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When Is Hip Hop Awards 2016 When Is Hip Hop Awards 2016

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When Is Hip Hop Awards 2016

Written by: Karla Linares

Discover the date and time of the highly anticipated Hip Hop Awards 2016. Don't miss out on this star-studded event celebrating the best in Hip Hop.

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Welcome to the world of hip hop, where rhythm, lyrics, and culture intertwine to create a powerful and influential genre of music. Hip hop has been a force to be reckoned with since its inception in the 1970s, and it continues to evolve and captivate audiences around the globe. One of the most anticipated events in the hip hop industry is the annual Hip Hop Awards, an extravaganza that showcases the best talents in the genre.

The Hip Hop Awards, first launched in 2006, have become a platform to celebrate the achievements of artists, producers, and other key players in the hip hop community. Each year, the event attracts a star-studded lineup of performers, hosts, and nominees, providing fans with an unforgettable night filled with electrifying performances, thought-provoking acceptance speeches, and, of course, a fair share of surprises and controversies.

The Hip Hop Awards are not only a celebration of music, but also a reflection of the culture and the impact it has on society. From the rise of influential figures like Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. to the emergence of modern-day pioneers like Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar, hip hop has undoubtedly made its mark on the world.

As we delve into the details of the Hip Hop Awards 2016, we’ll explore the hosts, performers, nomination categories, winners, controversies, and memorable moments that made this event one for the books. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to relive the excitement and energy of this incredible night in hip hop history.


Background of Hip Hop Awards

The Hip Hop Awards have grown to become one of the most prestigious events in the hip hop industry, recognizing and honoring the contributions of artists, producers, and other influential figures in the genre. Launched in 2006, the awards show was created by BET (Black Entertainment Television) to showcase the best of hip hop and celebrate its cultural significance.

With a focus on honoring both established and emerging talents, the Hip Hop Awards provide a platform for artists to showcase their skills and gain recognition within the industry. The awards cover various categories, including Best Hip Hop Artist, Best Album, Best New Artist, and Best Collaboration, among others.

Over the years, the Hip Hop Awards have evolved to become more than just an awards show. It has become a celebration and gathering of the hip hop community, bringing together artists, producers, executives, and fans from all over the world. The event not only acknowledges the achievements of artists but also serves as a platform for artists to come together, collaborate, and inspire one another.

While the Hip Hop Awards have become an annual tradition, it is important to note that they are more than just an entertainment spectacle. The awards show aims to promote and preserve the essence of hip hop as a cultural movement. It celebrates the diversity, creativity, and influence of the genre, highlighting its ability to inspire and empower individuals from all walks of life.

Throughout the years, the Hip Hop Awards have featured iconic performances, poignant acceptance speeches, and powerful tributes. It has become a must-see event for hip hop enthusiasts, providing an opportunity to witness the evolution of the genre and its impact on popular culture.

As we delve deeper into the history of the Hip Hop Awards, we will uncover the memorable moments, controversies, and significant milestones that have shaped this iconic event. From its humble beginnings to its current status as a cultural phenomenon, the Hip Hop Awards continue to be a testament to the enduring power and influence of hip hop.


Previous Hip Hop Awards

Throughout its history, the Hip Hop Awards have showcased remarkable talents and celebrated the best of the hip hop industry. Each year, the awards show brings together a mix of established and up-and-coming artists, creating a platform for recognition and appreciation.

In the early years of the Hip Hop Awards, artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Eminem dominated the scene, showcasing their lyrical prowess and captivating performances. These artists not only solidified their own legacies but also set the bar high for future generations of hip hop artists.

One of the standout moments in the early years of the awards show was in 2008 when T.I. won the Best Hip Hop Artist award. This win came at a time when T.I. was at the peak of his career, and it solidified his status as one of the industry’s leading artists. His performance during the show was nothing short of electrifying, thrilling the audience with his energy and stage presence.

In 2011, the Hip Hop Awards celebrated the talent and impact of Nicki Minaj, who became the first female artist to win Best Hip Hop Artist. Known for her unique style and unapologetic lyrics, Nicki Minaj’s win was a historic moment for women in hip hop. Her performance at the awards show was a spectacle, showcasing her versatility and charisma as an artist.

