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What Is The Intro Song To Keshas Woman Music Video What Is The Intro Song To Keshas Woman Music Video

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What Is The Intro Song To Keshas Woman Music Video

Written by: Korie Erickson

Discover the catchy intro song to Kesha's empowering "Woman" music video. Get ready to groove with this infectious track that will get you moving and feeling empowered.

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Music videos have become a vital part of the music industry, offering artists a platform to express their creativity and connect with their audience on a visual level. From storytelling to showcasing elaborate choreography, music videos have the power to elevate a song to new heights. One crucial component of a music video is the intro, which sets the tone and grabs the viewers’ attention right from the start.

The intro song to a music video serves as a captivating gateway, drawing the audience into the visual journey that lies ahead. It is a crucial moment that can make or break the overall impact of the video. The right intro song can create anticipation, build suspense, or immediately grab the viewers’ attention, setting the stage for the rest of the video.

In this article, we will delve into the significance of intro songs in music videos and explore the popular music video for Kesha’s “Woman” as a case study. We will analyze the intro song of the video and discuss its impact on the overall viewing experience. So, let’s dive in and discover the magic behind intro songs in music videos.


The Importance of Intro Songs in Music Videos

Intro songs in music videos serve as a crucial element that sets the stage for the visual experience. They have the power to captivate viewers, evoke emotions, and make a lasting impression. Here are a few reasons why intro songs are essential in music videos:

  1. Setting the Tone: The intro song establishes the mood and atmosphere of the music video. Whether it’s a slow, melodic tune that creates a sense of longing or an energetic, upbeat track that ignites excitement, the intro song sets the tone for the viewer’s emotional journey.
  2. Grabbing Attention: In a sea of content with short attention spans, a compelling intro song can instantly grab the viewer’s attention. It serves as a hook, enticing the audience to continue watching and explore the story that unfolds.
  3. Creating Anticipation: A well-crafted intro song can build anticipation for what is to come. It can create a sense of intrigue and leave the viewers eagerly anticipating the upcoming visuals and storyline.
  4. Enhancing the Narrative: An intro song can seamlessly complement the narrative of the music video. It can introduce the themes, motifs, or characters, strengthening the overall storytelling experience and providing a cohesive viewing experience.
  5. Showcasing Artistic Style: The intro song often reflects the artist’s unique style and sound, allowing them to make their mark and showcase their artistic repertoire. It gives the viewers a taste of what they can expect from the rest of the video.

In essence, intro songs play a pivotal role in creating a memorable music video. They engage the viewers, set the stage, and establish a connection between the auditory and visual elements. A carefully selected and well-executed intro song can elevate a music video from just another visual accompaniment to a captivating piece of art that leaves a lasting impression on its audience.


Overview of Kesha’s “Woman” Music Video

Kesha’s “Woman” music video is a vibrant and empowering visual masterpiece. Released in 2017, the video showcases Kesha’s fierce personality and celebrates female empowerment. Directed by Kesha herself and her brother, Lagan Sebert, the video exudes a strong sense of liberation and self-expression.

The music video opens with a bold and energetic intro, immediately grabbing the viewer’s attention. The intro song sets the tone for the rest of the video, introducing a catchy, upbeat melody that perfectly complements the empowering message of the song.

As the video progresses, Kesha takes center stage, exuding confidence and freedom. The visuals feature Kesha and a diverse group of women boldly dancing and reveling in their individuality. The vibrant colors, dynamic choreography, and charismatic performances create a visually stunning experience that keeps viewers engaged from start to finish.

Throughout the video, Kesha embraces her inner strength and showcases her unapologetic attitude. The lyrics of the song reflect this empowering theme, with Kesha proclaiming her independence and refusing to conform to societal expectations. The video celebrates the power of women, encouraging self-acceptance and the celebration of individuality.

Not only does the “Woman” music video highlight Kesha’s musical talent, but it also serves as a visual representation of her resilience and triumph over personal struggles. The video portrays Kesha as a force to be reckoned with, reclaiming her identity and embracing her power.

Overall, Kesha’s “Woman” music video is a bold and empowering visual spectacle. From the captivating intro to the energetic choreography and the celebration of female empowerment, the video perfectly complements the song’s empowering message. It serves as a testament to Kesha’s artistic growth and her unwavering commitment to authenticity and self-expression.


