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What Record Label Is Serayah Off Of Empire Signed To What Record Label Is Serayah Off Of Empire Signed To

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What Record Label Is Serayah Off Of Empire Signed To

Written by: Mora Monzon

Find out which record label Serayah from Empire is signed to. Discover the latest updates and news about her musical journey.

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Welcome to the world of record labels, where artists find their platform to express their musical talents, connect with audiences, and make their mark in the music industry. One rising star who has caught the attention of many is Serayah, known for her captivating performances on the hit TV show Empire. But what record label is she signed to?

In this article, we will explore Serayah’s background, her role on Empire, the record label that she is signed to, and her journey to success in the music industry. So, let’s dive in and discover the record label that has helped shape Serayah’s career.

Serayah, whose full name is Serayah Ranee McNeill, was born on June 20, 1995, in Encinitas, California. From a young age, she showed immense talent and passion for the performing arts. Serayah invested her time and energy into honing her singing, dancing, and acting skills, setting the foundation for her remarkable rise to fame.

It was in 2015 that Serayah’s breakthrough moment arrived when she landed the role of Tiana Brown on the hit TV show Empire. Tiana, a rising star within the fictional world of Empire Entertainment, captivated audiences with her mesmerizing performances and incredible vocals. Serayah’s portrayal of Tiana received critical acclaim, earning her a devoted fan base and catapulting her into the spotlight of the music industry.

With her talent and charisma on full display, it was only a matter of time before Serayah caught the attention of record labels. They recognized her immense potential as a recording artist and the opportunity to harness her star power. In a highly competitive industry, the record label that managed to secure Serayah’s talents had to possess the resources, guidance, and connections necessary to propel her music career to new heights.

So, what record label is Serayah signed to?

Serayah is currently signed to Atlantic Records, a prominent and influential record label with a rich history and an impressive roster of artists. Atlantic Records, founded in 1947, has nurtured the careers of many iconic musicians and has remained at the forefront of the industry, constantly adapting to the ever-changing landscape of music.

The signing process for Serayah, like most artists, involved various negotiations, meetings, and assessments of her artistic vision and potential. Atlantic Records saw the talents and star power in Serayah and recognized the unique qualities she could bring to their label. With a shared vision of success and a commitment to cultivating her career, the partnership between Serayah and Atlantic Records was formed.


Serayah’s Background

Serayah’s journey towards becoming a multi-talented artist began at a young age. Growing up in Encinitas, California, she was exposed to a diverse range of musical genres, which sparked her interest in music and performance. Serayah’s parents recognized her natural talent and encouraged her to pursue her passion.

At the age of 16, Serayah made the bold move to relocate to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of a career in the entertainment industry. She enrolled in the Performing Arts Center, where she received formal training in singing, dancing, and acting. This intensive training expanded her skill set, allowing her to become a versatile performer.

While honing her craft, Serayah also began writing her own music and exploring her unique sound. Drawing inspiration from her personal experiences and emotions, she crafted heartfelt lyrics that resonated with listeners. This creative exploration gave Serayah a deeper understanding of her musical identity and set the stage for her future endeavors.

In addition to her musical pursuits, Serayah also ventured into modeling, appearing in various print campaigns and fashion shows. Her striking looks, combined with her talent and charisma, caught the attention of industry professionals, further cementing her status as a rising star.

Serayah’s breakthrough in the industry came in 2015 when she landed the role of Tiana Brown on the hit TV show Empire. The character of Tiana allowed Serayah to showcase her singing and dancing abilities on a global stage. Through Tiana, Serayah captivated audiences with her electrifying performances and soulful vocals.

Embracing her role on Empire, Serayah immersed herself in her character’s journey and became a fan favorite. Her portrayal of Tiana cemented her status as not only a talented actress but also as a gifted musician. The exposure gained from the show’s massive popularity opened doors for Serayah in the music industry.

With her passion for music reignited, Serayah began working on her own music releases outside of her role on Empire. Fueled by her influences, which range from R&B and pop to hip-hop and soul, Serayah’s sound is a unique blend of catchy hooks, relatable lyrics, and infectious beats.

Serayah’s background as a performer, combined with her unwavering dedication to her craft, has positioned her as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Her diverse talents and magnetic stage presence have catapulted her career to new heights, making her a rising star in the entertainment world.


The Role of Serayah on Empire

One cannot discuss Serayah’s journey without acknowledging the significant role she played on the hit TV show Empire. Serayah portrayed the character Tiana Brown, a rising star within the fictional world of Empire Entertainment.

Tiana’s character was introduced in the first season of Empire as a talented young artist signed to the label. As the show progressed, Tiana’s arc evolved, allowing Serayah to showcase her incredible range as an actress, singer, and dancer.

