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Who Is Iggy Azalea Current Record Label Who Is Iggy Azalea Current Record Label

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Who Is Iggy Azalea Current Record Label

Written by: Annecorinne Barba

Discover who Iggy Azalea's current record label is with this insightful article. Stay up to date with the latest news and updates from the talented artist and her musical journey.

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Record labels play a crucial role in the music industry, shaping the careers of artists and contributing to their success. One prominent name in the music scene is Iggy Azalea, the Australian rapper known for her chart-topping hits and unique style. But which record label currently represents her and manages her musical endeavors?

Iggy Azalea, born Amethyst Amelia Kelly, first gained fame in 2011 through her viral videos and mixtapes. Her distinctive flow and unapologetic lyrics quickly caught the attention of music enthusiasts around the world. As her popularity grew, so did the interest from major record labels looking to sign this rising star.

Over the years, Iggy Azalea has been associated with various record labels as she navigated her way through the music industry. From her early beginnings to her current status, let’s delve into the journey of Iggy Azalea and discover who her current record label is.


Early Career

Iggy Azalea’s musical journey started in her teenage years when she moved from her hometown of Mullumbimby, Australia to the vibrant city of Miami, Florida. Inspired by hip-hop and rap, she began honing her skills and creating her own music.

During her early career, Iggy Azalea released a series of self-produced mixtapes, showcasing her unique style and raw talent. These mixtapes gained attention in the underground music scene and helped her build a fan base. One of her notable mixtapes, “Ignorant Art,” caught the attention of several record labels, propelling her towards mainstream success.

This initial exposure led to Iggy Azalea signing her first record deal with the record label Mercury Records in 2012. However, her time with Mercury Records was short-lived, and she eventually parted ways with the label to pursue a different opportunity.

Despite the setback, Iggy Azalea’s determination and passion for music continued to drive her forward. She kept releasing new music independently, further establishing herself as an artist to watch in the hip-hop and rap scene. Her talent and dedication eventually caught the attention of one of the industry’s biggest names.

Stay tuned to find out which record label recognized Iggy Azalea’s potential and propelled her towards even greater success in the music industry.


Signing with Grand Hustle

In 2012, Iggy Azalea’s career took a significant turn when she signed with Grand Hustle Records, a renowned record label founded by rap superstar T.I. This partnership marked a crucial milestone in Iggy Azalea’s journey and provided her with the platform to showcase her talent on a larger scale.

Under the guidance and mentorship of T.I., Iggy Azalea began working on her major-label debut studio album, “The New Classic.” This album served as a breakthrough for the Australian rapper, propelling her into the mainstream music scene and establishing her as a formidable force in the industry.

The lead single from “The New Classic,” titled “Fancy,” featuring Charli XCX, became a global phenomenon. The song topped the charts in several countries and earned Iggy Azalea widespread recognition and acclaim. It also garnered numerous award nominations and solidified her status as an international sensation.

Throughout her time with Grand Hustle, Iggy Azalea continued to release hit singles, including “Black Widow” featuring Rita Ora and “Team.” These songs showcased her versatility as an artist and her ability to collaborate with other talented musicians. Her unique blend of rap, pop, and electronic elements captivated audiences worldwide and further solidified her presence in the music industry.

However, despite her successes, Iggy Azalea eventually departed from Grand Hustle Records in 2015. This separation marked a new chapter in her career, as she ventured into independent releases and faced some challenges along the way. Stay tuned to discover more about Iggy Azalea’s journey beyond Grand Hustle and her experiences with different record labels.


Major Label Debut with The New Classic

After signing with Grand Hustle Records, Iggy Azalea embarked on an exciting chapter in her career, preparing for the release of her highly anticipated major-label debut album, “The New Classic.” This album, released in 2014, marked a significant milestone for Iggy Azalea as she aimed to solidify her position in the music industry.

“The New Classic” showcased Iggy Azalea’s unique style, combining catchy hooks, infectious beats, and her signature rapid-fire delivery of verses. The album featured collaborations with notable artists, including Charli XCX, T.I., and Rita Ora, further elevating the project’s appeal and broadening its reach.

