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Who Makes Mapex Drums

Written by: Jennine Hiles

Discover the makers of Mapex drums and their exceptional craftsmanship. Learn why Mapex drums are a top choice for drummers worldwide.

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Mapex Drums is a renowned name in the world of percussion instruments, celebrated for its commitment to quality, innovation, and craftsmanship. With a rich heritage spanning decades, Mapex has consistently delivered top-notch drum kits and hardware that cater to the diverse needs of drummers across the globe. From professional drummers to aspiring musicians, Mapex has established itself as a trusted brand synonymous with exceptional sound, durability, and artistic expression.

The journey of Mapex Drums is a testament to the fusion of traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, resulting in instruments that resonate with unparalleled clarity and power. Whether it's the resonant tones of the Saturn V series or the versatility of the Armory line, Mapex offers a comprehensive range of drum kits and hardware designed to inspire creativity and elevate musical performances.

As we delve into the world of Mapex Drums, we will uncover the brand's fascinating history, explore its diverse product line, shed light on its esteemed artists and endorsements, delve into the meticulous manufacturing process, and gain insights into its distribution and sales network. By the end of this exploration, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of what sets Mapex Drums apart in the realm of percussion instruments, and why it continues to be a top choice for drummers of all levels of expertise.


History of Mapex Drums

History of Mapex Drums

The history of Mapex Drums traces back to 1989 when the KHS Musical Instrument Company in Taiwan set out to create a brand that would redefine the standards of drum manufacturing. The name “Mapex” was derived from the combination of “Maple” and “Export,” symbolizing the brand’s dedication to crafting drum kits with high-quality maple shells that could be exported worldwide.

From its inception, Mapex Drums prioritized innovation and precision, aiming to offer drummers instruments that not only sounded exceptional but also exhibited remarkable durability. This commitment to excellence propelled the brand to rapid success, earning the trust and admiration of drummers globally.

Over the years, Mapex continued to push the boundaries of drum design and engineering, introducing groundbreaking technologies such as the SONIClear bearing edge, which enhances resonance and tuning stability. The brand’s relentless pursuit of perfection led to the development of signature series drum kits in collaboration with renowned artists, further solidifying Mapex’s position as an industry leader.

Today, Mapex Drums stands as a symbol of uncompromising quality and innovation, with a diverse product line that caters to the evolving needs of drummers across genres. The brand’s legacy is not just defined by its exceptional instruments but also by its unwavering support for the drumming community, nurturing talent and fostering a culture of creativity and expression.

As we delve deeper into the history of Mapex Drums, we gain a profound appreciation for the brand’s evolution and the pivotal role it has played in shaping the modern drumming landscape. The journey from its humble beginnings to its current global prominence is a testament to Mapex’s enduring commitment to craftsmanship and musical artistry.


Mapex Drums Product Line

Mapex Drums Product Line

Mapex Drums boasts an extensive and diverse product line that caters to the varied preferences and playing styles of drummers worldwide. Each series within the Mapex catalog is meticulously crafted, showcasing the brand’s dedication to innovation, quality, and sonic excellence.

1. Saturn V Series: The Saturn V series exemplifies the pinnacle of Mapex’s drum manufacturing expertise, featuring hybrid shell compositions that combine maple and walnut for a balanced and resonant sound. These kits are revered for their rich tones, remarkable projection, and stunning aesthetics, making them a top choice for professional drummers across genres.

2. Armory Series: Designed for versatility and power, the Armory series offers drummers a dynamic range of configurations and finishes. With hybrid shell compositions and innovative hardware features, Armory kits deliver exceptional performance and adaptability, making them ideal for live performances and studio recordings.

3. Black Panther Series: The Black Panther series embodies the essence of boutique drum craftsmanship, featuring premium shell materials and meticulous attention to detail. These kits are celebrated for their sensitivity, articulation, and depth of character, catering to the discerning demands of professional drummers seeking unparalleled expressiveness.

4. Mars Series: Geared towards aspiring drummers and seasoned players alike, the Mars series offers a blend of affordability and quality. With birch and maple shell options, Mars kits deliver a punchy and articulate sound, making them an ideal choice for musicians seeking a reliable and expressive instrument.

