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Where Is The Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2024 Where Is The Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2024


Where Is The Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2024

Written by: Tomi Brunson

Discover the ultimate jazz experience at the Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2023. Join us at the beautiful location where music and seaside vibes blend harmoniously.

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The Seabreeze Jazz Festival is an annual event that brings together jazz enthusiasts from around the world for a weekend of incredible music, good vibes, and unforgettable experiences. This world-class festival showcases some of the finest jazz artists in the industry and takes place in a stunning location that adds to the overall ambiance.

With its smooth melodies, soulful improvisations, and lively rhythms, jazz has the power to transport listeners to another time and place. It has a rich history and an ever-evolving sound that continues to captivate audiences of all ages. The Seabreeze Jazz Festival celebrates this art form, providing a platform for both established and emerging jazz musicians to showcase their talent and share their love for the genre.

The festival’s purpose is to create a space where jazz enthusiasts can come together, connect with like-minded individuals, and embrace the magic of live jazz performances. Whether you are a seasoned jazz aficionado or someone who is just discovering the genre, the Seabreeze Jazz Festival promises an immersive and remarkable experience.

Throughout its history, the festival has gained recognition for its commitment to excellence and its dedication to curating an exceptional lineup of artists. From smooth jazz to Latin jazz, fusion to traditional, the festival covers a wide range of styles, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

As you delve into the world of the Seabreeze Jazz Festival, get ready to be transported to a place where the music flows freely, the atmosphere is electric, and the memories are everlasting. In the following sections, we will explore the rich history of the festival, its exciting location for 2023, the dates to mark on your calendar, the lineup of artists to look forward to, ticket information, COVID-19 safety measures, accommodations and transportation options, food and drink offerings, and the array of activities and attractions available during the festival weekend.


History of the Seabreeze Jazz Festival

The Seabreeze Jazz Festival has a storied history that dates back over two decades. It all began in 1998 when Mark Carter, a passionate jazz enthusiast, had a vision of creating an event that would showcase the best of contemporary jazz while providing a memorable experience for attendees.

What started as a small gathering of jazz lovers has since grown into one of the premier jazz festivals in the country, attracting thousands of attendees each year. The festival’s success can be attributed to its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional music, top-notch production, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Over the years, the Seabreeze Jazz Festival has featured an impressive lineup of renowned jazz artists. From smooth jazz legends like Boney James and Dave Koz to contemporary jazz stars such as Kamasi Washington and Snarky Puppy, the festival has consistently showcased the best and brightest talents in the genre. It has become a platform for both established names and up-and-coming artists to share their music and connect with fans.

One of the festival’s highlights is its dedication to fostering a sense of community among jazz enthusiasts. The Seabreeze Jazz Festival is more than just a series of concerts; it is an opportunity for people from all walks of life to come together and celebrate their shared love for jazz. The friendly and inclusive atmosphere makes it easy for attendees to forge connections, meet fellow jazz lovers, and create lasting memories.

Throughout its history, the festival has adapted and evolved to meet the changing needs and preferences of its audience. It has embraced new trends in jazz while staying true to its roots, ensuring a diverse and dynamic lineup that appeals to a wide range of tastes. Whether you are a fan of smooth jazz, Latin jazz, fusion, or traditional jazz, there is something for everyone at the Seabreeze Jazz Festival.

Today, the Seabreeze Jazz Festival continues to be a highlight of the jazz calendar, drawing fans from near and far to experience its unique blend of music, community, and atmosphere. It remains a testament to the enduring power and beauty of jazz, a genre that transcends boundaries and touches the soul.

In the next sections, we will explore the exciting location of the Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2023, the dates for this year’s event, the lineup of artists to look forward to, ticket information, COVID-19 safety measures, accommodations and transportation options, food and drink offerings, and the range of activities and attractions available during the festival weekend.


Location of the Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2023

The Seabreeze Jazz Festival is known for selecting breathtaking locations that add to the overall experience of the event. For the upcoming 2023 festival, organizers have chosen a stunning destination that promises to create a memorable backdrop for the performances and celebrations.

This year, the Seabreeze Jazz Festival will be held in the picturesque city of Newport Beach, California. Nestled along the beautiful Pacific coastline, Newport Beach offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and a thriving jazz scene. The festival will take place in a spacious outdoor venue that allows attendees to immerse themselves in the music while enjoying the panoramic views of the ocean.