One of the standout tracks from “The New Classic” was the smash hit single “Fancy,” featuring Charli XCX. The song not only dominated the airwaves but also became a cultural phenomenon, with its catchy chorus and memorable lyrics. It topped the charts in several countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, and earned Iggy Azalea two Grammy Award nominations.

Another notable track from the album was “Black Widow,” featuring Rita Ora. This collaboration showcased Iggy Azalea’s ability to blend rap and pop seamlessly, resulting in a powerful anthem about female empowerment and strength. “Black Widow” achieved considerable success on the charts and further solidified Iggy Azalea’s presence in the music industry.

With the release of “The New Classic,” Iggy Azalea proved that she was not just another rap artist but a charismatic and talented performer with a unique sound. The album received critical acclaim, with praise for her lyrical prowess, infectious hooks, and cohesive production.

Despite the commercial and critical success of “The New Classic,” Iggy Azalea faced some challenges during this time. She received backlash and criticism from some quarters within the hip-hop community, sparking debates about cultural appropriation and authenticity. However, she remained resilient and focused on her musical ambitions.

After her major-label debut, Iggy Azalea’s career took some unexpected turns, as she parted ways with Grand Hustle Records, explored independent releases, and faced label troubles. But her talent and determination would ultimately lead her to a new record label deal that would reignite her career. Stay tuned to find out more about Iggy Azalea’s post-Grand Hustle journey and her experiences with different record labels.


Departure from Grand Hustle

After several years of collaboration with Grand Hustle Records, Iggy Azalea’s journey took an unexpected turn when she announced her departure from the label in 2015. The split marked a significant shift in her career trajectory, leading her to explore new avenues and opportunities in the music industry.

Reports of Iggy Azalea’s departure from Grand Hustle cited creative differences and a desire for more artistic control as the primary reasons for the split. It was a decision that allowed her to take a step back and reassess her musical direction.

Following her departure, Iggy Azalea remained dedicated to her craft, continuing to release new music independently. However, she faced various challenges during this period, including leaks of her unreleased tracks and struggles with finding solid footing in the ever-evolving music landscape.

Amidst these challenges, Iggy Azalea’s resilience became evident as she persevered and focused on honing her skills as an artist. She channeled her energy into refining her sound and exploring new creative paths, determined to carve out a niche for herself in the highly competitive music industry.

During this time, Iggy Azalea released a series of singles and extended plays (EPs) independently, including “Team” and “Mo Bounce,” showcasing her growth and versatility as an artist. These releases provided fans with a taste of Iggy Azalea’s solo ventures and kept the momentum going.

While her independent releases showcased her talent and dedication, Iggy Azalea faced challenges when it came to securing a new record label deal. The music industry can be a complex and competitive landscape, with artists vying for the attention and support of major labels.

However, Iggy Azalea’s determination and perseverance ultimately paid off, leading her to a new record label partnership that would reignite her career and open doors to new opportunities. Stay tuned to discover which record label recognized her talent and supported her on her musical journey.


Independent Releases and Label Troubles

Following her departure from Grand Hustle Records, Iggy Azalea found herself navigating the complexities of the music industry as an independent artist. While she continued to release music and showcase her talent, she also encountered several challenges and label troubles along the way.

Iggy Azalea released a series of singles and extended plays (EPs) independently, including tracks like “Team” and “Mo Bounce.” These releases showcased her growth as an artist and highlighted her ability to adapt to different musical styles. Despite the positive reception from fans and critics, she faced hurdles in securing a new record deal that would provide the necessary backing and support for her continued success.

Label troubles added another layer of difficulty to Iggy Azalea’s journey. Reports surfaced of disagreements and legal battles with her previous record labels, impacting her ability to release new music freely. These obstacles highlighted the challenges that independent artists can face when it comes to navigating contractual agreements and maintaining creative control over their work.

Amidst these label troubles, Iggy Azalea took matters into her own hands. She continued to innovate and adapt, exploring alternative distribution and promotion methods to ensure her music reached her dedicated fanbase. Leveraging her strong online presence and social media platforms, she connected directly with her fans and shared her music, bypassing some of the traditional industry hurdles.

