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How To Play “Bleed It Out” On Drums How To Play “Bleed It Out” On Drums


How To Play “Bleed It Out” On Drums

Written by: Bernita Rojas

Learn how to play "Bleed It Out" on drums with our step-by-step tutorial. Master the drum beats and fills to rock out on the drums! Perfect for drummers looking to learn a new song.

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Welcome to the world of drumming! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced drummer, learning to play "Bleed It Out" by Linkin Park on the drums can be an exhilarating experience. This high-energy track features a dynamic drum part that will challenge your coordination and timing while allowing you to showcase your skills.

As you embark on this musical journey, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the structure of the song. "Bleed It Out" is known for its infectious rhythm and powerful drum patterns, making it a popular choice for drummers looking to hone their abilities. By mastering this song, you'll not only enhance your drumming technique but also gain valuable insights into crafting compelling rhythms and fills.

Throughout this guide, we'll delve into the fundamental aspects of playing "Bleed It Out" on the drums, including setting up your drum kit, learning the drum beat, adding fills and variations, and playing along with the song. By the end of this tutorial, you'll be well-equipped to tackle this iconic track with confidence and precision.

So, grab your drumsticks, set up your kit, and get ready to dive into the pulsating world of "Bleed It Out" as we break down the essential components of this electrifying drumming experience. Whether you're a fan of Linkin Park, a dedicated drummer, or simply looking to expand your musical repertoire, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and skills to master "Bleed It Out" on the drums. Let's unleash the power of rhythm and elevate your drumming prowess to new heights!


Setting Up Your Drum Kit

Before delving into the intricacies of playing "Bleed It Out" on the drums, it’s crucial to ensure that your drum kit is properly set up for optimal performance. Whether you’re using an acoustic drum set or an electronic kit, the arrangement and positioning of your drums and cymbals play a significant role in facilitating a comfortable and efficient playing experience.

Start by positioning your bass drum (kick drum) in a central location, allowing for easy access with your dominant foot. Adjust the height and angle of the pedal to suit your preferred playing style, ensuring that it feels natural and responsive. Next, place your snare drum between your legs at a comfortable distance, positioning it parallel to the ground for seamless rimshots and cross-stick techniques.

When setting up your toms, consider their placement in relation to your snare drum and accessibility during fills and transitions. Arrange them within easy reach, taking into account their individual heights to facilitate smooth and fluid movement across the drum set. Additionally, position your hi-hat cymbals within close proximity to the snare drum, allowing for effortless coordination between the two elements.

As you configure your cymbals, ensure that your ride cymbal is comfortably positioned within striking distance, typically placed to the right of the drum set for right-handed drummers. Your crash cymbals can be arranged to your preference, considering their accessibility and the desired dynamic range during your performance.

For electronic drum kits, familiarize yourself with the module’s settings and customization options, including sound selection, sensitivity adjustments, and pad positioning. Take advantage of the flexibility offered by electronic drums to tailor the kit’s layout and response to suit your playing preferences and the specific requirements of "Bleed It Out."

By meticulously setting up your drum kit, you’ll create an environment that promotes comfort, accessibility, and optimal playability, setting the stage for a rewarding and immersive drumming experience as you embark on mastering "Bleed It Out" by Linkin Park.


Learning the Drum Beat

Now that your drum kit is primed for action, it’s time to dive into the captivating drum beat that drives "Bleed It Out." This track features a pulsating rhythm that demands precision, control, and a keen sense of timing, making it an exhilarating challenge for drummers of all levels.

The core of the drum beat revolves around a driving 4/4 pattern, characterized by a relentless energy that underpins the song’s intensity. Begin by focusing on the foundational elements of the beat, starting with the bass drum. Emphasize the downbeats with authoritative kicks, anchoring the rhythm and providing a solid foundation for the entire groove.

Complementing the bass drum, the snare drum plays a pivotal role in shaping the beat’s dynamics. Incorporate crisp backbeats on the snare, syncopating with the bass drum to create a propulsive feel that propels the music forward. Pay close attention to the interplay between the bass and snare drums, ensuring that they synergize seamlessly to drive the rhythm with unwavering momentum.

As you internalize the core pattern, focus on maintaining a consistent tempo and groove, essential for capturing the song’s relentless energy. Practice playing the beat at varying tempos, gradually building up speed and precision to master the intricate nuances of the rhythm. Strive to achieve a balance between power and finesse, infusing each note with purpose and clarity.