With its mild Mediterranean climate, Newport Beach provides the ideal setting for an outdoor music festival. Attendees can bask in the warm California sun, feel the cool ocean breeze, and take in the stunning sunsets as they listen to the soulful sounds of the jazz performances. The natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere of Newport Beach create a sense of tranquility and harmony that enhances the overall festival experience.

In addition to its enchanting coastline, Newport Beach offers a wealth of attractions and activities for attendees to enjoy during their visit. From strolling along the famous Newport Pier and exploring the charming Balboa Island to indulging in delicious seafood at the local restaurants and boutique shopping, there is something for everyone to experience and enjoy.

The location of the 2023 Seabreeze Jazz Festival in Newport Beach not only provides a captivating setting but also allows attendees to explore and appreciate the vibrant local jazz scene. Beyond the festival performances, visitors can venture into the city to discover jazz clubs, live music venues, and other artistic hubs that showcase the talent and creativity of the jazz community in Newport Beach.

As you plan your attendance at the Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2023, consider immersing yourself in the beauty and charm of Newport Beach. From its breathtaking views to its vibrant culture, this coastal city provides the perfect backdrop to celebrate the magic of jazz.

In the following sections, we will delve into the dates of the Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2023, the remarkable lineup of artists, ticket information, COVID-19 safety measures, accommodations and transportation options, food and drink offerings, and the array of activities and attractions available during the festival weekend.


Dates of the Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2023

Mark your calendars and get ready for a weekend of unforgettable jazz performances. The Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2023 will take place from April 28th to May 1st, 2023. This four-day extravaganza promises to be a celebration of the smoothest sounds, the finest musicians, and the most enthusiastic jazz lovers.

The festival kicks off on Thursday, April 28th, with a spectacular opening night filled with anticipation and excitement. Attendees can expect to be treated to captivating performances by acclaimed artists, setting the tone for a weekend filled with world-class jazz.

The festivities continue throughout the weekend, with a lineup of performances that will keep jazz lovers entertained from morning until late into the evening. From smooth jazz to Latin jazz, fusion to traditional, the Seabreeze Jazz Festival offers a diverse range of styles and genres, ensuring there is something for everyone’s musical taste.

Each day of the festival is carefully curated to showcase a mix of established jazz legends and emerging talents. Attendees can look forward to witnessing electrifying performances, soulful improvisations, and breathtaking collaborations that will leave a lasting impression.

In addition to the main stage performances, the Seabreeze Jazz Festival also offers intimate and interactive experiences such as artist meet and greets, workshops, and jam sessions. These opportunities allow attendees to connect with their favorite artists, learn from industry professionals, and dive deeper into the world of jazz.

The Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2023 is a must-attend event for jazz enthusiasts and music lovers alike. Whether you are a devoted fan or someone looking to explore the genre, this festival promises an incredible experience that will resonate with you long after the final note is played.

Make sure to mark your calendars, secure your tickets, and prepare for a weekend of extraordinary music, unforgettable moments, and the joy of being surrounded by fellow jazz enthusiasts. The Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2023 dates are not to be missed!

Now that you know the dates, let’s explore the exciting lineup of artists scheduled to perform at the Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2023.


Lineup of Artists

The Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2023 boasts an impressive lineup of world-class jazz artists who are sure to captivate and delight audiences. From smooth jazz legends to rising stars, this year’s roster promises an eclectic mix of talent and a truly unforgettable musical experience.

Headlining the festival is the renowned saxophonist and composer, Kenny G. With his smooth and melodic sound, Kenny G has become one of the most recognizable names in contemporary jazz. His virtuosity and emotional performances are sure to leave a lasting impression on festival-goers.

Sharing the stage with Kenny G is the Grammy-winning guitarist and composer, George Benson. Benson’s unique blend of jazz, pop, and R&B has made him a beloved figure in the industry. His smooth vocals and impeccable guitar skills promise to enthrall the audience and create an electric atmosphere.

Joining these jazz legends are a lineup of talented musicians, each bringing their own distinctive style and sound to the festival. Grammy-nominated pianist and composer, Keiko Matsui, will grace the stage with her enchanting melodies and heartfelt compositions. Saxophonist David Sanborn, known for his soulful playing and dynamic stage presence, will mesmerize the crowd with his signature sound.

Adding a touch of Latin flair to the lineup is the celebrated percussionist and bandleader, Poncho Sanchez. Known for his infectious rhythms and energetic performances, Sanchez will bring the spirit of Latin jazz to the festival, creating an irresistible groove that will get attendees on their feet.

