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Who Was At Newport Folk Festival 2022 Who Was At Newport Folk Festival 2022


Who Was At Newport Folk Festival 2022

Written by: Noelle Quackenbush

Discover the lineup of Folk artists at Newport Folk Festival 2022, featuring renowned performers and emerging talent. Immerse yourself in the iconic atmosphere of this legendary event.

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Welcome to the incredible world of Newport Folk Festival 2022! This iconic annual event attracts Folk music enthusiasts, artists, and industry professionals from all over the globe. With its rich tradition and history dating back to 1959, Newport Folk Festival has become a cherished gathering that celebrates the power of Folk music to connect people and tell heartfelt stories.

Now in its 63rd year, Newport Folk Festival continues to captivate audiences with its diverse lineup of talented artists, inspiring performances, and unique collaborations. From established legends to up-and-coming musicians, the festival showcases a wide range of Folk genres, from traditional Appalachian ballads to contemporary Americana and beyond.

Set against the scenic backdrop of Fort Adams State Park in Newport, Rhode Island, the festival creates an immersive and intimate experience for attendees. With multiple stages, interactive workshops, and thought-provoking panels, Newport Folk Festival goes beyond just live performances. It cultivates an inclusive community of music lovers who can connect with each other and connect with the essence of Folk music.

This year’s lineup promises to be nothing short of extraordinary. With a mix of beloved headliners, emerging artists, and special performances, Newport Folk Festival 2022 is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who attend. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the Folk music scene, there’s something for everyone at this remarkable festival.

So, get ready to immerse yourself in a weekend filled with soul-stirring melodies, powerful lyrics, and the sheer joy of being part of a musical community that celebrates passion, diversity, and the timeless beauty of Folk music. In the following sections, we’ll explore the headliners, main stage performances, collaborative sets, emerging artists, special performances, tribute performances, workshops, panels, and some of the festival highlights that make Newport Folk Festival 2022 a truly unforgettable experience. Let’s dive in!



Newport Folk Festival 2022 boasts an impressive lineup of headliners who are revered for their contributions to the Folk music genre. These acclaimed artists are sure to deliver unforgettable performances that will resonate with attendees for years to come.

One of the highly anticipated headliners at this year’s festival is the legendary singer-songwriter, Joan Baez. Renowned for her powerful vocals, poignant songwriting, and unwavering activism, Baez has been a prominent figure in the Folk music scene since the 1960s. Her timeless classics such as “Diamonds & Rust” and “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” continue to inspire generations of musicians and fans alike.

Another headlining act is the extraordinary duo, The Milk Carton Kids. Known for their impeccable harmonies and lyricism, Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan are a force to be reckoned with. Their introspective and beautifully crafted songs, such as “Michigan” and “Snake Eyes,” resonate deeply with listeners and showcase their immense talent as storytellers.

Joining them on the list of headliners is the critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, Brandi Carlile. Her raw and emotive performances, coupled with her soul-piercing vocals, have garnered her a dedicated fanbase. With hits like “The Joke” and “The Story,” Carlile’s music combines elements of Folk, Americana, and rock, creating a sound that is both captivating and powerful.

In addition to these stellar headliners, Newport Folk Festival 2022 also welcomes Grammy-award winning artist, Jason Isbell, whose introspective lyrics and skilled guitar-playing have earned him a rightful place among the Folk music greats. Songs like “Cover Me Up” and “24 Frames” showcase Isbell’s ability to evoke profound emotions with his gritty storytelling.

Rounding out the headliner lineup is the ever-innovative and genre-blending artist, St. Vincent. With her electrifying stage presence and unique blend of rock, pop, and experimental soundscapes, St. Vincent pushes the boundaries of Folk music and captivates audiences with her forward-thinking approach. Her songs “Digital Witness” and “Los Ageless” are testaments to her artistic vision and evolution.

These headlining acts are just a taste of the incredible talent that awaits at Newport Folk Festival 2022. Each artist brings their own distinct style and musical prowess, ensuring a weekend of unforgettable performances that showcase the diversity and depth of the Folk music genre. Whether you’re a longtime fan or discovering these artists for the first time, prepare to be moved and inspired by their incredible artistry.


