music Awards. It is these moments that contribute to the show’s legacy, creating indelible memories for fans and elevating the BET Music Awards as a celebration of music, artistry, and cultural impact.

As the BET Music Awards continue to evolve and push boundaries, we can anticipate even more exceptional moments that will leave us in awe, inspire conversations, and make us appreciate the power of music and its ability to unite and transform lives.



The BET Music Awards hold a significant place in the music industry as a celebration of black excellence, talent, and cultural impact. With its commitment to recognizing the achievements of African American and minority artists, the BET Music Awards have cemented their position as one of the most prestigious events in the entertainment world.

Throughout the years, the show has provided unforgettable moments, breathtaking performances, and inspiring acceptance speeches. From the iconic Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar performances to the surprise collaborations and memorable fashion statements on the red carpet, the BET Music Awards have continuously captivated audiences.

Not only does the show honor established artists, but it also nurtures and supports emerging talents, highlighting the diversity and creativity within the music industry. The show’s award categories encompass various genres, ensuring that a wide range of musical styles receives recognition.

Moreover, the BET Music Awards serve as a platform for artists to address important social justice issues. The show has become a stage for activism, with artists using their influence to advocate for change and promote equality.

With a voting process that allows fans to actively participate, the BET Music Awards ensure that the voice of the audience is heard. By involving the public in the decision-making process, the show reflects the preferences and opinions of the fans, enhancing the show’s credibility and relevance.

As we look forward to future editions of the BET Music Awards, we can anticipate the celebration of groundbreaking music, exceptional talent, and the cultural influence of black artists. Each year brings new performances, surprising collaborations, and unprecedented moments that further solidify the show’s legacy.

The BET Music Awards continue to inspire, uplift, and entertain audiences around the world. It is a testament to the power of music as a universal language that unites and inspires people from all walks of life.

So mark your calendars, get ready for the stunning performances, dazzling fashion, and unforgettable moments that await at the next BET Music Awards. It’s a celebration of music, culture, and the impact of black artists who continue to shape the music industry and make their mark on the world.

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