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What Happened To Call Her Daddy Podcast What Happened To Call Her Daddy Podcast


What Happened To Call Her Daddy Podcast

Written by: Gianina Gaither

Discover the latest updates on the Call Her Daddy podcast and get the inside scoop on what really happened. Uncover the truth behind the controversies surrounding this popular podcast.

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The world of podcasts has exploded in popularity in recent years, offering a platform for individuals to share their thoughts, stories, and expertise on a wide range of topics. One podcast that gained significant attention and a dedicated following is Call Her Daddy. Hosted by Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, this podcast became known for its candid discussions about relationships, sex, and personal experiences.

However, in the world of entertainment, success often comes with its fair share of drama. The Call Her Daddy podcast faced a significant controversy that led to a split between the hosts and a reevaluation of the podcast’s future. This turn of events left fans wondering what would happen next and how it would impact the careers of Cooper and Franklyn.

In this article, we will explore the rise of the Call Her Daddy podcast, the controversy that led to its split, the effects on the hosts’ careers, and the rebranding and future of the podcast. We’ll dive deep into the behind-the-scenes drama and the implications it had on the podcast industry as a whole.

So buckle up and get ready to uncover the story behind the rise and fall of the Call Her Daddy podcast, and the twists and turns that have kept fans and industry insiders on the edge of their seats.


Background of the Call Her Daddy Podcast

The Call Her Daddy podcast was launched in October 2018 by Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn. The two friends, who met while attending college, had a shared interest in discussing modern dating, relationships, and the complexities of the hookup culture. They saw a gap in the podcast market and believed they could offer a fresh perspective.

From the beginning, the podcast was characterized by its unfiltered and uncensored conversations. Cooper and Franklyn shared personal stories, offered advice, and engaged in humorous banter, creating a relatable and entertaining experience for their listeners. The explicit content and direct approach resonated with a young audience craving honest discussions about sex and relationships.

Word quickly spread about the Call Her Daddy podcast, and its popularity soared. The hosts built a dedicated fanbase of listeners who eagerly awaited each new episode. The podcast became a cultural phenomenon with its catchy catchphrases, memorable guest appearances, and controversial topics. The hosts’ blunt and humorous delivery created a sense of intimacy with listeners, making them feel like they were sharing secrets with close friends.

The success of Call Her Daddy attracted the attention of Barstool Sports, a popular sports and pop culture media company. In March 2019, the podcast signed an exclusive deal with Barstool Sports, which provided them with resources and a larger platform to reach a wider audience.

With Barstool Sports’ support, the Call Her Daddy podcast continued to grow exponentially. It consistently topped the podcast charts and generated millions of downloads per episode. Cooper and Franklyn were catapulted to stardom, with fans recognizing them on the streets and social media platforms.

However, the meteoric rise of Call Her Daddy came with its fair share of challenges and controversies. The podcast’s success story took an unexpected turn, leading to a bitter dispute between the hosts and their parent company, Barstool Sports.


Rise to Popularity

Call Her Daddy’s journey from a fledgling podcast to a cultural phenomenon was nothing short of remarkable. As Cooper and Franklyn continued to deliver their unique brand of unfiltered content, their popularity soared and their podcast became a must-listen for millions of people.

One of the key factors that contributed to the podcast’s rise was its ability to tap into a topic that many people were curious about but often hesitant to discuss openly – sex and relationships. Cooper and Franklyn fearlessly delved into the world of dating, hookups, and everything in between, offering a refreshing and honest perspective that resonated with listeners. Their willingness to share personal stories and experiences created a sense of authenticity, making listeners feel like they were part of an intimate conversation.

Additionally, the hosts’ chemistry and comedic timing played a significant role in the podcast’s popularity. Cooper and Franklyn’s banter and playful dynamic made for entertaining and engaging episodes. Their candid and often outrageous discussions generated buzz and kept listeners coming back for more.

Word-of-mouth was also instrumental in Call Her Daddy’s rise to popularity. Fans enthusiastically shared their favorite episodes with friends, family, and social media followers. Memorable catchphrases and hilarious anecdotes became viral sensations, further increasing the podcast’s visibility and attracting new listeners.

The partnership with Barstool Sports was another critical factor in the podcast’s success. Barstool Sports provided the necessary resources and marketing power to reach a broader audience. The company’s loyal fanbase, along with its reputation as a trusted media outlet, helped Call Her Daddy gain credibility and attract new listeners.