As the years progressed, the Hip Hop Awards continued to evolve, reflecting the changing landscape of the genre. In 2015, Drake dominated the awards, winning a record-breaking number of accolades, including Album of the Year and Best Hip Hop Video. His presence at the awards show was unmatched, captivating the audience with a memorable performance.

Fast forward to 2019, the Hip Hop Awards saw the rise of artists like Megan Thee Stallion, who took the industry by storm with her chart-topping hits and unapologetic style. Her win for Best Mixtape and Impact Track of the Year cemented her position as one of the hottest new talents in hip hop.

Throughout the years, the Hip Hop Awards have provided a platform for collaborations and powerful performances. Iconic moments like Kendrick Lamar’s powerful medley in 2013 and the heartfelt tribute to Nipsey Hussle in 2019 have left a lasting impact on the audience and the industry as a whole.

These previous Hip Hop Awards serve as a testament to the talent and influence of the artists in the genre. Each year, the awards show continues to push boundaries and showcase the best of what hip hop has to offer, ensuring that it remains a pivotal event in the industry’s calendar.


Hosts and Performers

The Hip Hop Awards have always been known for their star-studded lineup of hosts and performers. From seasoned industry veterans to rising stars, these individuals bring their unique styles and talents to the stage, making the awards show a truly memorable experience.

Over the years, the hosting duties for the Hip Hop Awards have been entrusted to some of the biggest names in entertainment. Personalities like Snoop Dogg, Chris Rock, and Kevin Hart have taken on the role of host, infusing the show with their comedic flair and engaging the audience with their witty banter.

One of the most notable hosting moments was in 2016 when DJ Khaled took the stage as the host of the Hip Hop Awards. Known for his energetic presence and catchphrases, DJ Khaled brought his larger-than-life personality to the show, keeping the audience entertained throughout the night.

The performances at the Hip Hop Awards are often the highlight of the show, showcasing the incredible talent and creativity within the genre. From high-energy live sets to thought-provoking collaborations, these performances leave a lasting impact on the audience.

Artists like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Cardi B have graced the Hip Hop Awards stage with electrifying performances, leaving the crowd in awe of their skills and stage presence. These performances often incorporate intricate choreography, stunning visuals, and live instrumentation, elevating the show to new heights.

Collaborations between artists are a common sight at the Hip Hop Awards. These unique performances bring together an eclectic mix of talent, resulting in unforgettable moments. From unexpected duets to all-star group performances, these collaborations push the boundaries of creativity and showcase the versatility of hip hop.

In 2018, a standout performance at the awards show was the tribute to Queen Latifah. Esteemed artists like Lil Kim, MC Lyte, and Remy Ma came together to honor the trailblazing rapper and actress, delivering a powerful and nostalgic performance that paid homage to her impact on the industry.

Each year, the Hip Hop Awards also provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talents. The show features a segment called the “Hip Hop Cypher,” where artists engage in freestyle rap battles and showcase their lyrical skills. This segment has become a fan-favorite, allowing viewers to discover new and exciting talents.

In summary, the hosts and performers at the Hip Hop Awards bring their unique personalities, talents, and energy to the stage, creating an unforgettable night for hip hop enthusiasts. Their performances and collaborations continue to push the boundaries of the genre, showcasing the diverse range of talent within the hip hop community.


Nomination Categories

The Hip Hop Awards celebrate excellence and innovation within the hip hop genre by recognizing outstanding achievements in various categories. These categories span across different aspects of hip hop, ranging from music and production to fashion and social impact. Here are some of the nomination categories typically featured at the Hip Hop Awards:

  1. Best Hip Hop Artist: This category acknowledges the artist who has made a significant impact in the hip hop industry throughout the year. It recognizes their lyrical skills, creativity, and overall contribution to the genre.
  2. Best New Artist: This category highlights emerging talents who have gained recognition and made a notable impact in the hip hop scene. It celebrates their potential, originality, and ability to push boundaries.
  3. Best Album: This category recognizes the best hip hop album released during the eligibility period. It considers factors such as production quality, lyrical content, and overall artistry.
  4. Best Collaboration: This category celebrates the most exceptional collaborative efforts among artists. It recognizes the success and impact of joint projects, acknowledging the chemistry and creativity displayed in these collaborations.
  5. Best Producer: This category honors the producer who has made a significant contribution to the sound of hip hop through their production skills and ability to create innovative beats and instrumentals.
  6. Best Hip Hop Video: This category acknowledges the creativity and visual storytelling displayed in hip hop music videos. It celebrates the production value, cinematography, and overall visual impact of these videos.
  7. Best Live Performer: This category recognizes the artist who consistently delivers outstanding performances on stage, captivating audiences with their energy, stage presence, and ability to engage the crowd.
  8. Best Lyricist: This category honors the artist with exceptional lyrical skills, recognizing their ability to craft impactful and thought-provoking lyrics that resonate with listeners.
  9. Best Female Hip Hop Artist: This category celebrates the excellence and achievements of female artists within the hip hop genre, shining a spotlight on their talents and contributions.
  10. Best Male Hip Hop Artist: Similar to the Best Female Hip Hop Artist category, this category recognizes the achievements and impact of male artists within the genre.
  11. Best Hip Hop Style: This category acknowledges the artist who consistently represents the essence of hip hop through their fashion choices, influencing trends and setting new standards of style within the genre.
  12. Impact Track: This category honors the artist or song that has made a significant impact on society and culture, addressing important issues and sparking conversations through their music.

These nomination categories showcase the diverse range of talent, creativity, and impact within the hip hop industry. They provide a comprehensive view of the genre, highlighting the different elements that contribute to its richness and success.


Winners of Hip Hop Awards 2016

The Hip Hop Awards 2016 was a historic night, recognizing the achievements of some of the biggest names in the hip hop industry. The winners of the various categories represented the pinnacle of talent, creativity, and influence within the genre. Here are some of the notable winners from the Hip Hop Awards 2016:

  • Best Hip Hop Artist: Drake took home the award for Best Hip Hop Artist, solidifying his position as one of the genre’s leading figures. Known for his catchy hooks and versatile style, Drake’s impact on the industry was undeniable.
  • Best New Artist: Chance the Rapper emerged victorious in the Best New Artist category. His unique blend of gospel-infused hip hop and socially conscious lyrics had captivated audiences and earned him critical acclaim.
  • Best Album: DJ Khaled’s “Major Key” was honored as the Best Album of the year. The album boasted an impressive line-up of collaborators and featured chart-topping hits that dominated the airwaves.
  • Best Collaboration: The collaborative track “No Problem” by Chance the Rapper featuring Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz clinched the win in the Best Collaboration category. The infectious energy and chemistry between the artists made the song an instant hit.
  • Best Producer: Metro Boomin, known for his signature trap beats and innovative production techniques, was recognized as the Best Producer. His work with various artists had helped shape the sound of hip hop during that year.
  • Best Hip Hop Video: Beyoncé’s visually stunning and socially charged music video for “Formation” won the Best Hip Hop Video award. The video resonated with its powerful imagery and messages, igniting discussions on race, identity, and empowerment.
  • Best Live Performer: Kendrick Lamar, renowned for his electrifying live performances, was crowned the Best Live Performer. His energetic stage presence and thought-provoking lyrics captivated audiences and solidified his status as a top-tier performer.
  • Best Lyricist: Kendrick Lamar’s exceptional skill in crafting intricate and socially conscious lyrics earned him the Best Lyricist award. His ability to paint vivid storytelling through his verses set him apart from his peers.
  • Best Female Hip Hop Artist: Nicki Minaj continued to dominate the category as she took home the Best Female Hip Hop Artist award. Known for her fierce rap style and commanding presence, Nicki Minaj had firmly established herself as a force within the industry.
  • Best Male Hip Hop Artist: Drake’s magnetic persona and chart-topping success earned him the title of Best Male Hip Hop Artist. His versatile approach to music and his ability to consistently deliver hits made him a standout contender in the category.

