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What Record Label Is Jaden Smith In What Record Label Is Jaden Smith In

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What Record Label Is Jaden Smith In

Written by: Jehanna Rood

Discover which record label Jaden Smith is signed to and learn more about his music career. Find out how this record label has influenced his sound and style.

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In the world of music, record labels play a crucial role in discovering and nurturing talented artists, helping them reach their full potential, and guiding their careers to success. One record label that has been making waves in recent years is MSFTS Music, which has gained attention for its unique approach and impressive roster of artists.

MSFTS Music is notably associated with Jaden Smith, the multi-talented actor, rapper, and entrepreneur. Jaden, the son of Hollywood actor Will Smith and actress Jada Pinkett-Smith, has carved his own path in the music industry, and his partnership with MSFTS Music has played a significant role in his artistic development.

Founded in 2012, MSFTS Music originated as a collective of artists, creatives, and visionaries with a shared passion for pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. While Jaden Smith is undoubtedly the face of the label, it was created with the intention of providing a platform for emerging artists to express themselves freely and authentically.

The philosophy behind MSFTS Music goes beyond just music and aims to embody a lifestyle and mindset. With a focus on individuality, self-expression, and artistic freedom, the label aims to empower artists to fully explore their artistic abilities and deliver unique and impactful musical experiences to listeners.

Throughout its existence, MSFTS Music has been committed to breaking conventions and redefining what it means to be a record label. It distances itself from the traditional model by favoring creative independence and innovative thinking over commercial success. This approach has attracted artists who value artistic expression over industry standards, resulting in a dynamic and diverse roster of talent.

In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the early career of Jaden Smith, the formation of MSFTS Music, their notable projects, and their partnership with Roc Nation. By exploring these aspects, we will gain a comprehensive understanding of the record label and the impact it has had on the music industry.


Early Career

Jaden Smith’s journey in the music industry began with a desire to explore his artistic talents beyond acting. While he gained recognition for his roles in movies like “The Pursuit of Happyness” and “The Karate Kid,” music was always a passion he wanted to pursue. In 2010, at the age of 12, Jaden released his first single, “Never Say Never,” featuring Justin Bieber, which garnered considerable attention and showcased his musical potential.

Building on this early success, Jaden continued to explore his musical aspirations. He released mixtapes and singles, experimenting with different sounds and styles. His music reflected his evolving artistic vision, blending elements of hip-hop, alternative rap, and alternative R&B, creating a unique and distinct sound that set him apart from his peers.

During this phase, Jaden began collaborating with other artists and producers who shared his artistic vision. He developed connections with like-minded individuals who would later become key players in the formation of MSFTS Music. These collaborations allowed Jaden to further refine his musical style and establish a foothold in the industry.

As Jaden’s music gained traction, he realized the importance of creative control and maintaining his artistic integrity. He wanted a platform that would allow him to express himself freely without the constraints of traditional record labels. Inspired by the idea of creating a community of artists who shared his vision, Jaden founded MSFTS Music in 2012.

This new venture gave Jaden the freedom to explore his creativity to the fullest. He began releasing projects that reflected his growth as an artist and his commitment to pushing boundaries. Jaden’s early career served as a launching pad for both his own music and the formation of MSFTS Music, setting the stage for the label’s unique and unconventional approach within the music industry.

In the following sections, we will explore in more detail the formation of MSFTS Music, the notable projects released under the label, and the partnership the label has with Roc Nation. These aspects will provide a comprehensive understanding of the evolution and impact of MSFTS Music in the music industry.


Formation of MSFTS Music

The formation of MSFTS Music stemmed from Jaden Smith’s desire to create a platform that emphasized artistic freedom and individuality. In 2012, Jaden, along with a collective of artists, creatives, and visionaries, established MSFTS Music as an independent record label and creative collective. The acronym “MSFTS” stands for “Misfits,” signifying the label’s commitment to embracing uniqueness and challenging societal norms.

At its core, MSFTS Music aims to provide a supportive environment where artists can freely express themselves and create without limitations. The label operates with a non-traditional structure, avoiding the conventional hierarchy typical of many record labels. This decentralized approach allows artists to have a significant say in their artistic direction and decision-making processes.

MSFTS Music encourages collaboration and fosters a sense of community among its artists. This inclusive mindset has attracted a diverse range of talent, including musicians, visual artists, fashion designers, and more. By embracing various creative outlets, MSFTS Music seeks to break boundaries and create a holistic artistic experience for both artists and fans.

Jaden Smith, as one of the founders and prominent members of MSFTS Music, set the tone for the label’s ethos. His unconventional approach to music and artistry aligned with the label’s vision, further solidifying its commitment to creative freedom and self-expression. Through his own music and collaborations, Jaden became a leading figure within the label, inspiring other MSFTS artists to embrace their individuality and push artistic boundaries.

The formation of MSFTS Music marked a new chapter in Jaden Smith’s career and the music industry as a whole. It provided a platform for artists who were dissatisfied with the restrictions imposed by mainstream record labels, allowing them to experiment and showcase their unique talents without compromise. This approach garnered attention and admiration from fans worldwide, propelling MSFTS Music and its artists into the spotlight.

In the next section, we will explore the notable projects released under MSFTS Music, highlighting the diverse range of talent and genres represented by the label’s artists. This will provide further insight into the label’s impact on the music industry and its commitment to nurturing artistic expression.


MSFTS Music Projects

MSFTS Music has been instrumental in releasing a series of projects that showcase the label’s dedication to artistic innovation and pushing creative boundaries. The label’s roster of artists, each with their own unique style and perspective, has contributed to an impressive and diverse catalog of music.