As the podcast gained momentum, the hosts also started bringing in high-profile guests, including celebrities, influencers, and experts in various fields. These guest appearances not only added credibility to the podcast but also expanded its reach and appeal to different demographics. Listeners were eager to hear their favorite celebrities engage in the same candid conversations they had come to love from Cooper and Franklyn.

The rise of social media also played a vital role in the podcast’s popularity. Cooper and Franklyn actively engaged with their fans on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, sharing behind-the-scenes moments, responding to comments, and even incorporating fan suggestions into their episodes. This interaction created a sense of community and made listeners feel like they were part of the Call Her Daddy family.

Overall, it was a combination of relatable content, charismatic hosts, strategic partnerships, word-of-mouth promotion, and active engagement on social media that propelled Call Her Daddy to its peak of popularity. The podcast became a cultural phenomenon, demonstrating the power of authenticity and honest conversation in the world of podcasts.


Controversy and Split

Despite the tremendous success of the Call Her Daddy podcast, controversy soon began to brew behind the scenes. In April 2020, rumors of a dispute between Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn started circulating, leaving fans confused and concerned about the future of their favorite show.

The main point of contention centered around the podcast’s contract negotiations with Barstool Sports. Cooper and Franklyn had entered into a three-year exclusive agreement with the company, but tensions arose when it came time to renegotiate the terms. The hosts sought more control over the show’s intellectual property, as well as a higher percentage of the podcast’s revenue.

The negotiation process quickly became complicated, with both sides expressing different viewpoints and desires. The hosts’ demands reportedly led to a stalemate, leaving fans uncertain about the future of Call Her Daddy.

As the dispute dragged on, fans took to social media to voice their opinions and show support for either Cooper or Franklyn. Hashtags like #TeamAlex and #TeamSofia started trending, further fueling the drama surrounding the podcast.

In May 2020, the situation reached a breaking point. It was revealed that while negotiations were ongoing, Sofia Franklyn had been in talks with another company, potentially considering a partnership without Alexandra Cooper. This revelation shocked listeners and made headlines in the podcasting community.

Ultimately, the tensions proved irreconcilable, and Cooper and Franklyn went their separate ways. The split was announced in a public statement, with each host expressing their own perspectives on the matter. Cooper continued to host Call Her Daddy, while Franklyn pursued other opportunities.

The controversy and split of Call Her Daddy created a divide among fans. Some loyal listeners remained devoted to Cooper and continued to support the podcast, while others felt a sense of betrayal and sided with Franklyn. The fallout from the public clash extended beyond the hosts themselves, sparking discussions about the influence of contracts and creative control within the podcasting industry.

Despite the controversy, one thing was certain – the Call Her Daddy podcast would never be the same. The split marked the end of an era for the show and left fans wondering what the future would hold for both Cooper and Franklyn.


Impact on the Hosts’ Careers

The controversy and split of the Call Her Daddy podcast had a significant impact on the careers of both Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn. The fallout from the public dispute sent shockwaves through the industry and the podcasting community, leading to a reshuffling of opportunities for both hosts.

For Alexandra Cooper, the fallout from the controversy presented both challenges and opportunities. She continued hosting Call Her Daddy under the Barstool Sports banner and managed to retain a large portion of the show’s fanbase. Cooper’s solo hosting endeavors showcased her ability to steer the ship and keep the podcast’s momentum going. The drama surrounding the split also raised her profile, attracting new listeners and generating media attention.

Capitalizing on her newfound recognition and success, Cooper expanded her career beyond just hosting a podcast. She signed a multi-platform deal with Spotify, launching a new show called “Sofia with an F” alongside Call Her Daddy. This venture allowed her to explore new topics and reach a wider audience.

On the other hand, the split had a different impact on Sofia Franklyn’s career trajectory. With the controversy surrounding her involvement in negotiations with another company while still under contract with Barstool Sports, some fans turned against her. Nevertheless, Franklyn did not let this setback define her career.

After parting ways with Cooper and Barstool Sports, Sofia Franklyn took a break from podcasting and focused on rebuilding her brand. She reentered the podcasting scene with her own show, “Sofia with an F”, where she offered a fresh perspective on topics close to her heart. Franklyn also began to explore other creative opportunities, expanding her presence on social media and exploring guest appearances on various platforms.

Both hosts experienced a massive shift in their careers following the Call Her Daddy controversy. They had to navigate new paths and redefine their individual identities outside of the podcast. The controversy served as a learning experience, showing them the importance of having creative control and ownership over their content.

