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Where To Watch Melon Music Awards 2022 Where To Watch Melon Music Awards 2022

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Where To Watch Melon Music Awards 2022

Written by: Devinne Conklin

Discover where you can watch the highly anticipated Melon Music Awards 2022, the ultimate celebration of Music Awards. Don't miss out on this star-studded event!

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Welcome to the exciting world of music awards where top artists, music enthusiasts, and fans come together to celebrate the best in the industry. One of the most highly anticipated music award shows is the Melon Music Awards, which recognizes outstanding achievements and contributions in the Korean music industry.

Since its inception in 2009, the Melon Music Awards has become a prestigious event that showcases the diversity and talent of Korean artists across various genres. The awards are based on data from Melon, one of the largest music streaming platforms in South Korea, making it one of the most objective and credible music award ceremonies in the country.

The Melon Music Awards not only honors artists for their musical achievements but also recognizes the impact of their work on the industry and their fans. It serves as a platform to showcase exceptional performances, acknowledge artists’ dedication and hard work, and unite music lovers from around the world in celebration.

With each passing year, the Melon Music Awards continues to grow in popularity and influence, attracting a global audience eager to witness breathtaking performances, emotional acceptance speeches, and surprising moments. The event has become a must-watch for music enthusiasts and fans, offering a glimpse into the vibrant and ever-evolving Korean music scene.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the background and importance of the Melon Music Awards, recap some of the past winners and highlights, and provide you with all the information you need to know about the upcoming Melon Music Awards 2022. So, get ready to tune in and join the excitement as we embark on a journey through the world of music and celebration!


Background of Melon Music Awards

The Melon Music Awards is an annual music awards ceremony held in South Korea. It was first established in 2009 by LOEN Entertainment (now Kakao M) in partnership with Melon, one of the leading music streaming platforms in the country. The awards aim to recognize and honor the outstanding achievements of Korean artists in the music industry.

The selection process for the Melon Music Awards is unique and distinctive. Unlike other music awards shows that rely on subjective voting systems, the winners of the Melon Music Awards are determined based on digital sales, online votes, and streaming data collected from Melon. This data-driven approach ensures a fair and transparent evaluation of the artists’ popularity and influence in the digital music landscape.

Over the years, the Melon Music Awards has gained immense popularity, not just within South Korea but also internationally. It has become a major event in the Korean music calendar, attracting the biggest names in the industry and drawing millions of viewers worldwide.

One of the reasons for the awards show’s success is its commitment to showcasing a wide range of musical genres and styles. The Melon Music Awards recognizes the diversity of Korean music and provides a platform for both mainstream and alternative artists to shine. From K-pop and hip-hop to rock and ballads, the awards celebrate the rich tapestry of the Korean music scene.

Another highlight of the Melon Music Awards is its focus on delivering high-quality performances. The show features breathtaking live stages, intricate choreographies, and captivating visuals, making it a visual and auditory feast for fans and viewers. It has become synonymous with unforgettable performances that leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Throughout its history, the Melon Music Awards has been known for its innovative and interactive format. From fan voting to special collaboration stages, the show constantly seeks to engage with its audience and provide a unique experience for music lovers.

Overall, the Melon Music Awards has established itself as one of the most prestigious and influential music award ceremonies in South Korea and beyond. It continues to evolve and adapt to the changing music landscape, showcasing the best of Korean talent and captivating audiences year after year.


Importance of Melon Music Awards

The Melon Music Awards holds significant importance in the Korean music industry and has a profound impact on artists, fans, and the music landscape as a whole. Here are some of the reasons why this awards show is highly regarded:

  1. Recognition and Prestige: Winning a Melon Music Award is a great honor for artists. It is a recognition of their hard work, talent, and contribution to the music industry. The awards carry immense prestige and validate an artist’s accomplishments, propelling their career to new heights.
  2. Showcasing Musical Diversity: The Melon Music Awards celebrates the diversity of Korean music by recognizing artists from various genres. It provides a platform for both established and emerging artists to showcase their unique styles. The awards foster innovation and encourage artists to explore new musical territories.
  3. Market Validation: The Melon Music Awards are based on objective data, such as digital sales, streaming numbers, and online votes. This data-driven approach validates an artist’s popularity and success in the market. It serves as a gauge of an artist’s commercial viability and influence among music consumers.
  4. Global Reach and Promotion: The Melon Music Awards have a vast international following. The ceremony is broadcasted live and streamed online, allowing fans from around the world to participate and enjoy the show. The awards help promote Korean music globally and expose it to a wider audience.
  5. Impact on Music Charts: Winning a Melon Music Award often leads to a surge in popularity for the awarded artists. It has a direct impact on music charts, resulting in increased sales, streams, and chart rankings. The awards act as a catalyst for success and help push artists’ music to the forefront of the industry.
  6. Fan Engagement: The Melon Music Awards actively involve fans in the voting process, allowing them to have a voice and support their favorite artists. Fan participation creates a sense of community and excitement within fandoms. The awards show also provides opportunities for fans to meet their favorite artists, either in person or through interactive online events.
  7. Celebration of Achievements: The Melon Music Awards is not just a competition; it is a celebration of the achievements and hard work of artists. It acknowledges their dedication, perseverance, and artistic growth. The awards show brings artists together and fosters a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect within the industry.

Overall, the Melon Music Awards play a vital role in the Korean music industry, promoting musical excellence, recognizing talent, and connecting artists with fans globally. It serves as a platform for artists to thrive, audiences to discover new music, and the industry to evolve and innovate.


Previous Winners and Highlights

Over the years, the Melon Music Awards has showcased remarkable talent and witnessed unforgettable moments. Let’s take a look at some of the previous winners and highlights that have left a lasting impact:

  • Artist of the Year: The Artist of the Year award is one of the most prestigious categories at the Melon Music Awards. Artists who have received this accolade include BTS, EXO, IU, TWICE, and BIGBANG. These winners have not only achieved commercial success but have also made significant contributions to the music industry.
  • Song of the Year: Recognizing the most popular and influential songs of the year, the Song of the Year category has seen remarkable winners like BTS’ “Dynamite,” IU’s “Palette,” BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” and EXO’s “Growl.” These songs have topped charts and captivated audiences with their infectious melodies and impactful lyrics.
  • Best New Artist: The Melon Music Awards has been an instrumental platform for discovering new talent. Best New Artist winners include rising stars like ITZY, Stray Kids, Chungha, and NCT. These artists have made their mark in the industry with their distinct styles and fresh musicality.
  • Stage Performances: The Melon Music Awards is known for its stunning stage performances that leave audiences mesmerized. Memorable acts include BTS’ powerful dance routines, EXO’s captivating choreography, and Red Velvet’s charismatic performances. These stages are carefully designed and executed, showcasing the artists’ skills and creativity in a visually stunning manner.
  • Collaborations: The awards show often features special collaborations between renowned artists. These unexpected pairings have resulted in unforgettable performances. Notable collaborations include IU and Suga’s “Eight,” Baekhyun and Loco’s “Young,” and Zion.T and BTS’ “Yanghwa BRDG” collaboration. These collaborations bring together different musical styles and create unique and memorable moments for fans.
  • Emotional Acceptance Speeches: The Melon Music Awards have witnessed touching and heartfelt acceptance speeches from artists. These speeches often express gratitude towards fans, acknowledge the efforts of the production team, and reflect on personal growth and struggles. These heartwarming moments leave a lasting impact on both artists and viewers.
  • Special Stages: The awards show surprises viewers with special stages that go beyond the usual performances. These stages may feature covers of iconic songs, tributes to legendary artists, or remixed versions of popular tracks. Artists showcase their versatility and pay homage to the rich history of Korean music.

The previous winners and highlights of the Melon Music Awards exemplify the incredible talent, creativity, and dedication of Korean artists. With each passing year, the awards show continues to raise the bar and deliver unforgettable moments that celebrate the power of music.


