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When Will BTS Be American Music Awards 2017 When Will BTS Be American Music Awards 2017

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When Will BTS Be American Music Awards 2017

Written by: Tiphani Tatum

Discover when BTS will be performing at the American Music Awards 2017 and witness their incredible talent at one of the biggest music awards of the year. Don't miss this unforgettable event!

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The American Music Awards (AMAs) is one of the most prestigious and highly anticipated music award shows in the United States. It celebrates outstanding achievements and contributions in the music industry, honoring artists across various genres. Each year, the AMAs captivate music lovers with unforgettable performances, thrilling collaborations, and nail-biting award presentations.

One of the most talked-about topics surrounding the AMAs is the participation of international artists, especially those from South Korea. The global phenomenon, BTS, has taken the music industry by storm with their infectious music, remarkable talent, and dedicated fanbase known as ARMYs. They have garnered immense popularity not only in their home country but also on a global scale.

With their rising global fame, it’s no surprise that fans and music enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting BTS’s involvement in the American Music Awards. The possibility of BTS taking the stage and potentially winning an award at the AMAs has generated immense excitement and anticipation among their fans and the music industry as a whole.

This article delves into the background of the American Music Awards, BTS’s journey to international recognition, their previous involvement with the AMAs, their nomination for the American Music Awards 2017, the public’s reaction to the nomination, and the potential for BTS to perform at this prestigious event. Join us as we explore the thrilling world of music awards and the impact of BTS on the global stage.


Background of American Music Awards

The American Music Awards was first established in 1973 by the late television host Dick Clark. It was conceived as an alternative to the Grammy Awards, with a focus on popular music and the opinions of music buyers rather than industry professionals. The AMAs have since become an iconic event in the music industry, attracting top artists from around the world.

Unlike other award shows that are decided by industry insiders, the winners of the AMAs are determined by public voting. This unique aspect of the awards allows fans to actively participate in recognizing their favorite artists. Fans can cast their votes online across various categories, including Artist of the Year, Favorite Pop/Rock Album, and Favorite Country Song, among others.

Over the years, the American Music Awards has showcased incredible musical performances from a wide range of artists and genres, making it a highly anticipated event for music enthusiasts worldwide. The show has seen legendary performances from artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift, to name just a few.

As a platform that celebrates diverse genres of music, the AMAs have played a significant role in recognizing and promoting artists from various backgrounds. This inclusive nature has made the awards show a perfect opportunity for international artists to showcase their talents and connect with a global audience.

With its rich history and influence in the music industry, the American Music Awards continues to be a premier event that honors outstanding achievements in the world of music. Artists who receive recognition at the AMAs not only receive a prestigious award but also gain exposure to a wider audience, further propelling their careers to new heights.


BTS’s Journey to International Recognition

BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a South Korean boy band that has taken the music world by storm. The group, comprised of members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, debuted in 2013 under the entertainment company Big Hit Entertainment.

At the beginning of their career, BTS faced the challenges that any rookie group encounters. However, their unique blend of hip-hop, R&B, and pop music, combined with introspective lyrics that tackle various social issues, resonated with a global audience. BTS’s relatable music, captivating choreography, and genuine personalities quickly gained them a dedicated following.

The international recognition for BTS began in 2017 when they won the Top Social Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards, breaking records and surpassing established Western artists. This victory marked a turning point for BTS, as it showcased their enormous influence and popularity not just in South Korea but also among music fans worldwide.

Since then, BTS has continued to make waves in the international music scene. They have performed on prestigious stages such as the American Music Awards, the Grammy Awards, and the Billboard Music Awards, captivating millions with their energetic performances and captivating stage presence.

BTS has amassed a massive global following, known as the ARMY. The ARMY consists of passionate fans who support BTS’s music, nurtured through the group’s strong connection and communication with their fans through social media platforms. The band’s authenticity, humility, and dedication to their craft have endeared them to fans across borders and cultural barriers.

As BTS continues to push the boundaries of their music and artistic pursuits, their journey to international recognition serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists worldwide. BTS has proven that language is not a barrier when it comes to connecting with audiences and that music has the power to unite people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Their hard work, resilience, and unwavering passion for their craft have established BTS as a global force in the music industry, setting them apart as pioneers and ambassadors of K-pop. With each step they take in their journey, BTS continues to break records, challenge stereotypes, and redefine what it means to be an international music phenomenon.