Despite the challenges, Iggy Azalea’s determination and resilience shone through. She refused to let setbacks define her career and worked tirelessly to overcome obstacles. Her dedication to her craft and her ability to reinvent herself amidst label troubles highlighted her passion and commitment to making impactful music.

Through her independent releases and label troubles, Iggy Azalea demonstrated her perseverance as an artist. These experiences ultimately set the stage for a significant turning point in her career as she secured a new record label deal that would provide the support she needed to continue her musical journey. Stay tuned to discover the details of her new label partnership and the impact it had on her career.


New Label Deal with Empire

After facing label troubles and navigating the challenges of being an independent artist, Iggy Azalea secured a new record label deal that would mark a significant turning point in her career. In 2018, she signed with Empire, an independent record label and distribution company known for its work with a diverse range of artists.

The partnership with Empire provided Iggy Azalea with a renewed sense of stability and support as she continued to pursue her musical endeavors. Empire, known for its artist-friendly approach and commitment to empowering artists, proved to be an ideal fit for Iggy Azalea’s artistic vision.

Under her new label deal, Iggy Azalea released her highly-anticipated sophomore album, “In My Defense,” in 2019. This album showcased her growth as an artist, with tracks that combined her signature rap flows and captivating hooks. The album garnered positive reviews from critics and further solidified Iggy Azalea’s place in the hip-hop and pop music landscape.

In addition to releasing her own music, Iggy Azalea also collaborated with Empire’s roster of talented artists, fostering a creative and collaborative environment. Through these collaborations, she showcased her versatility and ability to work with artists from different genres, infusing her unique style into diverse musical projects.

Empire’s artist-focused approach and dedication to providing artists with the freedom to create and innovate allowed Iggy Azalea to take full control of her artistic vision. It empowered her to express herself authentically and paved the way for her to explore new musical territories.

With the support of Empire, Iggy Azalea continued to release successful singles and extend her reach to new audiences. Tracks like “Sally Walker” and “Started” showcased her ability to capture listeners’ attention with catchy hooks and confident delivery.

Through her new label partnership with Empire, Iggy Azalea was able to regain momentum in her career and establish herself as a resilient and versatile artist. The collaboration with Empire reinforced her position in the music industry and provided a platform for her to continue shining as a prominent figure in hip-hop and pop music.

As Iggy Azalea’s career continues to evolve, her partnership with Empire sets the stage for even more exciting and innovative music to come. Fans can look forward to seeing how her collaboration with Empire will shape her future releases and contribute to her ongoing success in the industry.



Iggy Azalea’s journey in the music industry has been filled with highs and lows, breakthrough moments and challenges. From her early independent releases to signing with major record labels and facing label troubles, she has remained dedicated to her craft and determined to make her mark in the industry.

Throughout her career, Iggy Azalea’s talent and unique style have garnered attention and accolades. Her major-label debut album, “The New Classic,” propelled her into the mainstream music scene with hits like “Fancy” and “Black Widow.” These songs showcased her ability to captivate audiences with her catchy hooks and undeniable presence.

Despite the setbacks and label troubles she faced along the way, Iggy Azalea proved her resilience and determination. Her independent releases and collaborations reflected her growth as an artist, allowing her to explore new musical territories and connect with her fan base on a deeper level.

The new chapter in Iggy Azalea’s career came with her signing to Empire, an independent record label and distribution company. This partnership provided her with the support and freedom to express her artistic vision, leading to the release of her sophomore album, “In My Defense,” and a continued string of successful singles.

Iggy Azalea’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and staying true to oneself in the ever-changing music industry. Through her talent, hard work, and ability to adapt, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the hip-hop and pop music scenes.

As fans eagerly anticipate more music from Iggy Azalea, her partnership with Empire sets the stage for even greater accomplishments. With her unique style, undeniable talent, and the support of a record label that values artistic freedom, the future looks bright for Iggy Azalea and her musical career.

In conclusion, Iggy Azalea’s current record label is Empire, a label that has played a vital role in supporting her artistic journey and helping her navigate the music industry. Through her partnership with Empire, Iggy Azalea continues to captivate audiences with her music and showcases her undeniable talent as a rapper and performer.

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