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Who Is Dancer In Chandelier Music Video Who Is Dancer In Chandelier Music Video

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Who Is Dancer In Chandelier Music Video

Written by: Edita Mcauliffe

Discover the captivating dancer in the mesmerizing "Chandelier" music video. Immerse yourself in the artistry and talent displayed in this iconic music video.

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Music videos have become an integral part of the music industry, bringing songs to life visually and captivating audiences around the world. They offer a platform for artists to showcase their talent, and oftentimes, they feature exceptional dancers who elevate the overall appeal of the video. One music video that captured the attention of millions and left a lasting impression is Sia’s “Chandelier.”

“Chandelier” was released in 2014 and quickly became a global sensation, receiving critical acclaim for its hauntingly beautiful vocals and emotional lyrics. However, it was the mesmerizing performance of the dancer in the music video that caught the eye of viewers worldwide. With their breathtaking moves and raw energy, the dancer became an integral part of the song’s narrative and left a lasting impact.

In this article, we will delve into the world of the “Chandelier” music video and explore the awe-inspiring performance of the dancer. We will embark on a journey to uncover their identity, diving into speculations, rumors, and insider information that has kept fans intrigued for years.

Join us as we unravel the mystery behind the dancer in the “Chandelier” music video, relive their stunning performances, and gain insight into the impact they have had on the music industry.


Background on “Chandelier” Music Video

The “Chandelier” music video, directed by Sia’s frequent collaborator, Daniel Askill, was released on May 6, 2014. The video features a single dancer, who takes center stage and captivates the audience with their powerful and emotive performance.

The video begins with a young girl, played by dancer Maddie Ziegler, entering an empty apartment adorned with chandeliers. As the music starts, Maddie’s energetic and expressive dance moves seamlessly blend with the haunting melody and introspective lyrics of the song.

The choreography, created by none other than Ryan Heffington, perfectly complements the raw emotion of the track. It showcases a fusion of contemporary and interpretive dance styles, emphasizing the internal struggles and vulnerability that the lyrics convey.

Sia’s decision to cast a young dancer as the protagonist in the video was a stroke of genius. Not only does Maddie Ziegler’s talent shine through, but her youth also adds a layer of innocence and vulnerability, underscoring the themes of the song.

Upon its release, the “Chandelier” music video garnered immediate acclaim and went on to become a viral sensation. It has amassed over 2.4 billion views on YouTube, solidifying its place as one of the most influential and iconic music videos of the decade.

The video’s impact extended beyond the music scene, inspiring countless dancers and artists around the world to create their own interpretations and covers of the choreography. The combination of Sia’s powerful vocals, the impactful lyrics, and the mesmerizing dance performance has left an indelible mark on pop culture.

Now that we have established the significance of the “Chandelier” music video, let’s dive deeper into the captivating performances of the dancer and explore their identity.


Description of the Dancer’s Performances

The dancer in the “Chandelier” music video delivers a series of powerful and emotionally charged performances that leave viewers in awe. Their movements are fluid, precise, and captivating, conveying a range of emotions that mirror the lyrics of the song.

From the opening scene to the dramatic finale, the dancer showcases incredible strength and agility. Their body becomes a vessel through which they express the pain, struggle, and liberation depicted in the song. Every gesture, leap, and spin is executed with meticulous detail, highlighting their exceptional skill and artistry.

Throughout the video, the dancer effortlessly transitions between moments of vulnerability and moments of explosive energy. They use their body as a canvas to create evocative shapes and dynamic lines, showcasing a seamless blend of contemporary, modern, and interpretive dance styles.

One of the standout moments of the video is when the dancer climbs and swings from the chandelier, defying gravity and providing a visually striking image. This iconic sequence perfectly captures the juxtaposition between strength and fragility, as they effortlessly maneuver through the air with grace and control.