These winners represented the cream of the crop in the hip hop industry during the year 2016. Their contributions and accomplishments not only elevated their own careers but also helped shape the landscape of the genre for years to come.


Highlights of the Show

The Hip Hop Awards 2016 delivered an unforgettable night filled with memorable moments and jaw-dropping performances. From surprise collaborations to powerful acceptance speeches, the show left a lasting impact on both the audience and the industry as a whole. Here are some of the highlights from the show:

  • Epic Collaborations: The Hip Hop Awards are known for their unexpected and dynamic collaborations. In 2016, the stage lit up with electrifying performances, including a legendary collaboration between Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, and T.I. Their unexpected pairing created an unforgettable moment, blending hip hop and pop culture in a captivating way.
  • Tributes to Legends: The show paid homage to influential figures in hip hop through powerful tribute performances. In 2016, there was a moving tribute to the late rapper, Shawty Lo, who had tragically passed away earlier that year. Artists came together to celebrate his life and legacy, delivering heartfelt performances in his honor.
  • Impactful Acceptance Speeches: The winners of the various awards took the opportunity to deliver impactful acceptance speeches that touched on important social issues. Many used their platform to address topics like police brutality, racial inequality, and the importance of unity within the hip hop community. These speeches resonated with audiences and highlighted the power of music as a catalyst for change.
  • Unforgettable Performances: The Hip Hop Awards 2016 featured a lineup of electrifying performances that left the audience in awe. Artists like Kendrick Lamar, Future, and Travis Scott took the stage, delivering high-energy sets that showcased their talent and captivated viewers worldwide. These performances pushed the boundaries of creativity and demonstrated the versatility of the hip hop genre.
  • Recognition of Social Activism: The show also recognized artists who were actively using their platform to address social issues and effect change. This acknowledgment brought attention to the importance of hip hop as a powerful tool for social activism and highlighted the role that artists played in advocating for justice and equality.
  • Surprise Guest Appearances: The Hip Hop Awards are known for their surprise guest appearances, and the 2016 edition was no exception. Artists like Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Drake surprised the audience with unexpected performances and collaborations, creating magical moments that will be remembered for years to come.

The highlights of the Hip Hop Awards 2016 showcased the talent, creativity, and social impact of the hip hop community. Whether through powerful performances, thought-provoking speeches, or unexpected collaborations, the show solidified its place as a celebration of the culture and influence of hip hop.


Controversies and Memorable Moments

The Hip Hop Awards 2016 was not without its fair share of controversies and memorable moments. From unexpected feuds to jaw-dropping surprises, these incidents made the show all the more captivating and talked-about. Here are some of the controversies and memorable moments that stood out during the Hip Hop Awards 2016:

  • Feuds and Diss Tracks: The hip hop industry is no stranger to rivalries and diss tracks, and the 2016 Hip Hop Awards saw a few notable feuds come to light. Artists like Drake and Meek Mill, as well as Lil Wayne and Birdman, had ongoing disputes that spilled over into their performances and acceptance speeches. These feuds added an extra layer of tension and excitement to the show.
  • Political Statements: The 2016 Hip Hop Awards took place during a politically charged climate, with the US presidential election in full swing. Artists took the opportunity to address social and political issues in their performances and acceptance speeches. Some artists used their platform to call for unity, while others expressed their frustrations with systemic injustice and inequality.
  • Surprise Album Releases: The Hip Hop Awards have become known for unexpected album releases and exclusives. In 2016, iconic rapper Gucci Mane shocked the audience by announcing and releasing his album “Woptober” during the show. This surprise drop left fans and industry insiders buzzing with excitement.
  • Controversial Award Wins: Award shows are often met with disagreements and controversies over who deserves the accolades. The Hip Hop Awards 2016 was no exception. Some fans and critics expressed their discontent with certain award wins, sparking debates about the selection process and the criteria used to determine the winners. These controversies fueled discussions within the hip hop community.
  • Powerful Tributes: The Hip Hop Awards 2016 also featured heartfelt tributes to fallen artists and influential figures in the industry. The emotional tributes to icons like Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., and J Dilla left the audience in awe and served as a reminder of the impact these artists had on hip hop.