One of the standout projects released under MSFTS Music is Jaden Smith’s debut studio album, “SYRE.” Released in 2017, “SYRE” received critical acclaim for its introspective lyrics, experimental soundscapes, and genre-blending approach. The album showcased Jaden’s growth as an artist and solidified his position as a leading figure in the industry. It also set the stage for future MSFTS Music projects, demonstrating the label’s commitment to artistic quality and boundary-pushing music.

Another notable release from MSFTS Music is the album “ERYS” by Jaden Smith. Released in 2019, “ERYS” showcased a darker and more introspective side of Jaden’s artistry. The album featured collaborations with artists like Kid Cudi, A$AP Rocky, and Tyler, The Creator, further elevating the album’s impact and cultural relevance.

MSFTS Music has also given a platform to other talented artists who embody the label’s ethos. Willow Smith, Jaden’s sister, released her self-titled album under MSFTS Music, showcasing her unique blend of alternative R&B and pop. Willow’s album received praise for its soulful vocals and introspective lyrics, solidifying her status as a talented artist in her own right.

Alongside Jaden and Willow Smith, MSFTS Music has also nurtured emerging talent and provided them with the opportunity to showcase their artistry. Artists such as Harry Hudson, Lido, and Mateo Arias have all released projects under the label, further diversifying the musical landscape of MSFTS Music.

In addition to their music releases, MSFTS Music has also ventured into other creative endeavors. The label has organized fashion shows, art exhibitions, and even launched a sustainable denim collection. This multidisciplinary approach reflects the label’s commitment to supporting and showcasing various forms of artistic expression.

Through its projects and collaborations, MSFTS Music has continued to make waves in the music industry. The label’s commitment to artistic freedom, individuality, and pushing creative boundaries has created a distinctive brand within the industry, paving the way for a new generation of artists who are unafraid to challenge conventions.

In the following section, we will explore the partnership between MSFTS Music and Roc Nation, a collaboration that has provided even more opportunities and exposure for the label’s artists.


Partnership with Roc Nation

In 2019, MSFTS Music solidified its position in the music industry through a strategic partnership with Roc Nation, one of the most influential entertainment companies in the world. Roc Nation, founded by Jay-Z, has built a strong reputation for nurturing talent and creating global superstars across various genres.

The partnership between MSFTS Music and Roc Nation brought together two powerhouses in the industry, both known for their commitment to artistic excellence and innovation. This collaboration offered MSFTS Music artists access to Roc Nation’s vast resources, industry expertise, and worldwide reach, opening doors to new opportunities and expanding their global presence.

Through the partnership, MSFTS Music artists gained the advantage of working alongside seasoned professionals with extensive experience in artist development, marketing, and promotions. This enabled them to further hone their skills, refine their artistic direction, and reach wider audiences.

The partnership also facilitated collaborations between MSFTS Music and Roc Nation artists. These cross-label collaborations not only added depth and diversity to the music produced but also provided a platform for artists to share their unique perspectives and talents with a wider audience.

Beyond the music industry, the collaboration between MSFTS Music and Roc Nation extended to various other creative endeavors. Joint projects in fashion, philanthropy, and social initiatives fueled the synergies between the two entities and amplified their impact on both the music and entertainment industries.

The partnership with Roc Nation elevated MSFTS Music’s visibility and credibility within the industry, attracting attention from fans, critics, and industry professionals alike. It provided a platform for the label’s artists to showcase their talents on a global scale and solidify their position as influential voices within the music industry.

The partnership between MSFTS Music and Roc Nation represents a powerful union of visionaries and a testament to the impact that can be achieved when two forces for artistic innovation come together. As the collaboration evolves, it is expected to continue to push the boundaries of creativity and inspire future generations of artists to follow their own unique paths.

In the concluding section, we will summarize the key takeaways from our exploration of MSFTS Music, highlighting the label’s contributions to the music industry and its ongoing commitment to artistic freedom and individuality.



MSFTS Music, founded by Jaden Smith and a collective of artists, has emerged as a pioneering force within the music industry. With a focus on artistic freedom, individuality, and pushing creative boundaries, the label has redefined what it means to be a record label in the modern era.

From its early beginnings to its partnership with Roc Nation, MSFTS Music has showcased the power of embracing unconventional approaches and nurturing emerging talent. The label’s commitment to diverse genres and artistic expression has resulted in a dynamic roster of artists who are pushing the boundaries of music and captivating audiences worldwide.

Projects like Jaden Smith’s “SYRE” and “ERYS” have reflected the label’s dedication to producing innovative and thought-provoking music. These albums have resonated with fans and critics, elevating MSFTS Music’s profile and solidifying its place in the industry.

Furthermore, the partnership with Roc Nation has opened doors for MSFTS Music artists, providing access to invaluable resources and opportunities for collaboration. The collaboration between these two industry powerhouses has amplified the impact of both labels and has showcased the strength of their shared vision for artistic excellence.

Beyond music, MSFTS Music has transcended traditional boundaries by venturing into fashion, art, and philanthropy, solidifying its status as a multi-disciplinary platform for creatives. The label’s commitment to showcasing and nurturing various creative outlets sets it apart from traditional record labels.

In conclusion, MSFTS Music represents a new era of record labels, where artistic freedom, individuality, and innovative thinking are at the forefront. It has become a platform for artists to truly express themselves and push the boundaries of their craft. With its collaborative spirit, focus on diverse talent, and unwavering commitment to artistic expression, MSFTS Music has successfully left its mark on the music industry, inspiring and empowering artists to embrace their own unique paths.

As the label continues to evolve and expand its reach, one thing remains certain: MSFTS Music will continue to challenge conventions, celebrate individuality, and redefine what it means to be a record label for the next generation of artists.

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