Through her portrayal of Tiana, Serayah brought an authentic and raw energy to the character, making her both relatable and captivating to audiences. Tiana’s storylines often revolved around the complexities of the music industry, including the challenges of fame, competition, and personal relationships.

One of the defining aspects of Tiana’s character was her exceptional vocal abilities. Serayah’s powerful and soulful voice brought Tiana’s musical performances to life, allowing viewers to experience the emotional depth and artistry of the character. Whether it was an intimate ballad or an energetic pop hit, Serayah’s vocal prowess consistently left a lasting impression.

Beyond her singing talents, Serayah’s dance skills played a pivotal role in shaping Tiana’s character. With her background in dance, Serayah effortlessly executed high-energy choreography, captivating viewers with visually stunning performances. Tiana’s electrifying dance moves became a signature element of her on-stage presence and added an extra layer of excitement to her music.

In addition to the musical aspects of her character, Serayah also portrayed the personal growth and struggles of Tiana. Throughout the series, Tiana faced obstacles such as betrayals, family drama, and career setbacks, allowing Serayah to showcase her acting abilities and convey a range of emotions.

With each season of Empire, Tiana’s character continued to evolve, giving Serayah new opportunities to shine. From navigating her relationships with other characters to pursuing her solo career, Tiana’s journey reflected the ups and downs of the music industry, providing an authentic and relatable portrayal of the challenges faced by aspiring artists.

Through her role as Tiana on Empire, Serayah became an integral part of the show’s success. Her magnetic stage presence, phenomenal vocals, and impressive dancing skills endeared her to audiences and established her as a standout talent in the entertainment industry.

Notably, Serayah’s contributions to Empire extended beyond the TV screen. Her performances on the show led to exciting opportunities for her music career outside of the Empire universe.

Overall, Serayah’s portrayal of Tiana on Empire showcased her versatility as an artist and solidified her status as a rising star in both the acting and music worlds.


Serayah’s Record Label

When it comes to Serayah’s music career, her talent and potential were recognized by a noteworthy record label. Serayah is currently signed to Atlantic Records, a prominent and influential label within the music industry.

Atlantic Records, founded in 1947, has a rich history and has played a significant role in shaping the music landscape. Over the years, the label has been home to numerous legendary artists and has consistently demonstrated a commitment to nurturing exceptional talent.

Being signed to Atlantic Records has provided Serayah with a strong backing and the resources necessary to propel her music career to new heights. The label’s extensive network of industry professionals, including producers, songwriters, and marketing experts, has been instrumental in shaping Serayah’s sound and creating opportunities for her as an artist.

One of the advantages of being signed to a major label like Atlantic Records is the access to top-notch production teams and state-of-the-art recording studios. This allows Serayah to craft high-quality music that showcases her vocal abilities and unique musical style.

Furthermore, Atlantic Records has a long history of successful artist development. The label has a vested interest in guiding and supporting Serayah throughout her musical journey, offering valuable advice and strategic planning to help maximize her potential and reach a wider audience.

In addition to the label’s guidance and resources, being signed to Atlantic Records also means having access to a vast distribution network. This helps Serayah’s music reach a global audience through various platforms, including digital streaming services, radio airplay, and physical distribution channels.

Moreover, Atlantic Records has a proven track record of successfully marketing and promoting its artists. The label has a dedicated team of marketing professionals who work tirelessly to raise awareness about Serayah’s music, organize promotional campaigns, and secure media opportunities.

Being signed to a reputable record label like Atlantic Records also opens doors to collaborations and connections within the industry. Serayah has the opportunity to work with established and emerging artists, further expanding her musical horizons and creating exciting collaborations that showcase her versatility and talent.

Overall, Serayah’s record label, Atlantic Records, has played a pivotal role in her music career. With their support and expertise, Serayah has been able to hone her craft, reach a larger audience, and position herself as a rising star in the music industry.


The Signing Process for Serayah

The process of signing an artist to a record label involves a series of negotiations, meetings, and assessments to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership. Serayah’s journey to signing with Atlantic Records was no exception.

It all began with Serayah’s rise to prominence through her role as Tiana on the hit TV show Empire. As her star power grew, record labels took notice of her immense talent and recognized the potential for her music career to flourish outside of the show.

When Atlantic Records expressed interest in signing Serayah, both parties embarked on a process to understand each other’s goals, visions, and expectations. There were likely multiple meetings and discussions between Serayah, her team, and the representatives from Atlantic Records to assess the feasibility of a fruitful partnership.

During these meetings, Serayah would have had the opportunity to showcase her unique musical style, vocal abilities, and songwriting skills. This allows the label to evaluate her potential as a recording artist and determine how she aligns with their artistic direction and target market.