Main Stage Performances

The main stage at Newport Folk Festival 2022 is where the magic happens. It is the epicenter of the festival, where both the established legends and emerging artists take the spotlight to deliver awe-inspiring performances that leave a lasting impact on the audience.

One of the highly anticipated main stage performances is by the renowned folk-rock band, The Avett Brothers. Known for their high-energy performances and heartfelt songwriting, The Avett Brothers have built a dedicated fanbase over the years. Their infectious tracks such as “I and Love and You” and “Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise” are sure to get the crowd on their feet and singing along.

Another main stage highlight is the soulful and poetic duo, The Secret Sisters. Their ethereal harmonies and haunting melodies create an enchanting atmosphere that captivates audiences. Their captivating performances of songs like “Tennessee River Runs Low” and “You Don’t Own Me Anymore” showcase their exceptional vocal talent and emotional depth.

In addition, Newport Folk Festival 2022 welcomes acclaimed singer-songwriter, John Prine, who has been a cornerstone of the Folk music community for decades. Prine’s evocative storytelling and folk-country sound have touched the hearts of many. Songs like “Angel from Montgomery” and “In Spite of Ourselves” have become beloved classics that resonate with listeners of all ages.

For those seeking a transformative musical experience, the main stage is where you’ll find the mesmerizing performances of Rhiannon Giddens. A masterful singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Giddens seamlessly weaves together elements of traditional Folk, blues, and gospel to create a sound that is uniquely her own. Her performances of songs like “Come Love, Come” and “Freedom Highway” are a testament to her incredible range and musical prowess.

Finally, don’t miss the main stage performance by the dynamic duo, Indigo Girls. With their poetic lyrics and beautiful harmonies, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers have become icons in the Folk music scene. Hits like “Closer to Fine” and “Power of Two” have cemented their status as Folk music legends, and their captivating live performances are not to be missed.

These main stage performances are just a glimpse into the remarkable lineup that awaits at Newport Folk Festival 2022. The main stage serves as a platform for artists to showcase their talent, connect with their audience, and create unforgettable musical moments. Get ready to be swept away by the powerful melodies and heartfelt lyrics that will fill the air during these extraordinary performances.


Collaborative Sets

One of the most exciting aspects of Newport Folk Festival 2022 is the collaborative sets, where artists come together to create unique and unforgettable musical moments. These collaborative performances allow for artistic exploration, unexpected pairings, and the creation of something truly special.

One highly anticipated collaborative set is the reunion of folk icons, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. Known for their close-knit harmonies and masterful guitar playing, Welch and Rawlings have a musical chemistry that is unparalleled. Their collaboration promises to be a highlight of the festival, as they bring their timeless songs and intimate connection to the stage.

Another eagerly awaited collaboration is between folk singer-songwriter Iron & Wine and the talented folk duo, The Wild Reeds. This dynamic and unexpected pairing brings together Iron & Wine’s introspective and poetic sound with the harmonies and infectious energy of The Wild Reeds. Their set is sure to be a beautiful blend of artistry and musical exploration.

In addition, Newport Folk Festival 2022 features a collaboration between Americana artist Courtney Marie Andrews and renowned folk singer-songwriter Dar Williams. With their distinct styles and powerful storytelling, these two artists will create a captivating performance that showcases the depth and beauty of folk music.

A special collaborative set worth mentioning is the combination of indie-folk band Lord Huron and folk singer and actress, Rumer Willis. This unique pairing promises a fusion of haunting melodies and emotive vocals, creating a one-of-a-kind musical experience that pushes the boundaries of the Folk genre.

These collaborative sets not only highlight the incredible talents of the individual artists but also showcase the power of collaboration and the magic that can be created when artists come together. These performances embody the spirit of Newport Folk Festival, where artistic boundaries are pushed, and new connections are forged.

Be sure to catch these collaborative sets at Newport Folk Festival 2022 for a truly unforgettable experience. Prepare to witness the magic that happens when artists join forces and create something that is greater than the sum of its parts. These performances will leave a lasting impression and remind us of the transformative power of music.