Date and Venue of Melon Music Awards 2022

The Melon Music Awards 2022 is one of the most highly anticipated events in the Korean music industry. Fans and artists alike are eagerly awaiting the date and venue for this prestigious awards show.

The exact date for the Melon Music Awards 2022 has not been announced yet. However, based on previous years’ schedules, the ceremony typically takes place in late November or early December. Fans can expect a night filled with thrilling performances, emotional acceptances speeches, and well-deserved recognition for the talented artists in the industry.

As for the venue, the Melon Music Awards is known for selecting iconic and spacious locations to host the event. In the past, the awards show has been held at prominent venues such as the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, which boasts a seating capacity of over 20,000 people.

The chosen venue not only accommodates a large number of attendees but also provides the perfect backdrop for the spectacular performances and grandeur associated with the Melon Music Awards.

Considering the current global circumstances and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to note that the date and venue for the Melon Music Awards 2022 are subject to change. The organizers of the awards show will likely prioritize the safety and well-being of the artists, staff, and attendees, ensuring that necessary precautions are in place to host the event in a secure environment.

Fans can stay updated on the official Melon Music Awards website and social media channels to get the latest information regarding the date and venue of the 2022 ceremony. It is advisable to keep an eye out for announcements as the event approaches to secure tickets or plan for online streaming options.

As the anticipation builds, music enthusiasts can look forward to experiencing another memorable Melon Music Awards, where the best of Korean music will be celebrated and showcased on a grand stage, leaving a lasting impression on both the artists and the fans.


How to Watch Melon Music Awards 2022 Online

The Melon Music Awards 2022 is a highly awaited event for music enthusiasts and fans around the world. While attending the awards show in person may not be possible for everyone, there are various online platforms available to watch the ceremony and be a part of the excitement. Here’s how you can watch the Melon Music Awards 2022 online:

  1. Official Streaming Platforms: The Melon Music Awards is typically streamed live on official platforms. Keep an eye on the official Melon Music Awards website and social media channels for announcements regarding the streaming details. These platforms often provide high-quality streaming options, ensuring you don’t miss out on any of the thrilling performances and special moments.
  2. Official YouTube Channel: The Melon Music Awards usually livestreams on their official YouTube channel. This allows fans from all over the world to access the awards show for free. Subscribe to the Melon Music Awards YouTube channel and turn on notifications to stay updated on the streaming schedule and links.
  3. Television Broadcast: Depending on your location, the Melon Music Awards may be broadcasted on television networks. Check your local listings or cable/satellite providers to see if any channels will be airing the awards show. This option provides a more traditional viewing experience from the comfort of your home.
  4. Live Streaming Services: Consider subscribing to live streaming services that offer Korean broadcasting channels. Platforms like Viki, Kocowa, and OnDemandKorea often provide access to Korean shows, including music award ceremonies. Check their schedules to see if they will be streaming the Melon Music Awards.
  5. Social Media Platforms: Keep an eye on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for live updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and highlights from the Melon Music Awards. Artists, fans, and official accounts often share noteworthy moments in real-time, making it an engaging and interactive experience.

As the Melon Music Awards 2022 approaches, make sure to plan ahead and choose the online platform that best suits your preferences. Remember to check the time zone differences if you’re watching from a different region to ensure you don’t miss the live broadcast.

Regardless of the method you choose, watching the Melon Music Awards online allows you to witness the awe-inspiring performances, emotional acceptance speeches, and thrilling moments that make this awards show a remarkable experience for music lovers around the globe.