Other notable artists scheduled to perform include trumpeter Rick Braun, saxophonist Euge Groove, and guitarist Paul Brown, among many others. Each artist brings their unique perspective and artistry, ensuring a diverse and captivating musical experience for all.

From smooth jazz to Latin jazz, fusion to contemporary, the Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2023 lineup offers something for every jazz aficionado. Whether you are a fan of classic favorites or eager to discover new talents, this festival promises to deliver an unforgettable musical journey.

As you prepare to attend the Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2023, make sure to familiarize yourself with the incredible lineup of artists and get ready to be immersed in the magic of their performances.

Now that you’re acquainted with the talented artists awaiting you at the festival, let’s move on to explore ticket information and how you can secure your spot at this remarkable event.


Ticket Information

The Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2023 offers various ticket options to accommodate different needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for single-day passes or prefer to experience the entire weekend, there are ticket packages available to ensure you can enjoy the festival to the fullest.

The festival offers general admission tickets, VIP passes, and exclusive backstage access packages. General admission tickets provide entry to the festival grounds, allowing you to enjoy all the performances from designated seating areas on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you’re looking to enhance your festival experience, VIP passes are available, offering additional perks and amenities. With a VIP pass, you gain access to exclusive VIP seating areas, dedicated restrooms, and a VIP lounge where you can relax and socialize with like-minded jazz enthusiasts.

For those looking for the ultimate VIP experience, the festival offers backstage access packages. These exclusive packages provide an opportunity to go behind the scenes, meet the artists, and get a firsthand look at the inner workings of a world-class jazz festival. Backstage access packages also include reserved seating, VIP amenities, and access to the VIP lounge.

Ticket prices for the Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2023 vary depending on the package and the number of days you wish to attend. Early bird discounts and special promotions may be available, so it’s recommended to check the festival’s official website or authorized ticket vendors for the most up-to-date information and pricing details.

It’s important to note that tickets for the Seabreeze Jazz Festival tend to sell out quickly due to its popularity. To ensure you secure your spot and get the ticket package of your choice, it’s recommended to purchase your tickets in advance.

Once you’ve purchased your tickets, it’s crucial to keep them in a safe place as they are non-transferable and must be presented for entry to the festival. Additionally, please ensure that you review and adhere to the festival’s terms and conditions regarding ticketing, entry requirements, and any COVID-19 safety protocols that may be in place.

Attending the Seabreeze Jazz Festival is not just about enjoying incredible live performances but also about being a part of a vibrant and passionate community of jazz lovers. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure your tickets and create lasting memories at this exceptional event.

With your tickets in hand, it’s time to explore the safety measures in place for the Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2023 to ensure a worry-free and enjoyable experience for all attendees.


COVID-19 Safety Measures

The Seabreeze Jazz Festival organizers prioritize the health and safety of attendees, artists, and staff. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the festival will implement stringent safety measures to create a safe environment for all attendees to enjoy the music and festivities.

Following the guidelines set by local health authorities and governmental regulations, the festival will enforce protocols to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission. These measures may include, but are not limited to:

  • Vaccination Requirements: Attendees may be required to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 before entering the festival grounds. This requirement is subject to local regulations and prevailing public health guidelines.
  • Mask Mandate: The festival may require attendees to wear masks in certain areas, such as indoor spaces, crowded areas, or when physical distancing is not possible. Masks may be provided at designated locations for those who need them.
  • Enhanced Sanitization: Increased cleaning and sanitization protocols will be in place throughout the festival grounds. High-touch surfaces, seating areas, restrooms, and other communal spaces will undergo regular cleaning and disinfection.
  • Hand Hygiene: Hand sanitizing stations will be readily available across the festival grounds. Attendees are encouraged to practice frequent handwashing or use hand sanitizer to maintain good hand hygiene.
  • Physical Distancing: The festival will encourage attendees to maintain a safe distance from others who are not in their group. Signage and floor markings may be used to promote physical distancing in queue lines, food and drink areas, and other high-traffic areas.

It’s important for attendees to stay informed and follow the guidelines communicated by festival staff and security personnel. Compliance with these safety measures will play a crucial role in ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Prior to attending the festival, it’s recommended to regularly check the official festival website or communication channels for any updates or changes to the COVID-19 safety measures. Local health guidelines and regulations may evolve over time, and the festival organizers will adjust their protocols accordingly to prioritize the well-being of everyone involved.

