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Who Performed At The Grammys Hip Hop Who Performed At The Grammys Hip Hop

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Who Performed At The Grammys Hip Hop

Written by: Sosanna Kearns

Discover the incredible lineup of hip hop artists who performed at the Grammys, showcasing the best talent in the industry. Experience the electrifying energy and unforgettable performances.

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The Grammy Awards is one of the most prestigious events in the music industry, celebrating the best artists, songs, and albums of the year. While the ceremony encompasses a wide range of genres, the world of hip hop has had a significant presence in recent years, with performances from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Hip hop, with its rhythmic beats and poetic lyrics, has become a dominant force in popular music. It has evolved from its humble beginnings in the streets of New York City to a global phenomenon, influencing fashion, art, and culture across the globe. The Grammys recognize the talent and impact of hip hop artists by featuring them in memorable performances that captivate audiences.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the standout hip hop performances at the Grammy Awards. From Eminem’s groundbreaking showcase to Cardi B’s electrifying stage presence, these artists have left an indelible mark on the award show and the hip hop genre as a whole.


Eminem’s Performance

Eminem, also known as Slim Shady, is a rap icon who has been making waves in the hip hop industry for decades. His Grammy performances have been nothing short of spectacular, and his ability to command the stage and captivate the audience is unparalleled.

One of Eminem’s most memorable Grammy performances was in 2001 when he performed his hit song “Stan” alongside Elton John. The collaboration was unexpected but resulted in an iconic performance that showcased the power of music to bridge genres and bring together artists from different backgrounds.

In 2018, Eminem returned to the Grammy stage with a powerful performance of his politically charged anthem “Nowhere Fast” featuring Kehlani. The performance addressed social issues and demonstrated Eminem’s ability to use his platform to speak up about important matters.

Eminem’s performances are characterized by his lightning-fast delivery, sharp lyrics, and high-energy stage presence. Whether he’s performing his classic hits or debuting new material, Eminem always leaves a lasting impression on the Grammy stage.


Cardi B’s Performance

Cardi B has become a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, and her Grammy performances have been nothing short of sensational. Known for her bold personality and chart-topping hits, Cardi B knows how to command the stage and leave a lasting impression.

One of Cardi B’s most memorable Grammy performances was in 2019 when she performed her hit song “Money.” The performance was visually stunning, featuring intricate choreography, captivating stage design, and Cardi B’s charismatic presence. It showcased her ability to deliver a mesmerizing performance while staying true to her unique style.

Cardi B’s collaboration with Bruno Mars on the Grammy stage in 2018 was also a standout moment. Performing their hit song “Finesse,” the duo brought high-energy and infectious charisma to the stage, delivering a show-stopping performance that had the audience on their feet.

What sets Cardi B apart is her unapologetic approach to her music and performances. She embraces her Bronx roots, and her authenticity shines through in every performance. Whether she’s rapping with fierce intensity or delivering melodic hooks, Cardi B leaves no doubt that she is one of the biggest stars in hip hop.


Kendrick Lamar’s Performance

Kendrick Lamar is a critically acclaimed hip hop artist known for his thought-provoking lyrics, intricate storytelling, and powerful stage presence. His Grammy performances have consistently pushed boundaries and captivated audiences.

In 2016, Kendrick Lamar delivered a show-stopping performance at the Grammy Awards. He performed a medley of songs from his critically acclaimed album “To Pimp a Butterfly,” including “The Blacker the Berry” and “Alright.” The performance was a powerful and politically charged statement, addressing issues of police brutality and racial inequality. It showcased Kendrick Lamar’s ability to combine artistry with activism, using his platform to spark conversations and provoke change.

Another notable Grammy performance by Kendrick Lamar was in 2018, when he opened the show with a politically charged rendition of “XXX.” The performance featured a visually stunning stage setup and incorporated a powerful narrative that highlighted the turmoil and violence in American society. It was a powerful and thought-provoking performance that left a lasting impact.

Kendrick Lamar’s performances are known for their energy, raw emotion, and attention to detail. Whether he’s performing solo or collaborating with other artists, he brings a level of intensity and authenticity that is unmatched. Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy performances are a testament to his artistry and his commitment to using hip hop as a platform for social commentary.


Drake’s Performance

Drake, often referred to as the “6 God,” is a multi-talented artist who has dominated the charts and the Grammy stage with his unique blend of rap and R&B. His performances at the Grammy Awards have showcased his versatility and charismatic stage presence.

In 2019, Drake surprised the audience with an unexpected performance of his hit song “God’s Plan.” His performance began in the middle of the crowd, surrounded by fans as he delivered his heartfelt lyrics. It was an intimate and genuine moment that resonated with the audience and highlighted Drake’s ability to connect with his fans on a personal level.

Another memorable Grammy performance by Drake was in 2013 when he performed his smash hit “Started from the Bottom.” The performance was high-energy and featured an impressive set design, complete with pyrotechnics and an enthusiastic dance crew. Drake’s confident and engaging stage presence kept the audience captivated from start to finish.

Drake’s performances are known for their infectious energy and crowd-pleasing vibes. Whether he’s delivering introspective lyrics or delivering catchy hooks, Drake knows how to entertain and create memorable moments on the Grammy stage.


Travis Scott’s Performance

Travis Scott, the “Astroworld” rapper, has made a name for himself with his energetic performances and unique stage presence. His Grammy performances have been nothing short of captivating, leaving a lasting impact on both audiences and critics alike.