5. Horizon Series: The Horizon series embodies the essence of reliability and performance, offering a range of configurations to suit various musical styles. These kits feature well-crafted shells and hardware, providing drummers with a solid foundation for honing their skills and delivering impactful performances.

Each series within the Mapex product line reflects the brand’s unwavering commitment to meeting the evolving needs of drummers, whether they are seasoned professionals or aspiring musicians embarking on their musical journey. The fusion of innovation, craftsmanship, and sonic excellence defines Mapex Drums as a leading force in the world of percussion instruments.


Mapex Artists and Endorsements

Mapex Artists and Endorsements

Mapex Drums has established a strong and diverse roster of artists who not only endorse the brand’s instruments but also contribute to the ongoing innovation and development of Mapex drum kits. These artists represent a wide spectrum of musical genres and styles, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of Mapex instruments across various performance settings.

1. Chris Adler: Renowned for his work with the band Lamb of God, Chris Adler’s powerful and precise drumming style has made him a prominent figure in the metal and heavy rock scene. His collaboration with Mapex has led to the development of signature snare drums and hardware, reflecting his distinct sound and performance requirements.

2. Tony Coleman: As the longtime drummer for blues legend B.B. King, Tony Coleman’s soulful and expressive playing has captivated audiences worldwide. His partnership with Mapex has resulted in the creation of signature series drum kits that embody the rich heritage and dynamic nuances of blues music.

3. Russ Miller: With a diverse career spanning jazz, rock, and pop, Russ Miller is celebrated for his technical prowess and musical versatility. His collaboration with Mapex has yielded innovative drumming accessories and educational materials, empowering drummers to expand their skills and creativity.

4. Anika Nilles: Anika Nilles has garnered acclaim for her innovative approach to drumming, blending intricate rhythms and melodic sensibilities. Her collaboration with Mapex has led to the development of signature snare drums and hardware that cater to the nuanced demands of contemporary drummers exploring new sonic frontiers.

These artists, along with many others in the Mapex family, contribute valuable insights and real-world feedback that directly influence the design and refinement of Mapex drum kits and hardware. Their endorsements go beyond mere promotion, serving as a testament to the brand’s commitment to empowering musicians and elevating the art of drumming.

Mapex’s dedication to collaborating with diverse and influential artists underscores its mission to create instruments that resonate with the distinct voices and creative visions of drummers worldwide. Through these partnerships, Mapex continues to push the boundaries of drum design and innovation, ensuring that its products remain at the forefront of musical expression.


Mapex Drums Manufacturing Process

Mapex Drums Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of Mapex Drums is a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, meticulously orchestrated to create instruments that embody precision, durability, and exceptional sound quality. From the selection of premium materials to the intricate assembly of each component, every step in the production of Mapex drum kits reflects the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

Material Selection: The journey begins with the careful selection of wood and other materials that form the foundation of Mapex drum shells. Premium-grade maple, birch, and walnut are chosen for their acoustic properties, resonance, and structural integrity, ensuring that each shell meets the brand’s exacting standards for sonic performance.

Shell Construction: The selected wood is expertly crafted into drum shells using a combination of hand craftsmanship and precision machinery. Mapex’s proprietary shell construction techniques, coupled with innovative technologies such as the SONIClear bearing edge, result in shells that offer enhanced tuning stability, increased resonance, and optimal tonal clarity.

Hardware and Finishing: The hardware components of Mapex drum kits undergo meticulous engineering and testing to guarantee reliability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. From lugs and hoops to mounting systems and snare strainers, each component is designed to seamlessly integrate with the drum shells, ensuring optimal performance and durability. The finishing touches, including lacquering and detailing, are executed with precision to enhance the visual allure of the instruments.

Quality Control and Testing: Prior to leaving the manufacturing facility, every Mapex drum undergoes rigorous quality control measures and testing protocols. This comprehensive evaluation encompasses sound testing, hardware functionality checks, and visual inspections to ascertain that each drum meets the brand’s exacting standards for craftsmanship and performance.