Another remarkable aspect of the dancer’s performances is their ability to convey a sense of narrative and storytelling through movement. They interpret the lyrics of the song with profound emotional depth, evoking a strong connection with the viewer. Each gesture or facial expression contributes to the overall narrative, leaving a lasting impression.

Moreover, the dancer’s synchronization with the music is impeccable. They seamlessly navigate the rhythmic intricacies of the song, accentuating the beats and accents with precision. Their movements effortlessly amplify the auditory experience and bring the music to life visually.

The dancer’s performances in the “Chandelier” music video are a true testament to their exceptional talent and dedication to the craft. Their ability to convey complex emotions, tell a story through movement, and captivate viewers with their artistry has solidified their status as one of the most memorable dancers in music videos.

Now that we have explored the incredible performances of the dancer, it’s time to uncover their identity and delve into the speculations and rumors surrounding them.


Investigation into the Identity of the Dancer

The mysterious dancer in the “Chandelier” music video has sparked a wave of curiosity and speculation among fans and music enthusiasts. Despite their captivating performance, the identity of the dancer remained undisclosed in the video. However, diligent sleuthing and investigative efforts have shed some light on who this talented individual might be.

One of the most prevalent rumors suggests that the dancer in question is none other than Maddie Ziegler, who was just 11 years old at the time of the video’s release. Maddie, known for her appearances on the reality TV show “Dance Moms,” perfectly embodied the raw emotion and vulnerability depicted in the video. Furthermore, her long-standing collaboration with Sia and their subsequent performances together lend credibility to this theory.

Another speculation revolves around the notion that the dancer is a professional contemporary dancer, handpicked by the director and choreographer to bring their vision to life. Given the dancer’s exceptional skill and the complexity of the choreography, it is plausible that they have a background in the world of dance with prior experience performing on stage or in other music videos.

Interestingly, Maddie Ziegler herself has endorsed this theory, stating in interviews that the dancer is “not her” and that the person behind the performance is a professional dancer. While this statement might refute the hypothesis of Maddie’s involvement, it only adds to the mystery surrounding the true identity of the dancer.

Despite numerous attempts to unravel the mystery, the true identity of the dancer in the “Chandelier” music video remains elusive. It is possible that the anonymity was intentional, allowing the dancer to become a symbol or archetype rather than focusing on a specific individual.

While the investigation into the dancer’s identity continues, it is key to acknowledge the profound impact their performance has had on audiences. The dancer’s anonymity has allowed viewers to connect with the universal emotions expressed in the video, fostering a sense of empathy and personal interpretation.

Now that we have explored the investigations and rumors surrounding the dancer’s identity, let’s dive into the various speculations and rumors that have circulated about this intriguing individual.


Speculations and Rumors Surrounding the Dancer

The enigmatic dancer in the “Chandelier” music video has generated a wide range of speculations and rumors among fans and online communities. While the true identity of the dancer remains a mystery, several theories have emerged, fueling the imagination of curious viewers.

One prevalent hypothesis is that the dancer is a protege or student of renowned choreographer Ryan Heffington, who worked closely with Sia on the choreography for the video. This theory suggests that Ryan handpicked a talented young dancer to embody the emotion and intensity of the song’s lyrics, showcasing the immense potential of a rising star in the dance world.

Another popular rumor suggests that the dancer is an established professional dancer who prefers to remain anonymous. This theory implies that their decision to wear a wig and face-covering leotard was a deliberate choice to focus the attention on the performance rather than on their personal identity or fame.

Some speculations even propose that the dancer may be a symbolic representation rather than a specific individual. This theory suggests that the dancer embodies the internal struggles and liberation depicted in the song, serving as a metaphor for a broader human experience or emotional journey.

Additionally, some fans have theorized that the dancer may have connections to the contemporary dance scene, with speculations circling around notable dancers and performers. However, without concrete evidence or official statements, these rumors remain speculative.

It is worth noting that the intentional secrecy surrounding the dancer’s identity adds to the allure of the “Chandelier” video. By keeping the focus on the performance itself rather than the individual, Sia and the creative team behind the video managed to create a universal and relatable experience for viewers.