Additionally, the signing process involves negotiations around contract terms, including record deals, licensing agreements, and financial arrangements. This stage ensures that both Serayah and Atlantic Records are satisfied with the terms and conditions of their partnership, covering areas such as album releases, royalties, marketing budgets, and tour support.

While the specifics of the signing process for Serayah may not be publicly disclosed, it is safe to assume that a combination of her talent, marketability, and the potential for commercial success influenced Atlantic Records’ decision to sign her.

Ultimately, the signing process for Serayah culminated in a mutually beneficial partnership with Atlantic Records. With their experience and resources, the label is able to provide Serayah with the necessary support, guidance, and exposure to propel her music career to new heights.

It is important to note that the signing process can vary for each artist and record label. The goal is to create a symbiotic relationship where both parties work together to achieve success in the highly competitive music industry.

Looking at Serayah’s signing with Atlantic Records, it is evident that her talent, dedication, and potential as an artist played a crucial role in securing her a coveted record deal. This partnership sets the stage for Serayah’s musical journey and offers exciting opportunities for her to showcase her unique sound and artistic vision to a global audience.


Serayah’s Music Releases

Since signing with Atlantic Records, Serayah has been steadily releasing music that showcases her talent and unique musical style. Her discography is a testament to her versatility as an artist and her ability to experiment with different genres while staying true to her artistic vision.

One of Serayah’s notable releases is her debut single “Driving Me,” which was released in 2016. The infectious pop-infused track instantly grabbed the attention of listeners with its catchy hooks and vibrant production. “Driving Me” showcased Serayah’s vocal prowess and set the stage for her future musical endeavors.

Following the success of her debut single, Serayah continued to release a string of captivating tracks, each showcasing her growth and maturity as an artist. Songs like “GTTM (Going Through the Motions)” and “So Good” further demonstrated her ability to craft infectious pop melodies and deliver captivating performances.

In addition to her solo releases, Serayah has also collaborated with other artists, adding a dynamic element to her discography. One notable collaboration is “Adios” with Matoma, a Norwegian DJ and producer. The feel-good tropical-infused track was met with positive reviews and further showcased Serayah’s versatility and ability to seamlessly blend her vocals with different musical styles.

Furthermore, Serayah’s music has also been featured on the soundtrack of the hit TV show Empire, where she gained recognition for her role as Tiana. Her performances on the show allowed her to showcase her original music to a wider audience, further solidifying her presence in the music industry.

As Serayah’s music career continues to evolve, fans eagerly anticipate her upcoming releases. With her captivating stage presence and infectious sound, she shows no signs of slowing down. Her commitment to delivering quality music and her dedication to her craft have positioned her as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

With every release, Serayah continues to push boundaries, experimenting with different sounds while staying true to herself as an artist. Her discography is a testament to her growth, evolving from catchy pop hooks to exploring deeper, more personal themes in her music.

As Serayah continues to develop her musical identity, fans can expect to see her pushing boundaries, collaborating with diverse artists, and delivering captivating performances that showcase her immense talent. With her infectious energy and undeniable stage presence, Serayah is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music industry.


Collaborations and Featured Artists

In addition to her solo releases, Serayah has collaborated with a variety of artists, showcasing her versatility and ability to seamlessly blend her vocals with different musical styles. These collaborations have not only expanded her artistic horizons but have also allowed her to connect with a wider range of listeners.

One notable collaboration is her work with rapper and singer-songwriter Jidenna on the track “Classic Man (Remix).” Serayah’s smooth vocals complement Jidenna’s energetic flow, adding a fresh and dynamic element to the remix. The collaboration showcased Serayah’s ability to effortlessly harmonize with other artists, further cementing her status as a rising star in the music industry.

Another noteworthy collaboration is Serayah’s work with singer and songwriter Jacob Latimore on the track “Like ‘Em All.” Their chemistry and vocal harmonies create a captivating blend of R&B and pop sounds. The collaboration not only highlighted Serayah’s ability to collaborate with other artists but also solidified her presence in the R&B music scene.

Furthermore, Serayah has also collaborated with DJ and producer Matoma on the track “Adios.” With its infectious tropical-influenced sound, the collaboration demonstrated Serayah’s versatility and ability to adapt her vocals to different genres. Her seamless integration into the track showcased her ability to collaborate with diverse artists, resulting in a captivating and memorable release.

In addition to these collaborations, Serayah has also been featured on soundtracks for the hit TV show Empire. These collaborations with fellow cast members have allowed her to showcase her vocal talents alongside other talented artists. These featured appearances have garnered attention and further solidified her presence in both the music and entertainment industries.

