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Rihanna’s What Now Reflex Remix Rihanna’s What Now Reflex Remix


Rihanna’s What Now Reflex Remix

Written by: Charlean Terrazas

Discover Rihanna's electrifying What Now Reflex Remix, taking this hit song to new heights with an incredible remix that will leave you wanting more.

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Rihanna, the renowned and multi-talented artist, has taken the music industry by storm with her powerful vocals and captivating performances. One of her hit tracks, “What Now,” has been reimagined and remixed to create a sensational and unique rendition known as the “Reflex Remix.”

The “What Now” Reflex Remix is an exciting testament to the evolution of contemporary music. With its masterful blend of electronic elements, pulsating beats, and Rihanna’s mesmerizing vocals, the remix offers a fresh and dynamic take on the original song.

In this article, we will delve into the background of the “What Now” Reflex Remix, providing an overview of its composition, reception, and impact. We will also analyze and breakdown the remix, comparing it to the original version and highlighting its distinguishing features. By the end of this article, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of this innovative remix and its significance in Rihanna’s discography.


Background of Rihanna’s “What Now” Reflex Remix

The story behind Rihanna’s “What Now” Reflex Remix can be traced back to the release of her seventh studio album, “Unapologetic,” in 2012. The album was met with critical acclaim and commercial success, with “What Now” emerging as one of its standout tracks.

“What Now” is a haunting and introspective ballad, showcasing Rihanna’s emotional depth and vulnerability. The song explores themes of heartbreak, self-reflection, and the struggle to move on from a failed relationship. Its raw lyrics and powerful vocals resonated with listeners, earning it a special place in Rihanna’s discography.

Fast forward to 2014, when French producer and DJ, Reflex, decided to put his unique spin on the already beloved track. Reflex, known for his ability to infuse electronic elements into popular songs, saw the potential to transform “What Now” into a dancefloor anthem.

With the Reflex Remix, the song took on a new life, as pulsating synths, infectious rhythms, and a driving bassline were introduced. The remix elevated “What Now” to new heights, creating a symbiosis between Rihanna’s powerful vocals and Reflex’s signature electronic soundscapes.

This collaboration between Rihanna and Reflex not only showcased the versatility of Rihanna’s music but also highlighted Reflex’s talent for reimagining songs in a way that resonates with the audience. The remix breathed new energy into “What Now,” attracting an even wider range of listeners and opening doors for new creative possibilities.

With its release, the “What Now” Reflex Remix not only reintroduced the song to Rihanna’s dedicated fan base but also attracted the attention of electronic music enthusiasts around the globe. The remix became a mainstay in clubs and festivals, igniting dancefloors and filling the atmosphere with an electrifying energy.

The success of the “What Now” Reflex Remix paved the way for other artists and producers to explore the world of remixes, pushing boundaries and blurring genre lines. It served as a testament to the power of collaboration and reinvention in the music industry.


Overview of the Remix

The “What Now” Reflex Remix takes Rihanna’s emotionally charged ballad and transforms it into an energetic and infectious dance track. The remix seamlessly merges Rihanna’s captivating vocals with Reflex’s signature electronic soundscapes, resulting in a fresh and innovative musical experience.

At the core of the remix is the pulsating beat that drives the song forward. Reflex masterfully layers intricate electronic elements, including synths, drum machines, and effects, to create a dynamic and immersive soundscape. The catchy rhythm and infectious bassline give the remix a pulsating energy that is impossible to resist.

While the remix maintains the emotional essence of the original track, it introduces new elements that elevate the overall experience. It adds depth and complexity by incorporating intricate synthesizer melodies, atmospheric textures, and well-timed drops. These elements create a sense of anticipation and pay off in exhilarating moments that make the remix truly unforgettable.

Rihanna’s vocals, already powerful and emotional in the original version, take on a different dimension in the Reflex Remix. The remix accentuates her vocal prowess by juxtaposing it against the electrifying electronic backdrop. Her voice soars above the energetic production, creating a captivating contrast that demands attention and intensifies the listening experience.