Top Performances to Look Forward to

The Melon Music Awards is renowned for its captivating performances that showcase the incredible talent and versatility of Korean artists. Here are some of the top performances to look forward to at the upcoming Melon Music Awards 2022:

  1. BTS: As one of the biggest K-pop groups in the world, BTS is known for their electrifying performances. Expect powerful choreography, mesmerizing visuals, and soulful vocals as BTS takes the stage at the Melon Music Awards. Their performances are always a highlight and leave fans in awe.
  2. TWICE: With their infectious energy and synchronized moves, TWICE is a group that knows how to command the stage. Their performances are colorful, fun, and full of surprises. Get ready to sing along and dance as TWICE delivers their signature catchy tunes and impressive live vocals.
  3. EXO: Known for their polished dance routines and powerful vocals, EXO always dazzles with their performances. Expect captivating visuals and seamless transitions as EXO members showcase their individual talents and come together as a dynamic group.
  4. Red Velvet: Red Velvet is known for their unique concepts and versatile performances. From enchanting ballads to high-energy pop tracks, they captivate audiences with their versatility and stage presence. Anticipate visually stunning performances and stunning vocal performances from this talented girl group.
  5. IU: IU is celebrated for her emotive and soul-stirring performances. With her incredible vocal range and emotional delivery, she never fails to leave a lasting impact. Whether performing a heartfelt ballad or an upbeat track, IU’s stage presence and vocal prowess are a treat to behold.
  6. BLACKPINK: Known for their fierce charisma and captivating performances, BLACKPINK delivers high-octane stages that leave fans breathless. Their powerful vocals, confident dance moves, and stylish visuals create an unforgettable experience. Brace yourself for their energetic performances and charismatic presence.
  7. NCT: NCT is known for pushing boundaries and delivering innovative performances. With a large and diverse lineup, NCT’s performances are dynamic and showcase the unique strengths of each member. From intricate choreography to genre-blending music, NCT delivers performances that leave a lasting impression.
  8. MAMAMOO: MAMAMOO is a powerhouse vocal group that never fails to impress. Their soulful performances and powerful vocals are a highlight of any awards show. Expect stunning harmonies, impressive ad-libs, and captivating stage presence from this talented quartet.
  9. Stray Kids: Stray Kids is known for their explosive energy and intense performances. Their stages are filled with power-packed choreography and raw passion. Get ready to witness their relentless energy and unique sound as they bring the house down at the Melon Music Awards.
  10. TXT: As a rising boy group, TXT has captured the attention of fans with their youthful energy and versatile performances. Their performances are characterized by precise choreography, melodic vocals, and captivating storytelling. Look forward to their dynamic and charismatic stages.

These are just a few of the top performances to anticipate at the Melon Music Awards 2022. The lineup of artists is sure to deliver unforgettable moments, breathtaking choreography, and outstanding vocal performances. Whether you’re a fan of K-pop, ballads, or hip-hop, the diverse range of performances at the Melon Music Awards is bound to cater to a variety of music tastes.

Be prepared to be amazed as these talented artists take the stage and showcase their artistry, leaving a lasting impression on viewers around the world.


Nominees and Categories

The Melon Music Awards recognizes excellence in various categories, celebrating the achievements of Korean artists across different genres. Here are some of the categories and nominees to watch out for at the Melon Music Awards 2022:

  1. Artist of the Year: This category honors the most outstanding artist of the year based on their achievements and impact in the music industry. Previous winners have included BTS, EXO, and IU. The nominees for this category are eagerly anticipated and often represent the top talent in the industry.
  2. Album of the Year: Recognizing the best overall album, this category focuses on the musical quality, production, and cultural impact of the nominated albums. Artists who have won this award in the past include TWICE, BTS, and IU. The nominees for Album of the Year showcase the diversity and excellence within the music landscape.
  3. Song of the Year: The Song of the Year category highlights the most popular and influential songs of the year. The nominees are determined based on digital sales, streaming numbers, and online votes. Previous winners include BTS’ “Dynamite” and IU’s “Blueming.” This category showcases the power of a well-crafted song.
  4. Best New Artist: This category recognizes the most promising emerging artists of the year. It is an exciting category to watch as it represents the future of Korean music. Previous winners have included ITZY, Stray Kids, and Chungha. The nominees often reflect the diverse talent and fresh perspectives of the next generation of stars.
  5. Best Male/Female Artist: These categories acknowledge the achievements of individual artists in their respective genders. Previous winners include Taeyeon, Zico, and Paul Kim. The nominees represent a mix of solo artists and members from popular groups who have made a significant impact in their solo endeavors.
  6. Best Dance Performance: This category showcases the exceptional dance skills and performances in the industry. It recognizes groups and artists who excel in their choreography and stage presence. The nominees have included acts like BTS, TWICE, and EXO, known for their dynamic and captivating dance routines.
  7. Best Vocal Performance: This category celebrates outstanding vocal performances and recognizes artists who demonstrate exceptional vocal abilities. Nominees often include powerful vocalists who have made an impact with their range, technique, and emotive delivery. The category represents a wide range of genres and styles.
  8. Best Rap/Hip-Hop: This category highlights the best in rap and hip-hop music, acknowledging artists who have made an impact in the genre. Nominees often include rap-focused groups and solo artists who have pushed boundaries and delivered innovative music. Previous winners have included Epik High, Zico, and BTS.
  9. Best OST: This category honors outstanding original soundtracks from Korean dramas and films. It recognizes the contribution of music in enhancing storytelling and emotional impact. The nominees in this category have provided memorable and melodic compositions that have resonated with audiences.