BTS’s Previous Involvement with American Music Awards

BTS’s journey with the American Music Awards began in 2017 when they made their highly anticipated debut performance at the event. The group performed their hit song “DNA,” captivating the audience with their impeccable choreography, powerful vocals, and infectious energy. The performance received widespread acclaim, solidifying their status as a global force in the music industry.

Not only did BTS make their mark with their performance, but they also made history by becoming the first K-pop group to be nominated for an American Music Award. They were nominated in the category of Favorite Social Artist, where they competed against renowned international artists such as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Shawn Mendes.

The nomination itself was a testament to BTS’s immense popularity and influence. Their dedicated fanbase, the ARMY, rallied behind them, tirelessly voting for the group to secure the win. In a stunning victory, BTS emerged as the winners of the Favorite Social Artist award, surpassing some of the biggest names in the global music industry.

Their win not only made history by being the first Korean act to win an American Music Award but also showcased the power of dedicated fans and the impact of K-pop on the world stage. The win was a significant milestone for BTS and further cemented their place as trailblazers for Korean artists venturing into the international music scene.

Following their triumph at the AMAs, BTS continued to make appearances at subsequent award shows, including the 2018 American Music Awards, where they once again graced the stage with a mesmerizing performance. The group performed their hit single “Fake Love,” showcasing their versatility as artists and captivating the audience with their captivating stage presence and emotional intensity.

Through their previous involvement with the American Music Awards, BTS has proved time and time again that they are not only talented performers but also global icons who have managed to bridge the gap between cultural boundaries and conquer the hearts of fans around the world.

Their previous experiences with the AMAs have laid the foundation for their continued involvement with the prestigious award show, creating even higher expectations for their future participation and achievements.


Nomination for American Music Awards 2017

In 2017, BTS made history again by receiving their second nomination for the American Music Awards. This time, they were nominated in the category of Favorite Duo or Group – Pop/Rock, alongside well-established acts such as Coldplay and Imagine Dragons.

The nomination was a testament to BTS’s growing presence and impact in the global music industry. It signified the recognition of their talent, hard work, and the loyalty of their devoted fanbase, the ARMY. BTS’s nomination in the pop/rock category showcased their ability to transcend genres and connect with diverse audiences worldwide.

Fans eagerly awaited the announcement of the winner, continuing to support BTS through their relentless voting efforts and social media campaigns. The nomination was not only a point of pride for the members of BTS but also a source of joy and excitement for their loyal fans, who were thrilled to see their favorite group being acknowledged on such a prestigious platform.

Although BTS didn’t take home the award that year, their nomination alone was a significant achievement and a reflection of their global impact. Simply being recognized among some of the biggest names in the music industry solidified BTS as a legitimate and influential force in the world of music.

The nomination for the American Music Award further propelled BTS into the international spotlight, opening up doors for future collaborations and opportunities. It served as a stepping stone for their continued success and allowed them to gain even more recognition and respect within the music industry.

Looking back, the nomination for the 2017 American Music Awards was a defining moment for BTS. It showcased their immense talent, widespread popularity, and the genuine connection they had established with their fans. The nomination not only proved that language and cultural barriers could be overcome in the music industry but also highlighted the global impact of K-pop and the influence of BTS as a trailblazing group.


Public’s Reaction to the Nomination

The public’s reaction to BTS’s nomination for the American Music Awards was nothing short of explosive. As the news broke, fans from all corners of the globe took to social media platforms to express their sheer excitement and support for the group.

The ARMY, in particular, played a pivotal role in rallying behind BTS and ensuring their nomination received the attention it deserved. Fans launched dedicated voting campaigns, encouraging fellow fans to cast their votes and demonstrate their unwavering support for the group.

Social media platforms were flooded with hashtags and messages of encouragement, showcasing the unity and dedication of the ARMY. Fans shared their personal stories of how BTS’s music and message had touched their lives, highlighting the profound impact the group had made on a global scale.

The public’s reaction to the nomination also extended beyond BTS’s fanbase. Music enthusiasts, industry professionals, and media outlets alike took notice of the significance of BTS’s nomination for a major international music award. This recognition served as a testament to the growing influence and popularity of K-pop as a global phenomenon.

The public’s reaction was not limited to online spaces. Fans organized fan gatherings, watch parties, and events to celebrate the nomination, further emphasizing the remarkable dedication and passion of BTS’s fanbase.