The arrangement of the remix showcases Reflex’s skill in creating dynamic transitions and building anticipation. The remix seamlessly navigates between verses, choruses, and instrumental breaks, maintaining a constant flow of energy and never losing the listener’s interest. It keeps the momentum alive and leads to euphoric peaks that are perfect for the dancefloor.

Despite the transformation of the original track into a dance-oriented remix, the remix retains the emotional core of the lyrics. The introspective and emotive nature of Rihanna’s words still resonates, even in the midst of the energetic production. This balance between the electronic elements and the lyrical depth gives the remix a unique and multi-dimensional quality.

In summary, the “What Now” Reflex Remix is a masterful fusion of Rihanna’s powerful vocals and Reflex’s innovative electronic production. It takes the emotional ballad and breathes new life into it, creating a dynamic and exhilarating musical experience that captivates listeners across a wide range of genres.


Reception and Impact

The “What Now” Reflex Remix made a significant impact on both fans and critics alike. Upon its release, it garnered widespread praise for its innovative approach and the seamless integration of electronic elements into Rihanna’s original track.

Music enthusiasts lauded the remix for its infectious energy and dynamic sound. DJs quickly embraced it, incorporating it into their sets and playlists, ensuring its presence on dancefloors around the world. The remix’s popularity soared, making it a chart-topping hit in various countries and solidifying its place as a favorite among clubgoers.

In addition to its commercial success, the remix also received critical acclaim. It was applauded for its ability to reimagine and revitalize an already beloved song. Critics noted the remix’s excellent production quality, seamless arrangement, and the way it enhanced Rihanna’s vocals, creating a truly captivating listening experience.

The impact of the “What Now” Reflex Remix extends beyond its initial release. It opened doors for more collaborations between mainstream artists and electronic producers, bridging the gap between different music genres and attracting new listeners to both sides. It served as an inspiration for other remixes and propelled the popularity of remix culture in the music industry.

Furthermore, the remix showcased Rihanna’s versatility as an artist. Known for her diverse range of musical styles, the remix demonstrated her ability to evolve and adapt to different genres while still maintaining her unique essence. It solidified her status as a boundary-pushing artist who continuously explores new avenues of creativity.

From a broader perspective, the “What Now” Reflex Remix contributed to the evolution of electronic music by pushing the boundaries of what remixes can achieve. It demonstrated the power of combining electronic elements with compelling vocals, creating a symbiosis that resonates with listeners across various musical preferences.

Overall, the reception of the “What Now” Reflex Remix was overwhelmingly positive, and its impact continues to reverberate in the music industry. It served as a catalyst for collaborations, expanded the reach of electronic music, and solidified Rihanna’s position as a dynamic and influential artist.


Analysis and Breakdown of the Remix

The “What Now” Reflex Remix showcases a masterful blend of electronic production techniques and Rihanna’s powerful vocals. Let’s dive into a detailed analysis and breakdown of the remix, exploring its key elements and how they contribute to the overall composition.

1. Electronic Production: The remix features a pulsating beat that sets the foundation for the entire track. The driving force behind the remix, it combines rhythmic drum patterns, intricate synthesizer melodies, and atmospheric textures to create an immersive and dynamic soundscape. The electronic production adds an energetic and captivating element to the remix, capturing and amplifying the emotions embedded within the lyrics.

2. Vocal Treatment: Rihanna’s vocals in the remix are carefully manipulated and interwoven with the electronic elements. The vocals are layered and harmonized, creating a sense of depth and richness. Throughout the remix, there are moments where the vocals are isolated, allowing them to take center stage and emphasize the emotional impact of the lyrics.

3. Transitions and Builds: The remix showcases expertly crafted transitions and builds that elevate the energy of the track. Well-placed drops and breakdowns create moments of anticipation and excitement, leading to euphoric peaks that drive the remix forward. These transitions maintain a seamless flow and keep listeners engaged from start to finish.

4. Emotion and Impact: Despite the energetic nature of the remix, it manages to retain the emotional core of the original track. The lyrics, which delve into themes of heartbreak and self-reflection, remain intact and impactful. The blending of the emotional lyrics with the dynamic electronic production creates a compelling contrast that heightens the overall impact of the remix.