Throughout the beat, keep your hi-hat cymbals in motion, driving the pulse of the music with steady open-and-close patterns. The hi-hat serves as a rhythmic anchor, contributing to the song’s infectious drive and providing cohesion within the drum pattern. Experiment with different hi-hat variations to add depth and dimension to the beat, enhancing its dynamic character.

As you delve into the intricacies of the drum beat, remain attuned to the song’s overall structure and dynamics, allowing for seamless transitions between sections. Listen closely to the original track, internalizing the nuances of the beat and honing your ability to replicate its energy and intensity.

By mastering the captivating drum beat of "Bleed It Out," you’ll not only elevate your drumming prowess but also gain valuable insights into crafting compelling rhythms that captivate audiences and drive the music forward with unyielding power.


Adding Fills and Variations

Once you’ve internalized the core drum beat of "Bleed It Out," it’s time to explore the creative realm of fills and variations, infusing the song with your unique flair and personality. Fills serve as embellishments within the song’s structure, allowing you to showcase your creativity and add dynamic accents that enhance the overall musical narrative.

Begin by incorporating tasteful fills at strategic points within the song, such as transitioning between verses and choruses or leading into impactful instrumental sections. Experiment with different fill patterns, utilizing your toms, snare, and cymbals to craft expressive and engaging embellishments that complement the song’s energy and momentum.

When crafting fills, consider the song’s dynamics and build-up, tailoring your fills to seamlessly integrate with the evolving intensity of the music. Embrace the opportunity to experiment with varying rhythms, dynamics, and textures, adding depth and excitement to your drumming performance while maintaining a cohesive connection to the song’s overarching groove.

Furthermore, explore the concept of variations within the core drum beat, introducing subtle rhythmic deviations and embellishments to infuse the song with a sense of spontaneity and creativity. Incorporate ghost notes, flams, and syncopated patterns to add layers of complexity and intrigue, elevating the drumming experience and captivating listeners with your expressive artistry.

As you navigate the terrain of fills and variations, prioritize musicality and cohesion, ensuring that your embellishments enhance the song’s narrative without overshadowing its central themes. Strive to strike a balance between technical proficiency and emotive storytelling, using fills and variations as tools to enrich the musical tapestry while honoring the song’s inherent dynamics and structure.

By embracing the creative potential of fills and variations, you’ll infuse "Bleed It Out" with a personalized touch, elevating your drumming performance and contributing to the song’s overall impact. Embrace the freedom to experiment and innovate, allowing your drumming to shine as a vibrant and integral component of this iconic track.


Playing Along with the Song

Now that you’ve honed the fundamental elements of the drum beat and explored the creative avenues of fills and variations, it’s time to immerse yourself in the exhilarating experience of playing along with the original recording of "Bleed It Out." This transformative step not only solidifies your understanding of the song’s nuances but also provides a platform for showcasing your mastery of the drum part within the context of the full musical arrangement.

Before diving into a full play-along session, take the time to familiarize yourself with the song’s structure, paying close attention to its dynamic shifts, transitions, and instrumental intricacies. Internalize the ebb and flow of the music, allowing your drumming to seamlessly intertwine with the vocals, guitars, and other instrumental elements, creating a cohesive and compelling sonic tapestry.

As you embark on the play-along journey, focus on maintaining a strong sense of groove and ensemble awareness, aligning your drumming with the song’s tempo, mood, and overall feel. Pay particular attention to pivotal sections such as the chorus, bridge, and instrumental breaks, adapting your dynamics and intensity to amplify the song’s emotional impact and drive.

Embrace the opportunity to synchronize your fills and variations with the song’s phrasing and thematic development, enhancing pivotal moments and adding a layer of excitement and dynamism to the overall performance. Strive to strike a harmonious balance between precision and expression, allowing your drumming to elevate the song while remaining attuned to the collective musical narrative.

Playing along with the original recording provides invaluable insights into the nuances of the drum part, allowing you to fine-tune your performance and refine your interpretative approach. Embrace the experience as an opportunity to immerse yourself in the song’s energy, channeling your passion for drumming into a captivating and authentic rendition that pays homage to the essence of "Bleed It Out."

By engaging in regular play-along sessions, you’ll not only solidify your command of the song but also cultivate a profound connection with its rhythmic intricacies and emotive resonance. Embrace the transformative power of playing along with the original recording, allowing your drumming to become an integral and vibrant force within the captivating sonic landscape of "Bleed It Out" by Linkin Park.

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