Identifying the Intro Song

Identifying the intro song in a music video can be a thrilling and engaging task for music enthusiasts. It involves listening closely to the audio and paying attention to the visual cues and lyrics within the video. Here are a few key steps to help you identify the intro song in a music video:

  1. Listen for the Opening Melody: The intro song often starts with a distinct melody or musical motif that sets it apart from the rest of the track. Pay close attention to the first few seconds of the video for any instrumental or vocal hooks that indicate the beginning of the song.
  2. Observe Visual Cues: The visuals in the music video can also provide hints about the intro song. Look for any scene transitions or specific imagery that aligns with the mood or lyrics of the song. Sometimes, the intro song may be accompanied by an opening title or credits sequence that identifies the track.
  3. Take Note of Lyrics: If the intro song includes vocals, listen to the lyrics carefully. They may provide clues about the title of the song or the artist performing it. Make a note of any distinctive phrases or repeated lines that stand out during the intro.
  4. Research the Artist: If you are familiar with the artist’s discography or musical style, you may be able to recognize their sound in the intro song. Use this knowledge and any available information about the artist to narrow down your search and identify the track.
  5. Utilize Online Resources: In the digital age, there are numerous online platforms and forums dedicated to identifying music. Websites like Shazam or Musixmatch can help you identify the intro song by analyzing and matching the audio with their extensive database.

By following these steps and being attentive to the audio and visual elements, you can successfully identify the intro song in a music video. Remember, it may take some time and research, but the joy of discovering and connecting with a new piece of music is worth the effort.


Analysis of the Intro Song

The intro song of a music video plays a significant role in setting the tone and capturing the attention of the viewers. Analyzing the intro song allows us to gain a deeper understanding of its musical elements and how they contribute to the overall impact of the video. Let’s take a closer look at the key aspects to consider when analyzing the intro song of a music video.

  1. Musical Arrangement: Pay attention to the instrumentation and arrangement in the intro song. Is it driven by a catchy guitar riff, a pulsating bassline, or an infectious drumbeat? The musical elements help create a distinctive sound that engages the listeners and sets the mood for what is to come.
  2. Tempo and Energy: Consider the tempo and energy level of the intro song. Is it fast-paced and energetic, or slow and introspective? The tempo can evoke different emotions and influence the viewers’ initial reaction to the video.
  3. Melodic Hooks: Look for melodic hooks or memorable musical phrases in the intro song. These hooks can become earworms and leave a lasting impression on the listeners, making the song more memorable and enjoyable.
  4. Lyrics and Message: Analyze the lyrics and their connection to the music video’s themes and narrative. Do they convey a specific message or tell a story? Understanding the lyrics helps us grasp the underlying meaning and intention behind the video.
  5. Emotional Impact: Consider the emotional impact of the intro song. Does it evoke joy, sadness, excitement, or empowerment? The emotional resonance of the music can enhance the viewers’ connection to the video and make it more relatable and impactful.
  6. Artistic Choices: Take note of any artistic choices made in the intro song. Is it experimental, traditional, or innovative in its approach? These choices reflect the artist’s style and vision, adding depth and uniqueness to the overall experience.

By analyzing the intro song of a music video, we can gain insight into the artistic choices, musical elements, and emotional impact that contribute to its success. It allows us to appreciate the intricate craftsmanship behind the video and enhances our overall enjoyment and understanding of the music.



In conclusion, the intro song in a music video plays a vital role in captivating the audience and setting the tone for the visual experience. It serves as a powerful tool to grab attention, create anticipation, and enhance the overall impact of the video. The intro song introduces the viewers to the artist’s style, sound, and message, leaving a lasting impression that resonates throughout the video.

Analyzing the intro song allows us to appreciate the musical elements, lyrical themes, and emotional impact it brings to the music video. By paying close attention to the musical arrangement, tempo, melodic hooks, lyrics, and artistic choices, we gain a deeper understanding of the artist’s vision and creative expression.

Taking Kesha’s “Woman” music video as an example, we witnessed how the energetic and empowering intro song immediately engrosses the viewers, paving the way for a vibrant and celebratory visual journey. The intro song sets the stage for Kesha’s unapologetic attitude and highlights her resilience and triumph over personal challenges.

Overall, intro songs are a critical component of music videos that should not be overlooked. They create the initial connection with the audience, amplify the video’s emotional impact, and showcase the artist’s unique style and sound. So, the next time you watch a music video, pay attention to the intro song and enjoy the magic it brings to the overall viewing experience.

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