Serayah’s collaborations and featured appearances highlight her ability to adapt and excel in a variety of musical styles and genres. By working with other artists, Serayah not only adds a new dimension to her discography but also expands her reach to fans of different genres and musical backgrounds.

As Serayah continues to grow and evolve as an artist, fans eagerly anticipate her future collaborations and featured appearances. With her versatile vocal abilities and dynamic stage presence, Serayah’s collaborations have become highly anticipated moments for music lovers, showcasing her ability to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Ultimately, Serayah’s collaborations and featured appearances reflect her openness and willingness to explore new musical territories, solidifying her status as a versatile and talented artist in the music industry.


Serayah’s Success and Achievements

Serayah’s journey in the music industry has been marked by remarkable success and notable achievements. Her talent, hard work, and dedication have propelled her career to new heights, earning her recognition both on and off the stage.

One of Serayah’s notable achievements is her role as Tiana on the hit TV show Empire. Her portrayal of the character, coupled with her exceptional vocals and electrifying performances, garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. Serayah’s on-screen success translated into broader opportunities for her music career, propelling her into the spotlight of the music industry.

Her music releases have also achieved considerable success. Serayah’s debut single, “Driving Me,” received positive reviews and garnered attention from music enthusiasts worldwide. With its infectious pop sound and Serayah’s captivating vocals, the song showcased her potential as a solo artist and became a fan favorite.

In addition to her solo success, Serayah’s collaborations and featured appearances have been met with praise. Her collaboration with Jidenna on the “Classic Man (Remix)” showcased her ability to seamlessly blend her vocals with other artists, garnering extensive radio play and positive critical reception. The track further solidified Serayah’s status as a versatile artist and propelled her presence in the music industry.

Moreover, Serayah’s performances on the Empire soundtracks have further contributed to her success. Her featured appearances on these influential albums have showcased her vocal range and musical versatility, cementing her place among a talented ensemble cast and reinforcing her position in the industry.

In recognition of her talent and contributions, Serayah has received several accolades. She was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Choice TV: Breakout Star and Choice Music: Song from a Movie or TV Show for her work on Empire. These nominations reflect the impact she has made through her performances on the show and her contributions to the accompanying music.

Beyond awards and nominations, Serayah’s success is also evident in her growing fan base and her ability to connect with audiences around the world. Her captivating stage presence, magnetic personality, and powerful vocals have garnered her a loyal following who eagerly anticipate her future music releases and performances.

Furthermore, Serayah’s success extends to her presence on social media, where she has amassed a significant following. Her active engagement with fans and her ability to connect with them on a personal level have helped strengthen her fan base and establish a direct line of communication with her supporters.

As Serayah continues to excel in her career, her success and achievements serve as a testament to her undeniable talent and unwavering dedication to her craft. With each milestone she reaches, Serayah cements her status as a rising star in the music industry, leaving a lasting impression on both fans and industry professionals alike.



Serayah’s journey in the music industry has been nothing short of remarkable. From her breakout role as Tiana on Empire to her signing with Atlantic Records, Serayah has continued to impress audiences and industry professionals alike with her exceptional talent, versatility, and dedication to her craft.

Throughout her career, Serayah has shown her ability to seamlessly transition between acting and music, leaving an indelible mark in both fields. Her captivating performances on Empire not only showcased her acting skills but also allowed her to highlight her powerful vocals and electrifying stage presence.

With her signing to Atlantic Records, Serayah gained access to a wealth of resources and industry expertise, propelling her music career to new heights. The label’s support has been instrumental in shaping her sound, fostering collaborations, and providing a platform for her to share her music with the world.

Furthermore, Serayah’s success and achievements have been reflected in her dedicated fan base, critical acclaim, and industry recognition. From her debut single “Driving Me” to her collaborations with notable artists, each release has showcased her unique musical style and cemented her status as a rising star.

As Serayah’s career continues to evolve, her versatility as a performer and her unwavering dedication to her craft set her apart in the music industry. Her talent, passion, and commitment to delivering quality music have resonated with fans worldwide, solidifying her as an artist to watch.

Looking ahead, Serayah’s future is bright. Her ability to connect with audiences through her dynamic performances and relatable music ensures that her fan base will continue to grow. With each new release, listeners can anticipate Serayah’s innovative sound and her continuous exploration of different genres and styles.

Serayah’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and a reminder of the power of perseverance and talent. She has proven that hard work, dedication, and staying true to oneself can lead to great success in the competitive music industry.

In conclusion, Serayah’s talent, versatility, and relentless pursuit of her artistic vision have propelled her career forward. From her role on Empire to her music releases and collaborations, Serayah’s star continues to rise. As she continues to carve her own path in the industry, there is no doubt that Serayah will continue to captivate audiences with her exceptional performances and leave an indelible mark on the music industry.

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