By working together and respecting the safety measures in place, attendees can contribute to creating an environment where the joy of live jazz can be celebrated while safeguarding the health of all participants.

With the safety protocols outlined, let’s explore the accommodations and transportation options available for those attending the Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2023.


Accommodations and Transportation

When attending the Seabreeze Jazz Festival, it’s important to plan your accommodations and transportation in advance to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Luckily, Newport Beach offers a range of options to suit various preferences and budgets.

For those seeking convenience and proximity to the festival, there are hotels and resorts located near the festival venue. These accommodations provide easy access to the festival grounds and may offer special packages or discounts for festival attendees. Be sure to book your stay early, as rooms tend to fill up quickly during the festival period.

If you prefer a more unique and personalized experience, consider renting a vacation home or apartment through online platforms. This allows you to have your own space and the flexibility to prepare meals, relax, and unwind after a full day of jazz festivities.

For budget-conscious travelers or those who enjoy the camaraderie of shared spaces, hostels and guesthouses can be great options. These accommodations often offer dormitory-style rooms or private rooms at affordable prices, allowing you to meet other festival-goers and potentially make new friends.

When it comes to transportation, it’s recommended to use public transportation or rideshare services whenever possible to reduce traffic congestion and ease parking challenges. Newport Beach has a well-connected public transportation system, including buses and shuttles, which can take you to and from the festival grounds.

If you prefer the convenience of driving, there may be designated parking areas near the festival venue. However, be prepared for potential parking fees and limited availability, especially during peak festival hours. Carpooling with fellow attendees can help reduce both costs and the impact on the environment.

Consider renting bicycles or using bike-sharing services to explore Newport Beach during your stay. Cycling not only provides a fun and eco-friendly way to get around but also allows you to take in the scenic beauty of the city.

Lastly, if you’re flying into Newport Beach, there are several airports in the vicinity. The nearest major airport is John Wayne Airport (SNA), which is located just a short drive away. Other airports in the region, such as Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) or Long Beach Airport (LGB), are also convenient options.

Regardless of your choice in accommodations and transportation, be sure to plan ahead and make reservations early to secure the best options for your needs. This will allow you to focus on the music, atmosphere, and excitement of the Seabreeze Jazz Festival without any unnecessary stress.

Now that you have a plan for accommodations and transportation, let’s explore the diverse food and drink options available at the festival.


Food and Drink Options

The Seabreeze Jazz Festival not only offers incredible music but also a variety of food and drink options to keep festival-goers satisfied throughout the weekend. From tasty bites to refreshing beverages, there’s something to please every palate.

Within the festival grounds, you can expect to find a diverse selection of food vendors offering a wide range of cuisines. Whether you’re craving international flavors, comfort food classics, or healthy options, you’ll have plenty of choices to indulge your taste buds. From gourmet burgers and BBQ to sushi and vegetarian dishes, the culinary offerings at the Seabreeze Jazz Festival cater to a range of dietary preferences.

Additionally, there may be food trucks and pop-up stalls providing delicious street food that you can enjoy on the go. These mobile vendors often bring unique and creative dishes to the festival, adding to the overall culinary experience.

No festival experience is complete without refreshing beverages to accompany the music. The Seabreeze Jazz Festival typically offers a variety of drink options, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. From craft beers and wines to signature cocktails and refreshing mocktails, there’s something to quench every thirst.

It’s worth noting that some festivals may have designated areas for alcohol consumption, and you may be required to provide proper identification to purchase alcoholic beverages. Local regulations and restrictions related to alcohol consumption will be strictly enforced to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all attendees.

In addition to the food and drink options within the festival grounds, Newport Beach offers a vibrant culinary scene. If you feel like exploring beyond the festival, you can venture into the city to discover a plethora of restaurants, cafes, and bars. Whether you’re in the mood for seafood by the waterfront, upscale dining, or casual eateries, Newport Beach has something to satisfy every culinary desire.

Remember to stay hydrated and nourished throughout the festival to maintain your energy levels and fully enjoy the music and festivities. It’s also a good idea to bring a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day.

As you plan your visit to the Seabreeze Jazz Festival, get ready to tantalize your taste buds with an array of culinary delights, quench your thirst with refreshing beverages, and savor the flavors of Newport Beach.

With the food and drink options covered, let’s explore the exciting activities and attractions available during the festival weekend.