Emerging Artists

Newport Folk Festival 2022 is not only a platform for established legends and renowned performers, but also a place to discover and celebrate the talents of emerging artists. These rising stars bring fresh perspectives, innovative sounds, and captivating performances to the stage, making the festival a hub for new and exciting voices in the Folk music community.

One of the highly anticipated emerging artists at this year’s festival is Joy Oladokun. With her soulful voice and heartfelt songwriting, Oladokun has been making waves in the music industry. Her introspective tracks like “Breathe Again” and “If You Got a Problem” tackle themes of identity and self-acceptance, resonating deeply with listeners.

Another rising star to watch out for is singer-songwriter Sierra Ferrell. Known for her old-fashioned country sound infused with elements of blues and folk, Ferrell brings a refreshing and authentic take on traditional genres. Her raw and emotive voice, showcased in songs like “In Dreams” and “Jeremiah,” captivates audiences and transports them to a different era.

In addition, Newport Folk Festival 2022 welcomes the mesmerizing folk duo, The Weather Station. Led by the ethereal vocals and poetic lyricism of Tamara Lindeman, The Weather Station offers a fresh and introspective take on folk music. Songs like “Robber” and “Thirty” showcase their ability to craft beautiful narratives and create a transcendent musical experience.

Another emerging artist to look out for is the talented singer-songwriter, Robert Finley. With his soulful voice and bluesy sound, Finley brings an electrifying energy to the stage. His captivating performances of songs like “Medicine Woman” and “Get It While You Can” have garnered him attention, and his talent is sure to shine at Newport Folk Festival 2022.

These emerging artists represent the future of Folk music and demonstrate the incredible talent and innovation that is blossoming in the genre. Their unique voices and fresh perspectives bring a new energy to the festival and inspire audiences to discover the next generation of Folk musicians.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness the rise of these extraordinary talents at Newport Folk Festival 2022. Keep an eye on these emerging artists as they make their mark on the Folk music scene and establish themselves as forces to be reckoned with.


Special Performances

At Newport Folk Festival 2022, attendees can expect a lineup of special performances that go beyond the traditional stage setup and offer unique musical experiences. These performances are designed to push boundaries, experiment with new sounds, and create unforgettable moments that defy expectations.

One of the highly anticipated special performances is a stripped-down acoustic set by the iconic folk duo, Indigo Girls. Known for their soaring harmonies and emotionally resonant lyrics, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers will take the stage in an intimate and unplugged setting. This special performance allows fans to experience their beloved classics in a fresh and intimate way.

Another special performance to look out for is a collaborative project between folk-rock band Dawes and acclaimed singer-songwriter Margo Price. This unique collaboration brings together the captivating storytelling of Dawes and the raw, unapologetic honesty of Margo Price. Their performance promises to be a seamless blend of their individual styles and a celebration of the power of collaboration.

In addition, Newport Folk Festival 2022 features an extraordinary performance by folk music veteran, Judy Collins, in collaboration with a chamber orchestra. This special orchestral arrangement adds a new dimension to Collins’ timeless songs and showcases her music in a grand and majestic way. It is a not-to-be-missed experience that highlights the versatility and beauty of Folk music.

Furthermore, the festival presents a special performance by world-renowned musician and composer, Anoushka Shankar. Known for her mastery of the sitar, Shankar’s performance at Newport Folk Festival 2022 is a captivating exploration of world music and the intersection of traditional and contemporary sounds. Her mesmerizing compositions and virtuosic playing will transport audiences to new musical frontiers.

These special performances offer a glimpse into the innovative and boundary-pushing nature of Newport Folk Festival. They showcase the festival’s commitment to providing unique and memorable experiences that challenge the conventions of Folk music and ignite the imagination of audiences.

Make sure to mark your calendars for these special performances at Newport Folk Festival 2022. Get ready to be enthralled by the stunning talent, creativity, and musicality of these artists as they push the boundaries of what Folk music can be and create performances that will leave a lasting impact.


Tribute Performances

Newport Folk Festival 2022 pays homage to the rich history and influential figures of Folk music through a series of heartfelt tribute performances. These performances serve as a celebration of the artists who have paved the way and left an indelible mark on the genre, ensuring that their musical legacies continue to resonate with audiences.