These controversies and memorable moments provided a captivating backdrop to the Hip Hop Awards 2016. They showcased the passion, creativity, and occasional conflicts within the hip hop community, further demonstrating the influence and power of the genre.


Audience Reception and Critic Reviews

The Hip Hop Awards 2016 received mixed reviews from both the audience and critics. While some praised the show for its electrifying performances and recognition of social activism, others had reservations about the controversies and perceived biases in the award selections. Here is an overview of the audience reception and critic reviews:

From the perspective of the audience, the Hip Hop Awards 2016 was met with enthusiasm and excitement. Fans appreciated the high-energy performances, surprise collaborations, and powerful acceptance speeches that addressed social issues. The show provided a platform for artists to showcase their talents and make bold statements, which resonated with the audience, particularly those who aligned with the artists’ messages. The memorable moments and unexpected surprises left viewers entertained and engaged throughout the event.

However, there were also critics who voiced concerns about the controversies surrounding the award wins. Some felt that certain artists or albums were overlooked or undervalued, leading to debates about the fairness and transparency of the selection process. Critics argued that the Hip Hop Awards should strive for greater objectivity and avoid favoritism within the industry.

On a positive note, many critics agreed that the show’s emphasis on social activism added a significant and impactful dimension to the event. Artists using their platforms to address social and political issues received praise for their courage and commitment to creating change through their music. The Hip Hop Awards 2016 was seen as a platform for artists to amplify their voices and raise awareness about important topics affecting society.

Overall, the Hip Hop Awards 2016 received a mixed reception, with a majority of the audience appreciating the performances and social messages conveyed, while a subset of critics raised concerns about the integrity of the award selections. It is worth noting that the show’s ability to spark discussions and engage viewers demonstrates its influence and impact within the hip hop community.

Ultimately, the Hip Hop Awards 2016 showcased the diversity and talent within the genre while sparking important conversations about representation, systemic issues, and the power of music to effect change. It served as a platform for artists to express their creativity and address relevant topics, leaving a lasting impact on both the audience and the industry.



The Hip Hop Awards 2016 was a night to remember in the world of hip hop. From the electrifying performances to the powerful acceptance speeches, the show celebrated the talent, creativity, and impact of the genre. It showcased the diverse range of artists who are pushing boundaries and making their mark on the industry.

Throughout the years, the Hip Hop Awards have evolved to become more than just an awards show. They have become a cultural phenomenon, bringing together artists, fans, and industry insiders to celebrate the artistry and influence of hip hop. The show recognizes not only the success of artists but also their ability to address social issues and shape popular culture.

The Hip Hop Awards 2016 left an indelible mark on the industry through its collaborations, tributes, and thought-provoking performances. It sparked discussions about representation, activism, and the power of hip hop to effect change. The controversies and memorable moments generated both enthusiasm and criticism, highlighting the passionate nature of the genre and the ongoing debates within the hip hop community.

While the show received mixed reviews, it showcased the continued relevance and impact of hip hop as a cultural force. The Hip Hop Awards provide a platform for artists to express themselves and for fans to connect with the music and messages that resonate with them.

As we reflect on the Hip Hop Awards 2016, we are reminded of the rich history and evolution of hip hop. It is a genre that constantly pushes boundaries, challenges norms, and paves the way for new voices and perspectives. The show serves as a reminder of the enduring power of hip hop to inspire, entertain, and provoke meaningful conversations.

Whether it’s the mesmerizing performances, the tribute to legends, or the groundbreaking acceptance speeches, the Hip Hop Awards 2016 epitomized the essence of the genre. It celebrated the past, embraced the present, and paved the way for an exciting future in hip hop.

As we eagerly anticipate future editions of the Hip Hop Awards, we can only imagine the extraordinary talents, controversies, and memorable moments that lie ahead. The Hip Hop Awards will continue to be a beacon of recognition, a platform for artistic expression, and a celebration of the genre that has captivated the world for decades.

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