Activities and Attractions

While the main attraction of the Seabreeze Jazz Festival is, of course, the incredible music, there are also numerous activities and attractions to keep attendees entertained throughout the festival weekend. Whether you’re looking to explore the local area, engage in interactive experiences, or simply relax and soak up the festival atmosphere, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

One of the highlights of the Seabreeze Jazz Festival is the opportunity to meet and connect with fellow jazz enthusiasts. The festival provides a platform for like-minded individuals to share their love for the genre, discuss their favorite artists, and forge new friendships. Strike up a conversation, participate in jam sessions, or join workshops and masterclasses to further enrich your jazz knowledge.

In addition to the musical performances, the festival may also offer other forms of entertainment throughout the day. This can include dance performances, art exhibits, and interactive installations that showcase the creativity and talent of local artists.

While attending the festival, take the time to explore the beautiful city of Newport Beach. The stunning coastline offers opportunities for relaxation and leisurely walks along the beach. You can also visit the iconic Newport Pier, where you can watch the waves crash, go fishing, or simply take in the breathtaking ocean views.

Balboa Island is another must-visit attraction in Newport Beach. This charming island is known for its quaint shops, delicious treats, and scenic harbor views. Take a stroll along the main street, savor a famous Balboa bar or frozen banana, and enjoy the vibrant energy of this coastal gem.

If you’re in the mood for adventure, consider taking a harbor cruise or renting a boat to explore the coastal waters surrounding Newport Beach. From dolphin watching to sunset cruises, there are various options available that provide a unique perspective on the area’s natural beauty.

For those seeking retail therapy, Fashion Island is a premier shopping destination in Newport Beach. This upscale outdoor mall features a wide range of high-end retailers, designer boutiques, and popular dining establishments. Explore the shops, indulge in some retail therapy, and savor a delicious meal before heading back to the festival.

As the festival takes place in California, it’s worth considering exploring nearby attractions such as Disneyland, Universal Studios, or the stunning beaches along the Orange County coastline. Take advantage of the festival weekend to extend your stay and make the most of your time in this captivating region.

With a vibrant culture, beautiful scenery, and an array of activities and attractions, Newport Beach offers festival-goers a unique and memorable experience beyond the music. Take advantage of the festival weekend to immerse yourself in all that this coastal city has to offer.

As we bring our exploration of the Seabreeze Jazz Festival to a close, we hope you’re inspired and excited to be part of this extraordinary event. Whether you’re a longtime jazz aficionado or newly discovering the genre, the Seabreeze Jazz Festival promises to be an unforgettable celebration of music, community, and the joy of jazz.

Secure your tickets, plan your accommodations, and get ready for an extraordinary weekend filled with soulful melodies, memorable moments, and the magic of live jazz. We look forward to seeing you at the Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2023!



The Seabreeze Jazz Festival is a celebration of soulful melodies, mesmerizing improvisations, and the vibrant spirit of jazz. With its rich history, diverse lineup of world-class artists, and breathtaking location, this annual event has become a must-attend for jazz enthusiasts from around the world.

Throughout the festival’s history, it has remained committed to providing an unforgettable experience for attendees. From the smooth sounds of Kenny G to the energetic performances of George Benson, the lineup of artists promises to captivate and inspire. The festival not only showcases established jazz legends but also shines a spotlight on emerging talent, ensuring a dynamic and diverse musical experience.

As you immerse yourself in the music, you’ll also have the opportunity to connect with fellow jazz lovers, explore the vibrant city of Newport Beach, and participate in a range of activities and attractions. From meeting your favorite artists to indulging in delicious food and drink offerings, there’s something to delight all your senses.

While attending the festival, organizers prioritize the health and safety of everyone involved. COVID-19 safety measures, such as vaccination requirements, mask mandates, and enhanced sanitization protocols, will be in place to create a safe environment where attendees can enjoy the music with peace of mind.

As the festival approaches, make sure to secure your tickets, plan your accommodations, and familiarize yourself with all the details and updates. The Seabreeze Jazz Festival promises to be a weekend filled with magical moments, unforgettable performances, and a sense of community that will stay with you long after the final note fades.

Whether you’re a lifelong jazz enthusiast or someone who is discovering the genre for the first time, the Seabreeze Jazz Festival offers an opportunity to celebrate and immerse yourself in the beauty of jazz. So, mark your calendars, pack your bags, and get ready to embark on a journey of music, connection, and pure jazz bliss.

We can’t wait to see you at the Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2023, where the smooth sounds of jazz will create a symphony of joy and leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

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