5. Remix Unique Elements: The “What Now” Reflex Remix introduces new elements that differentiate it from the original version. Reflex incorporates unique sound design, such as glitch effects and atmospheric textures, to infuse the remix with a distinctive character. These elements create a sense of freshness and give the remix its own identity.

The remix’s analysis and breakdown highlight its intricate production techniques, vocal treatment, transitions, and the emotional impact it delivers. It is a testament to the creative vision of both Rihanna and Reflex, as they successfully blend their talents to create a remix that captivates listeners and leaves a lasting impression.


Comparison with the Original Version

The “What Now” Reflex Remix offers a fresh and innovative take on the original version of Rihanna’s song. Let’s explore how the remix compares to the original and the distinct elements that set them apart.

1. Musical Style: The original version of “What Now” is a haunting ballad, driven by piano and showcasing Rihanna’s emotional vocals. In contrast, the Reflex Remix transforms the track into an energetic dance anthem, with pulsating beats and electronic elements that infuse the song with electrifying energy.

2. Tempo and Rhythm: The remix significantly increases the tempo and introduces a consistent and driving rhythm that encourages movement and dancing. This contrasts with the original version’s slower tempo, which allows for a more introspective and melancholic listening experience.

3. Production Approach: The original version primarily focuses on showcasing Rihanna’s raw vocals and the emotional depth of the lyrics. In the remix, the production takes a more prominent role, weaving electronic elements throughout the track to create an immersive and dynamic soundscape.

4. Emotional Impact: Both the original version and the remix convey the emotional core of the song. However, the use of electronic production techniques in the remix adds a sense of urgency and intensifies the emotional impact in a different way. The remix’s energetic nature enhances the cathartic release of emotions, drawing listeners into a captivating fusion of vulnerability and power.

5. Audience Engagement: The original version resonates with listeners seeking a more introspective and intimate experience, connecting on a personal level with the heartfelt lyrics. On the other hand, the remix appeals to a broader audience, particularly those drawn to electronic and dance-oriented music, with its infectious energy and club-friendly sound.

Overall, the “What Now” Reflex Remix stands as a distinct and transformative rendition of the original version. It repurposes the song for a different audience and offers a new perspective, showcasing the versatility of Rihanna’s music and the creative capabilities of the remix culture.



The “What Now” Reflex Remix serves as a testament to the evolution of Rihanna’s music and the power of collaboration in the music industry. This innovative remix takes the emotional ballad and transforms it into an electrifying dance track, showcasing the seamless integration of electronic elements with Rihanna’s powerful vocals.

Throughout this article, we explored the background, reception, and impact of the remix. We analyzed its composition, highlighting the intricate electronic production, vocal treatment, and brilliant transitions that contribute to its dynamic sound. We also compared it to the original version, recognizing the distinct elements that set them apart.

The reception of the “What Now” Reflex Remix was overwhelmingly positive, resonating with both fans and critics. Its infectious energy and captivating sound led to its success on charts and in clubs worldwide. The remix’s impact reached beyond its initial release, inspiring collaborations and pushing the boundaries of electronic music and remix culture.

Ultimately, the “What Now” Reflex Remix stands as a testament to Rihanna’s artistic versatility and the ability of remixes to breathe new life into beloved tracks. It showcases the power of electronic production to create an immersive and energetic musical experience, while still maintaining the emotional essence of the original song.

As fans, we are fortunate to witness the evolution of artists like Rihanna, who continually explore new avenues of creativity and push the boundaries of their craft. The “What Now” Reflex Remix is a shining example of this exploration, leaving a lasting impact on the music industry and captivating listeners across genres.

So, whether you’re a fan of Rihanna, an electronic music enthusiast, or simply someone looking for an exhilarating musical journey, the “What Now” Reflex Remix is definitely worth a listen. Prepare to be transported into a world of electrifying beats and captivating vocals, as this remix showcases the power of collaboration and creativity in contemporary music.

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