While the speculations and rumors around the dancer continue to circulate, it is clear that their performance has left an indelible impact on audiences. The mystery surrounding their identity only intensifies the intrigue and fascination surrounding the “Chandelier” music video.

Now, let’s turn our attention to interviews and statements that provide valuable insights into the dancer’s impact on the music industry and their collaboration with Sia.


Insights from Interviews and Statements

While the true identity of the dancer in the “Chandelier” music video remains undisclosed, there have been various interviews and statements that offer insights into their collaboration with Sia and the impact they have had on the music industry.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Sia herself explained the decision to cast a young dancer in the video, stating that she wanted to capture the raw emotions and vulnerability of the song through a child’s perspective. She praised the dancer’s talent and expressed her admiration for their ability to convey the song’s message with such intensity.

Maddie Ziegler, the young dancer who played the protagonist in the video, has provided valuable insights into working with Sia and the impact the “Chandelier” music video had on her career. In several interviews, Maddie acknowledged the intense rehearsals and the emotional journey she embarked on while portraying the character. She credits Sia and the video for shaping her career and opening doors to new opportunities in the dance and entertainment industry.

Furthermore, choreographer Ryan Heffington, who collaborated closely with Sia on the choreography for the “Chandelier” video, has praised the dancer’s dedication and professionalism. In an interview, he mentioned that the dancer was able to grasp the essence of the song and bring it to life through their movements.

Although the interviews and statements provide valuable insights into the creative process and the impact of the dancer’s performance, they do not reveal the dancer’s true identity. Instead, they highlight the significance and artistry that the dancer brought to the “Chandelier” video.

The collaboration between Sia, the dancer, and the creative team behind the video has undoubtedly left an enduring impression on the music industry. The emotional depth and raw energy conveyed through the dancer’s performances continue to resonate with audiences worldwide.

Despite the mystery that surrounds the dancer’s identity, their contribution to the artistry and success of the “Chandelier” music video cannot be overstated.

Now, let’s conclude our journey by reflecting on the impact and legacy of the dancer in the “Chandelier” music video.



The dancer in the “Chandelier” music video has left an indelible mark on the music industry and captivated millions of viewers with their mesmerizing performance. Despite the mystery surrounding their identity, their powerful and emotive movements have become synonymous with the hauntingly beautiful song.

Through their breathtaking choreography, the dancer conveyed the raw emotions and vulnerability of the lyrics, complementing Sia’s powerful vocals and creating a visual masterpiece. Their performances brought depth and meaning to the song, resonating with audiences on a deeply personal and emotional level.

While the true identity of the dancer remains a subject of speculation and rumors, their impact cannot be denied. The “Chandelier” music video inspired countless aspiring dancers and artists, pushing the boundaries of creativity and showcasing the power of dance as a storytelling medium.

Whether they are a young prodigy, a professional dancer, or a symbolic representation of human experience, the dancer in the “Chandelier” music video has forever etched their presence in the collective memory of music enthusiasts.

The legacy of the dancer extends beyond their identity; it lies in the emotions they evoked, the narratives they embodied, and the artistry they brought to the screen. Their anonymity allowed viewers to connect with the universal themes of struggle, resilience, and liberation depicted in the video.

As we conclude our exploration into the world of the dancer in the “Chandelier” music video, we are reminded of the transformative power of music and dance. Their collaboration created a visual masterpiece that transcended boundaries and touched the hearts of millions.

The dancer’s contribution to the music industry reminds us that sometimes, it is not about knowing the name or face behind the performance, but rather about the impact and the emotions they evoke in the audience. Their intrinsic talent and dedication have forever cemented their place in music video history.

So, whenever “Chandelier” plays and the dancer’s vibrant movements appear on screen, we can’t help but be overcome with awe and admiration, grateful for the enduring legacy they have left behind.

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