One of the highly anticipated tribute performances is a heartfelt homage to the legendary singer-songwriter, Joni Mitchell. Mitchell’s poetic songwriting and genre-defying approach have made her a true icon in the Folk music world. This tribute performance brings together a diverse group of artists to reinterpret Mitchell’s timeless songs, paying homage to her unparalleled talent and influence.

In addition, Newport Folk Festival 2022 features a tribute to the incomparable Bob Dylan. As one of the most influential figures in Folk music history, Dylan’s impact on the genre cannot be overstated. This tribute performance brings together a lineup of artists who have been inspired by Dylan’s music, creating a collective celebration of his legacy and showcasing the sheer breadth of his influence.

Furthermore, the festival presents a special tribute to the iconic folk trio, Peter, Paul and Mary. Known for their political activism and powerful three-part harmonies, Peter Yarrow, Paul Stookey, and the late Mary Travers played a pivotal role in the folk music revival of the 1960s. This tribute performance brings together artists who have been influenced by their music, ensuring that their legacy lives on and continues to inspire future generations.

Moreover, Newport Folk Festival 2022 showcases a tribute to the influential folk musician, Pete Seeger. Seeger’s commitment to social justice and his ability to use music as a tool for change have made him an enduring figure in the folk music community. The tribute performance pays tribute to Seeger’s enduring spirit and musical legacy, demonstrating the profound impact he had on the genre and the world.

These tribute performances at Newport Folk Festival 2022 serve as a reminder of the power of music to inspire, provoke, and bring people together. Through these heartfelt and skillfully crafted tributes, the festival honors the influential artists who have shaped the Folk music landscape and continues to celebrate their contributions to the genre.

Be sure to witness these poignant and heartfelt tribute performances at Newport Folk Festival 2022. Join in the celebration of the artists who have left an indelible mark on the Folk music community and experience the enduring power of their music as it resonates with audiences old and new.


Workshops and Panels

As a hub for the Folk music community, Newport Folk Festival 2022 goes beyond just live performances and offers a diverse range of workshops and panels. These interactive sessions provide an opportunity for attendees to engage with musicians, industry professionals, and fellow enthusiasts, allowing for meaningful discussions, educational experiences, and a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Folk music genre.

One of the highlights of the workshops and panels is the “Songwriting Secrets” workshop, led by acclaimed singer-songwriter Patty Griffin. In this session, Griffin shares her insights on the art of songwriting, discussing her creative process, inspiration, and techniques. It’s a rare opportunity for aspiring songwriters and music lovers to gain valuable insights from a seasoned artist.

Another engaging session is the panel on “Folk Music and Social Justice,” featuring prominent musicians and activists. This panel delves into the longstanding connection between Folk music and social movements, exploring the role music has played in advocating for change and uniting communities. Attendees will gain a greater understanding of how music has been a catalyst for social justice throughout history.

In addition, Newport Folk Festival 2022 offers a workshop on “Folk Traditions Around the World,” led by ethnomusicologist Sarah Johnson. In this session, Johnson explores the diversity and cultural richness of Folk music across different regions and traditions. Through demonstrations and discussions, attendees will get a glimpse into the incredible variety of Folk music and its significance in different cultures.

Furthermore, the festival presents a panel on “The Evolution of Folk Music in the Digital Age,” featuring industry experts and musicians. This panel examines the changing landscape of Folk music in the digital era, discussing topics such as streaming platforms, social media, and the impact of technology on the accessibility and promotion of Folk music. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that arise in the modern music industry.

These workshops and panels provide a unique opportunity for festival-goers to not only enjoy the performances but also engage in meaningful conversations and expand their knowledge and understanding of Folk music. They foster a sense of community and create space for dialogue, exploration, and connection.

Make sure to take advantage of these engaging workshops and panels at Newport Folk Festival 2022. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of discussions, performances, and educational experiences that will deepen your appreciation for the Folk music genre and its impact on society.