Please note that the above categories and nominees are examples, and the final list for the Melon Music Awards 2022 may vary. It’s always exciting to see the full range of categories and the incredible talent represented by the nominees. Stay tuned for the official announcements and prepare to support your favorite artists and songs in their respective categories!


Red Carpet and Fashion Highlights

The Melon Music Awards is not only a celebration of music but also a platform for artists to showcase their unique fashion sense on the red carpet. The red carpet moments at the Melon Music Awards are highly anticipated, with fans and fashion enthusiasts keeping a close eye on the stylish looks and iconic fashion statements. Here are some red carpet and fashion highlights from previous Melon Music Awards:

  • Statement Outfits: The red carpet at the Melon Music Awards is known for bold fashion choices and unique outfits. Artists often make a statement with their outfit selections, opting for unconventional designs, vibrant colors, and avant-garde fashion pieces that reflect their personal style and artistic expression.
  • Glamorous Dresses: Many female artists grace the red carpet in stunning gowns and dresses that exude elegance and sophistication. From flowing ball gowns to sleek and figure-flattering designs, these glamorous outfits make a lasting impression and often become fashion inspiration for fans around the world.
  • Sharp Suits: Male artists often showcase their fashion-forward sense by donning sleek and impeccably tailored suits. From classic black tuxedos to bold and unconventional designs, these outfits exemplify modern masculinity and add a touch of sophistication to the red carpet.
  • Innovative Styling: Artists and their stylists often experiment with creative styling techniques to make a fashion statement. This includes mixing and matching different textures, incorporating unique accessories, or layering unconventional pieces to create eye-catching and memorable looks.
  • Trendsetting Hair and Makeup: The red carpet at the Melon Music Awards is not just about fashion; it’s also an opportunity for artists to showcase their hair and makeup looks. From intricate updos and glamorous waves to bold and avant-garde makeup choices, these beauty looks often set trends and inspire fans and beauty enthusiasts.
  • Iconic Fashion Moments: Over the years, the Melon Music Awards have witnessed some iconic fashion moments that have become unforgettable. These moments involve unique and daring fashion choices that reflect an artist’s individuality and make a lasting impact in the fashion world.
  • Designer Collaborations: The red carpet at the Melon Music Awards often sees collaborations between artists and renowned fashion designers. These collaborations result in exclusive outfits and custom creations that showcase the symbiotic relationship between music and fashion.

The red carpet at the Melon Music Awards is a visual feast that celebrates the intersection of music and fashion. It provides artists with a platform to express their creativity, redefine fashion norms, and set trends. From glamorous gowns to avant-garde ensembles, fans can look forward to witnessing stunning fashion moments that become a highlight of the awards show.

Whether it’s subtle elegance or groundbreaking fashion statements, the red carpet at the Melon Music Awards continues to inspire and influence the world of fashion, making it an integral part of the overall excitement and glamour of the event.