The culmination of these processes yields drum kits and hardware that embody the essence of Mapex’s commitment to sonic excellence, reliability, and artistic expression. Whether it’s the warm resonance of a maple shell or the dynamic projection of a walnut hybrid, every Mapex drum reflects the brand’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of drum manufacturing and empowering drummers to realize their musical aspirations.


Mapex Drums Distribution and Sales

Mapex Drums Distribution and Sales

Mapex Drums employs a strategic and comprehensive approach to distribution and sales, ensuring that its instruments reach a global network of musicians, retailers, and enthusiasts. The brand’s commitment to accessibility, customer support, and market presence has solidified its position as a leading provider of high-quality drum kits and hardware.

Global Distribution Network: Mapex has established a robust network of distributors and dealers across continents, enabling its products to reach drummers in diverse regions. This expansive distribution network facilitates accessibility to Mapex instruments, allowing musicians to explore and experience the brand’s offerings firsthand.

Artist Engagement and Events: Mapex actively engages with the drumming community through artist demonstrations, workshops, and events hosted in collaboration with its endorsed musicians. These engagements provide drummers with opportunities to interact with Mapex products, receive expert guidance, and gain insights into the brand’s innovative features and capabilities.

Customer Support and Education: The brand prioritizes customer support and education, offering resources such as online tutorials, product guides, and responsive customer service to assist drummers in making informed decisions about their instrument choices. This commitment to empowering customers contributes to a positive and enriching experience with Mapex products.

Retailer Partnerships: Mapex cultivates strong partnerships with music retailers and online platforms, ensuring that its instruments are readily available to customers. These partnerships facilitate seamless transactions, product availability, and after-sales support, further enhancing the accessibility and satisfaction of drummers who choose Mapex.

Innovative Marketing Initiatives: Mapex employs innovative marketing strategies to showcase its products, including digital campaigns, social media engagement, and participation in industry events and trade shows. These initiatives not only create brand visibility but also serve to educate and inspire drummers about the unique features and benefits of Mapex instruments.

The collective efforts in distribution, sales, customer engagement, and marketing underscore Mapex’s dedication to serving the drumming community with excellence and integrity. By fostering strong relationships with distributors, retailers, and customers, Mapex continues to expand its global footprint and enrich the musical journeys of drummers worldwide.




In conclusion, Mapex Drums stands as a paragon of innovation, quality, and artistry in the realm of percussion instruments. Through a rich history rooted in craftsmanship and a relentless pursuit of sonic excellence, Mapex has earned the trust and admiration of drummers across the globe, from aspiring musicians to seasoned professionals.

The brand’s diverse product line, encompassing series such as Saturn V, Armory, Black Panther, Mars, and Horizon, reflects its commitment to meeting the diverse needs and preferences of drummers across musical genres. Each series embodies a fusion of tradition and innovation, resulting in instruments that inspire creativity, elevate performances, and stand the test of time.

Mapex’s collaboration with esteemed artists and its dedication to nurturing emerging talent underscore its role as a catalyst for musical expression and innovation. The brand’s roster of endorsed musicians, including Chris Adler, Tony Coleman, Russ Miller, and Anika Nilles, exemplifies the versatility and adaptability of Mapex instruments in shaping diverse musical landscapes.

Furthermore, the meticulous manufacturing process employed by Mapex ensures that every drum kit and hardware component meets exacting standards of quality, resonance, and durability. From material selection to quality control, each step in the production journey reflects the brand’s unwavering commitment to empowering drummers with instruments that resonate with unparalleled clarity and character.

Mapex’s dedication to global distribution, customer support, and innovative marketing initiatives further cements its position as a frontrunner in the percussion industry. By fostering strong partnerships with distributors, retailers, and customers, Mapex continues to expand its reach and enrich the musical experiences of drummers worldwide.

In essence, Mapex Drums transcends the role of a mere instrument manufacturer; it embodies a legacy of passion, innovation, and unwavering dedication to the art of drumming. As the brand continues to evolve and inspire, it remains a beacon of creativity and sonic excellence, empowering drummers to embark on transformative musical journeys and shape the future of percussion.

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