Festival Highlights

Newport Folk Festival 2022 is packed with exciting events, unique performances, and memorable moments that make it a standout festival experience. Here are some of the festival highlights that attendees can look forward to:

1. Surprise Collaborations: One of the most thrilling aspects of Newport Folk Festival is the surprise collaborations that often take place. Artists from different genres and backgrounds come together on stage to create special moments of musical magic, merging their talents and creating unique renditions of beloved songs. These collaborations can range from impromptu jam sessions to planned duets, creating unexpected and unforgettable experiences for the audience.

2. Intimate Workshop Sessions: Newport Folk Festival offers intimate workshop sessions where artists share their musical expertise and engage in interactive discussions with the audience. These sessions provide a rare opportunity to get up-close and personal with renowned musicians, learn about their creative processes, and ask questions. Whether it’s a songwriting workshop, instrument demonstration, or storytelling session, these workshop sessions offer a unique and educational experience for festival-goers.

3. Newport Harbor Boat Jam: One of the unique highlights of Newport Folk Festival is the Newport Harbor Boat Jam. This special event takes place aboard a chartered boat, where musicians perform in an intimate setting against the picturesque backdrop of Newport Harbor. Attendees can enjoy breathtaking views, close proximity to the artists, and a one-of-a-kind musical experience as they cruise along the harbor while being serenaded by talented musicians.

4. Late-Night Campfire Sessions: After the main stage performances end, the festival continues with late-night campfire sessions. These intimate gatherings bring together musicians and festival-goers where they sing, share stories, and create a sense of community around a cozy campfire atmosphere. These late-night sessions often feature impromptu collaborations, hidden talent showcases, and surprise appearances, offering a chance to connect with both established and emerging artists in a relaxed and intimate setting.

5. Newport Folk Presents: In addition to the festival itself, Newport Folk Festival also hosts a series of curated events throughout the year, known as Newport Folk Presents. These events feature performances by artists who have graced the Newport Folk Festival stage, offering an opportunity to experience the essence of the festival year-round. From intimate club shows to special concert events, Newport Folk Presents showcases the depth and breadth of the Folk music genre and keeps the spirit of Newport Folk Festival alive throughout the year.

These festival highlights are just a taste of what awaits attendees at Newport Folk Festival 2022. With its eclectic lineup, interactive workshops, unique performances, and vibrant community, the festival promises to be an immersive and unforgettable experience for all who attend. From the main stage performances to the hidden gems found in late-night sessions, Newport Folk Festival offers something special for every Folk music enthusiast.



Newport Folk Festival 2022 is set to deliver an incredible weekend of music, community, and memorable experiences. With its diverse lineup of headliners, captivating main stage performances, inspiring collaborative sets, showcasing of emerging artists, heartfelt tribute performances, engaging workshops and panels, and unique festival highlights, Newport Folk Festival is a must-attend event for Folk music enthusiasts.

From the moment attendees step onto the festival grounds, they are immersed in a world of soul-stirring melodies, powerful lyrics, and a sense of belonging to a vibrant and passionate community. The festival not only celebrates the rich history and diverse range of Folk music but also showcases its enduring power to connect people, tell stories, and inspire change.

Whether you are a long-time fan of Folk music or new to the genre, Newport Folk Festival 2022 offers something for everyone. It is a space where established legends and emerging artists share the stage, where surprise collaborations create magical moments, and where workshops and panels provide educational and thought-provoking experiences.

Through the festival’s intimate and immersive performances, attendees have the opportunity to witness the transformative power of music, connect with like-minded individuals, and discover the next generation of Folk music icons. Whether it’s the acoustic sets, the harmonies that give you goosebumps, or the experimental sounds that push the boundaries of the genre, Newport Folk Festival 2022 promises to leave a lasting impact on all who attend.

As the sun sets over Fort Adams State Park and the music fills the air, the sense of unity, joy, and connection is palpable. Newport Folk Festival is not just a music festival; it is a celebration of the human experience and the power of art to bring people together.

So, mark your calendars, pack your enthusiasm, and get ready for an unforgettable weekend filled with exceptional performances, thought-provoking discussions, and a sense of camaraderie that can only be found at Newport Folk Festival 2022. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Folk music, embrace the magic of collaboration, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Get ready to be moved, inspired, and transformed at Newport Folk Festival 2022. See you there!

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