Moreover, the music industry as a whole took note of the public’s reaction to BTS’s nomination. The attention garnered by the group helped to shine a spotlight on the growing impact of K-pop and the influence of international artists in the Western music scene.

Overall, the public’s reaction to BTS’s nomination for the American Music Awards was overwhelmingly positive and supportive. It demonstrated the global reach of BTS’s music and the deep connection they shared with their fans. The immense excitement and passion displayed by the public emphasized the significance of BTS’s presence in the music industry and their ability to transcend cultural and language barriers.

BTS’s nomination and the subsequent public reaction served as a catalyst for further recognition and opportunities for the group on the international stage. It solidified their position as groundbreaking artists and ambassadors of K-pop, fostering anticipation for their future endeavors and paving the way for more diverse and inclusive representation in the music industry.


BTS’s Potential Performance at American Music Awards 2017

When BTS was nominated for the American Music Awards in 2017, fans eagerly anticipated the possibility of a breathtaking performance from the dynamic South Korean group. With their electrifying stage presence and unmatched talent, BTS had already proven their ability to captivate audiences around the world.

Speculation and anticipation began swirling as fans wondered what BTS’s performance at the AMAs would entail. Would they showcase their powerful choreography, mesmerizing the audience with their synchronized movements? Or would they opt for a more intimate and emotional performance, highlighting their exceptional vocal abilities?

As the day of the award show drew closer, whispers and rumors circulated online about what BTS had in store for their AMAs performance. Their loyal fanbase, the ARMY, eagerly awaited any hints or teasers the group might drop on their social media platforms.

Finally, the moment arrived, and BTS took the stage at the American Music Awards. The group delivered a performance that exceeded all expectations. With their high-energy and dynamic rendition of their hit song “DNA,” BTS showcased their impeccable choreography and infectious charisma.

Their performance was a tour de force, captivating the audience and leaving viewers in awe. The synchronization of their dance moves, the powerful vocals, and the electrifying atmosphere created by the group sent shockwaves throughout the AMAs and the music industry as a whole.

BTS’s performance at the American Music Awards in 2017 was a defining moment for the group. It solidified their status as international superstars and proved their ability to deliver world-class performances on a prestigious stage. The energy and passion they exuded during their performance resonated with the audience and cemented their place as one of the most exciting acts in the music industry.

Moreover, their performance opened doors for future collaborations and opportunities with Western artists. The attention and acclaim they received following their AMAs performance helped to forge new connections and expand their global reach even further.

The potential of BTS’s performance at the American Music Awards in 2017 was realized, and their unforgettable showcase served as a testament to their talent, dedication, and the incredible impact they have had on the music industry. It was a moment that showcased the power of music to transcend borders and unite people from diverse backgrounds through a shared love of music and performance.



BTS’s involvement with the American Music Awards has been a remarkable journey filled with historic moments and milestones. From their debut performance in 2017 to their nominations and subsequent wins, BTS has solidified their place as global icons and trailblazers in the music industry.

Their previous recognition at the AMAs, both through nominations and victories, has showcased the immense impact BTS has had on a global scale. Breaking down barriers, their music has resonated with fans from different cultural backgrounds, creating a strong bond that transcends language and borders.

The public’s reaction to BTS’s involvement with the American Music Awards has been overwhelming, highlighting the unwavering support and dedication of their fanbase, the ARMY. Fans have eagerly anticipated and celebrated each milestone, showcasing their love and admiration for the group in a truly impressive manner.

As BTS continues to push boundaries, their potential for future involvement with the American Music Awards and other prestigious award shows remains high. The group’s talent, charisma, and consistent drive for musical excellence position them as prime candidates for future nominations and performances that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.

Furthermore, BTS’s journey to international recognition and their connection with the American Music Awards have served as a catalyst for the broader recognition of K-pop in the Western music industry. Their success has opened doors for other international artists, fostering a more diverse and inclusive representation of music on a global stage.

In conclusion, BTS’s involvement with the American Music Awards is a testament to their exceptional talent, relentless pursuit of excellence, and the dynamic relationship they share with their fans. Their journey has showcased the power of music to bridge cultural gaps, ignite passion, and redefine the global music landscape.

As BTS continues to make waves in the music industry, their participation in the American Music Awards and other prestigious events will undoubtedly captivate audiences, push boundaries, and inspire future generations of musicians. BTS’s impact has been profound, and their journey is far from over as they continue to captivate hearts and break records worldwide.

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