In terms of their personal brand, the split allowed Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn to differentiate themselves from each other and forge their own identities. While their fans may have been divided at first, the split provided an opportunity for listeners to choose whose content resonated with them the most, resulting in a more diverse and varied podcasting landscape.

Ultimately, the Call Her Daddy controversy brought both challenges and opportunities for Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn. It reshaped their careers, pushing them to explore new ventures, assert creative control, and ultimately find their own success outside of the shared platform they once had.


Rebranding and Future of the Podcast

Following the split between Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, the Call Her Daddy podcast underwent a significant rebranding effort. Cooper, who retained ownership and control of the show, sought to maintain the podcast’s success while infusing it with her own unique vision.

Under Cooper’s leadership, Call Her Daddy underwent a subtle transformation. The podcast continued to delve into topics of sex, relationships, and personal experiences, but with a renewed focus on female empowerment, self-growth, and navigating the complexities of modern dating.

With a new creative direction, Cooper aimed to attract both the devoted Call Her Daddy fanbase and new listeners who could relate to and benefit from the podcast’s candid discussions. The show’s content continued to be unabashedly honest, tackling taboo subjects and offering unfiltered advice – but with a greater emphasis on self-empowerment and personal development.

Additionally, Cooper leveraged her multi-platform deal with Spotify to expand the podcast’s reach and provide exclusive content to subscribers. By using the resources and promotional power of Spotify, Cooper aimed to solidify Call Her Daddy’s position as a leading podcast in the genre.

As for the future of the podcast, Call Her Daddy remains an influential and noteworthy show in the podcasting landscape. Under Alexandra Cooper’s leadership, the show has the potential to evolve and adapt to changing trends and audience interests.

Cooper may continue to explore collaborations with high-profile guests, building on the show’s tradition of engaging conversations with people from various backgrounds and industries. This can attract new listeners and offer fresh perspectives on relationships, sex, and personal growth.

One thing is certain – the controversy and split brought a new level of attention to the Call Her Daddy podcast. It forced listeners to take notice and sparked conversations about creative control and ownership in the podcasting industry. The rebranding of the podcast and the continued success of Call Her Daddy demonstrate that even in the face of challenges, a well-executed rebrand can breathe new life into a show and help it evolve.

Ultimately, the future of Call Her Daddy lies in the hands of Alexandra Cooper as she continues to navigate the podcasting landscape, adapt to audience demands, and leverage her platform to create engaging and thought-provoking content for her dedicated fanbase.



The story of the Call Her Daddy podcast is one that exemplifies the highs and lows of the podcasting world. From its humble beginnings to becoming a cultural phenomenon, the show’s success captured the attention of millions of listeners and catapulted its hosts, Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, into the spotlight.

However, with fame came controversy and a bitter split between the hosts. The fallout from the dispute showcased the complexities of contract negotiations and creative control in the podcasting industry. It also provided an opportunity for both Cooper and Franklyn to redefine their careers and forge their own paths in the podcasting landscape.

Under Cooper’s leadership, Call Her Daddy underwent a rebranding effort, while Franklyn pursued new opportunities. Both hosts experienced a shift in their careers, ultimately finding success in their own right.

The future of Call Her Daddy remains promising. The rebranded podcast, with its focus on female empowerment and self-growth, continues to resonate with listeners. Alexandra Cooper’s multi-platform deal with Spotify provides an avenue for exclusive content and increased visibility.

The controversy surrounding Call Her Daddy serves as a reminder of the power of authenticity in the podcasting world. The podcast’s rise and fall captured the attention of millions, sparking discussions about creativity, ownership, and the importance of having a voice in the content we create.

As the podcasting industry continues to evolve, Call Her Daddy stands as a testament to the impact and influence that podcasts can have. It highlights the ability to connect with audiences on a deep and personal level, providing a space for candid conversations and unfiltered discussions that were once considered taboo.

Whether you supported Team Alex or Team Sofia, the Call Her Daddy podcast will forever be a part of podcasting history. Its legacy is a testament to the power of engaging storytelling and the enduring impact of hosts willing to share their most intimate thoughts and experiences.

So, as we reflect on the rise and evolution of Call Her Daddy, let us remember that the podcasting world is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape. And while hosts may come and go, the stories told and the connections made through podcasts will continue to captivate and inspire listeners around the world.

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