Exciting Moments and Surprises

The Melon Music Awards is known for its thrilling and unexpected moments that leave viewers in awe. From surprise collaborations to heartfelt speeches, these moments enhance the excitement and make the awards show even more memorable. Here are some exciting moments and surprises to anticipate at the Melon Music Awards:

  • Special Collaborations: The Melon Music Awards often brings together popular artists for special collaboration stages. These unexpected pairings create unique and memorable performances that showcase the versatility and chemistry among artists from different genres. Fans can look forward to witnessing these dynamic collaborations and experiencing the magic that unfolds on stage.
  • New Song Premieres: The Melon Music Awards is a platform where artists sometimes debut their new songs or present special performances of unreleased tracks. These surprise song premieres create a buzz and generate excitement among fans. It’s an opportunity for artists to showcase their latest work and build anticipation for upcoming releases.
  • Epic Dance Breaks: K-pop is known for its impressive choreography, and the Melon Music Awards often delivers breathtaking and memorable dance breaks. Artists go all out with intricate and synchronized routines, pushing the boundaries of their performances and captivating audiences with their skill and precision.
  • Unforgettable Acceptance Speeches: The winners at the Melon Music Awards often deliver emotional and heartfelt acceptance speeches. These speeches offer insights into their journey, gratitude towards fans, and reflections on their achievements. From tearful thank-yous to inspiring messages, these speeches bring artists and fans closer, creating touching and memorable moments.
  • Surprise Wins: The Melon Music Awards is known for its diverse and competitive categories. Sometimes, there are unexpected winners who take home the awards, surprising both the artists and the viewers. These surprise wins generate excitement and spark discussions among fans as they celebrate the unexpected victories.
  • Fan Interactions: The Melon Music Awards cherishes the relationship between artists and fans. The show often includes special moments where artists interact with their supporters, express their gratitude, and create unforgettable memories. It can range from fan interactions on stage to surprise meet-and-greets or heartwarming messages dedicated to fans.
  • Tributes and Homages: The Melon Music Awards sometimes pays tribute to legendary artists or significant moments in music history. These tributes can take the form of covers, reinterpretations, or homage performances, resonating with fans and honoring the rich musical heritage that has paved the way for the current generation of artists.

The Melon Music Awards never fails to surprise and captivate its viewers with these exciting moments. From unexpected collaborations and surprise wins to emotional speeches and memorable performances, the awards show keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, creating an unforgettable experience.

As fans eagerly await the Melon Music Awards, they can anticipate these thrilling moments and surprises that will undoubtedly make the event even more exhilarating and celebratory.



The Melon Music Awards is an annual event that brings together the best of the Korean music industry in a celebration of talent, creativity, and achievement. From breathtaking performances to emotional acceptance speeches, this awards show encapsulates the essence of Korean music and its global impact.

With its objective and data-driven approach, the Melon Music Awards ensures the recognition of artists based on their impact in the digital music landscape. The awards highlight the diversity of Korean music, recognizing artists from various genres and showcasing their unique styles.

The Melon Music Awards not only provides a platform to honor outstanding achievements in the industry but also creates memorable moments and surprises for fans and viewers. Collaborative performances, unexpected wins, and heartfelt speeches add to the excitement of the event, fostering a sense of community and appreciation among artists and fans alike.

Additionally, the red carpet at the Melon Music Awards offers a glimpse into the fashion-forward and stylish looks of the attendees. The event becomes a visual spectacle where artists showcase their individuality and make fashion statements that leave a lasting impact.

As fans eagerly anticipate the Melon Music Awards, they can look forward to exhilarating performances, surprising collaborations, and unexpected moments that will undoubtedly enhance their love for Korean music. The awards show not only honors the accomplishments of artists but also serves as a nexus of shared joy and passion for music.

In conclusion, the Melon Music Awards is a significant event that celebrates the vibrant and diverse Korean music industry, recognizing the hard work, talent, and influence of artists. Through exciting performances, emotional moments, and red carpet glamour, the awards show continues to captivate audiences around the world, leaving an indelible mark on the music landscape. Get ready to tune in, witness the magic unfold, and immerse yourself in the power of music and celebration at the Melon Music Awards.

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