In 2019, Travis Scott took the Grammy stage by storm with a mesmerizing performance of his hit song “Sicko Mode.” The performance was a visual spectacle, complete with pyrotechnics, an elaborate set design, and Travis Scott’s signature high-energy delivery. It was a true representation of his artistic vision and ability to create an immersive experience for his fans.

Another standout Grammy performance by Travis Scott was in 2020 when he performed a medley of songs from his album “Astroworld.” The performance featured a roller coaster ride on stage, adding a thrilling element to his already electrifying stage presence. It was a one-of-a-kind experience that showcased Travis Scott’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of live performances.

Travis Scott’s performances are characterized by his charismatic presence, catchy hooks, and ability to bring his music to life on stage. Whether he’s performing in his signature chaotic style or delivering heartfelt lyrics, Travis Scott consistently delivers memorable and captivating performances at the Grammy Awards.


Jay-Z’s Performance

Jay-Z, often regarded as one of the greatest rappers of all time, has had a storied career filled with remarkable Grammy performances. Known for his smooth delivery, introspective lyrics, and undeniable stage presence, Jay-Z continues to captivate audiences with his live performances.

In 2014, Jay-Z took the Grammy stage alongside his wife Beyoncé for a powerful performance of their hit song “Drunk in Love.” The electrifying duet showcased the chemistry between the two artists and their ability to command the stage. Jay-Z’s slick wordplay and confident demeanor added an extra layer of energy to the performance.

Another memorable Grammy performance by Jay-Z was in 2018 when he performed “The Story of O.J.” The performance featured thought-provoking imagery and brought attention to issues of race and identity. It was a powerful and captivating moment that showcased Jay-Z’s ability to use his music as a platform for social commentary.

Jay-Z’s performances are known for their polished delivery, suave style, and lyrical prowess. Whether he’s performing his classic hits or debuting new material, Jay-Z’s stage presence is magnetic, drawing audiences in and leaving a lasting impression.


Post Malone’s Performance

Post Malone, with his distinctive sound that blends hip hop, rock, and pop elements, has become one of the biggest stars in the music industry. His Grammy performances have captivated audiences with his raw talent, unique style, and undeniable stage presence.

In 2019, Post Malone took the Grammy stage alongside the Red Hot Chili Peppers for a memorable performance of his hit song “Rockstar.” The collaboration showcased Post Malone’s versatility as he seamlessly merged genres and delivered a captivating performance. With his smoky vocals and energetic stage presence, he commanded the audience’s attention and left a lasting impression.

Another notable Grammy performance by Post Malone was in 2020 when he performed his chart-topping hit “Circles.” The stripped-down performance showcased his vocal range and the emotional depth of the song. With minimalistic stage design and intimate lighting, Post Malone created a captivating atmosphere that resonated with the audience.

Post Malone’s performances are characterized by his unique blend of genres, his raw emotion, and his ability to connect with the crowd. Whether he’s rapping with intensity or delivering emotionally charged melodies, Post Malone consistently delivers powerful performances on the Grammy stage.


Childish Gambino’s Performance

Childish Gambino, the musical alter ego of multi-talented artist Donald Glover, has stunned audiences with his Grammy performances. Known for his innovative approach to music and his thought-provoking visuals, Childish Gambino’s performances are true works of art.

In 2018, Childish Gambino delivered a groundbreaking performance of his hit song “This Is America.” The performance was a powerful portrayal of the social and political issues plaguing America, addressing topics such as gun violence and racism. The combination of captivating choreography, striking visuals, and Childish Gambino’s intense energy created a performance that left a lasting impact and sparked important conversations worldwide.

Childish Gambino’s Grammy performance was not only memorable for its artistic merit but also for its cultural significance. The performance showcased the power of music to be a platform for social commentary and ignited reflection on the state of society.

Childish Gambino’s performances are characterized by his versatility as an artist. Whether he’s delivering rapid-fire rap verses or soulful melodies, Childish Gambino captivates audiences with his dynamic stage presence and his ability to push boundaries.

In addition to his Grammy performance, Childish Gambino’s talent has been recognized with multiple Grammy awards, cementing his status as a groundbreaking artist in the hip hop genre.



The Grammy Awards have provided a platform for some of the most memorable and influential hip hop performances in music history. From the groundbreaking performances of Eminem and the high-energy stage presence of Cardi B, to the politically charged showcases of Kendrick Lamar and the genre-defying performances of artists like Travis Scott, Jay-Z, Post Malone, and Childish Gambino, the Grammy stage has witnessed the evolution and impact of hip hop.

These performances have not only captivated audiences with their artistry, but they have also served as a testament to the cultural and social influence of hip hop. These artists have used their platforms to address important issues, bring attention to social injustices, and spark conversations that extend far beyond the Grammy stage.

Hip hop continues to be a dominant force in the music industry, and its presence and impact at the Grammy Awards will only continue to grow. These performances showcase the immense talent, creativity, and diversity within the genre, and the artists’ ability to break barriers and push boundaries.

As we eagerly anticipate future Grammy Awards, we can look forward to more memorable and groundbreaking hip hop performances that will leave us in awe and inspire us to think, dance, and have meaningful conversations. Hip hop’s influence on the Grammy stage is undeniable, forever shaping the landscape of contemporary music and leaving an indelible mark on the world.

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