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What Background Music Does Shane Dawson Use What Background Music Does Shane Dawson Use

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What Background Music Does Shane Dawson Use

Written by: Annis Medlock

Discover the background music that Shane Dawson uses in his videos. Get insights into the perfect tunes that capture the essence of his content.

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In the world of online content creation, background music plays a vital role in enhancing the viewer’s experience. One creator who understands the importance of selecting the right background music is Shane Dawson. With his unique and engaging video style, Shane Dawson has captivated millions of viewers around the world. But have you ever wondered what background music he uses to set the mood and add depth to his content?

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of background music in Shane Dawson’s videos. We’ll explore the different genres and styles he utilizes, how he incorporates background music to enhance his storytelling, and even touch on the legal considerations of using music in online content. So, whether you’re a fan of Shane Dawson or simply interested in the impact of background music on video content, keep reading to uncover the secrets behind the soundscape of Shane Dawson’s videos.

Shane Dawson is known for his vlogs, conspiracy theories, and documentary-style content. In all of these genres, background music plays a crucial role in setting the tone, creating suspense, or adding emotion to the storytelling. From upbeat tracks to haunting melodies, Shane Dawson’s selection of background music is carefully curated to evoke specific feelings in his viewers.

But how does Shane Dawson find the perfect background music for his videos? Does he compose his own music, or does he rely on pre-existing tracks? In the next section, we’ll explore the world of background music in Shane Dawson’s videos and unravel the secrets behind his musical choices.


Background Music in Shane Dawson’s Videos

When it comes to background music in Shane Dawson’s videos, there is a wide range of genres and styles that he incorporates. He carefully selects music that complements the specific theme or mood of each video, adding an extra layer of depth to his storytelling.

One of the most noticeable aspects of background music in Shane Dawson’s videos is the seamless integration of popular songs. He often uses well-known tracks that resonate with his viewers, creating a sense of familiarity and enhancing the overall viewing experience. These songs can range from current chart-toppers to iconic classics, depending on the theme and message of the video.

In addition to popular songs, Shane Dawson also incorporates instrumental tracks and soundscapes to enhance the atmosphere of his videos. These ambient sounds help to create tension, suspense, or reinforce emotional moments. By utilizing various instrumentals, he adds a cinematic touch to his content, making it more engaging for his audience.

Furthermore, Shane Dawson makes effective use of sound effects in conjunction with background music to enhance the narrative. These sound effects can range from simple transitions and swooshes to more complex sounds like footsteps or door creaks. By carefully layering these elements, he creates a multisensory experience that immerses viewers into his world.

It’s important to note that Shane Dawson is not limited to a single genre or style of music. He embraces versatility and experiments with different genres depending on the nature of the video. For lighthearted and comedic content, he may incorporate upbeat and energetic tracks, while for more serious or thought-provoking videos, he tends to lean towards dramatic and emotionally charged music.

All of these elements work together harmoniously to create a cohesive audiovisual experience in Shane Dawson’s videos. The combination of popular songs, instrumental tracks, sound effects, and carefully chosen genres adds depth, emotion, and impact to his storytelling.

Next, let’s explore some of the most commonly used background music in Shane Dawson’s videos, giving you a glimpse into the soundscape that accompanies his content.


Shane Dawson’s Most Commonly Used Background Music

As a seasoned content creator, Shane Dawson has developed a signature style that is reflected in his choice of background music. While he incorporates a wide variety of tracks in his videos, there are a few songs and artists that have become synonymous with his content.

One song that has been frequently used in Shane Dawson’s videos is “Creeps” by Gizzle. This haunting and mysterious track adds an eerie atmosphere to his content, often used during moments of suspense or when discussing conspiracy theories. The haunting melody and atmospheric soundscape of “Creeps” perfectly aligns with the aesthetic and mood of Shane Dawson’s videos.

Another artist that Shane Dawson has frequently featured is Kevin MacLeod, a prolific composer known for his extensive library of royalty-free music. Kevin MacLeod’s tracks, such as “Sneaky Snitch” and “Investigations,” are often utilized during comedic or investigative segments of Shane Dawson’s videos. These playful and energetic tracks provide a fun and dynamic backdrop to his storytelling.

Additionally, Shane Dawson often incorporates popular songs into his videos, either as part of the background music or as standalone moments. Artists like Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish, and Rihanna have all made appearances in his content, adding a touch of familiarity and enhancing the emotional impact of certain scenes.

It’s worth noting that while some of the songs and artists mentioned above are commonly associated with Shane Dawson’s videos, his selection of background music is not limited to these choices. He is known to explore different genres and artists, tailoring the music to the specific theme or mood of each video.

By continually incorporating new tracks into his videos, Shane Dawson keeps his content fresh and engaging for his audience. Whether it’s through original compositions, royalty-free music, or popular songs, he ensures that the background music aligns with the narrative and enhances the overall viewing experience.

Now that we’ve explored some of the most commonly used background music in Shane Dawson’s videos, let’s take a closer look at how he utilizes this music to enhance his content.


How Shane Dawson Utilizes Background Music to Enhance his Content

Shane Dawson is a master at using background music to enhance the impact and storytelling in his videos. He understands that the right music can evoke emotions, create suspense, and establish the overall tone of his content. Here are some ways he effectively utilizes background music to enhance his videos:

Setting the Mood: One of the primary purposes of background music in Shane Dawson’s videos is to set the mood. Whether it’s a lighthearted and comedic vlog or a serious investigation, the choice of music instantly clues viewers into the tone of the content. By selecting tracks that align with the theme and desired emotions, Shane creates an immersive experience that amplifies the impact of his storytelling.

Building Suspense: When delving into conspiracy theories or exploring mysterious subjects, Shane Dawson strategically uses background music to build suspense. Tense and eerie tracks add a sense of anticipation, keeping viewers engaged and on the edge of their seats. By carefully timing the music and playing with the volume levels, he creates an atmosphere that heightens the impact of his investigations.

Accentuating Emotional Moments: Background music in Shane Dawson’s videos also plays a pivotal role in accentuating emotional moments. Whether it’s a heartfelt confession, a vulnerable conversation, or a poignant realization, the right music can evoke powerful emotions in the viewers. By selecting tracks that resonate with the sentiment of the scene, Shane ensures that viewers are fully immersed in the emotional journey he is sharing.

Providing Transitions: Smooth transitions are essential for maintaining the flow of the video. Shane Dawson incorporates background music to seamlessly transition between different segments or scenes. With the use of transitional tracks, he creates a cohesive narrative that keeps the viewers engaged and easily moves them from one topic to another, making the viewing experience more enjoyable.

Adding Depth and Texture: Background music adds depth and texture to Shane Dawson’s videos, transforming them into immersive experiences. By carefully layering different tracks, sound effects, and ambient sounds, he creates a multisensory experience that captivates the viewers. This attention to detail enhances the overall production value and keeps the audience engrossed from start to finish.

Shane Dawson’s mastery of utilizing background music is evident in his videos. By considering every element of the storytelling process, he ensures that the music enhances the impact of his content and resonates with his audience. Now, let’s explore the impact of background music on Shane Dawson’s videos.


The Impact of Background Music on Shane Dawson’s Videos

Background music plays a significant role in shaping the overall impact of Shane Dawson’s videos. It elevates the viewer’s experience, adds depth to the storytelling, and creates a connection between the content and the emotions it elicits. Here are some key ways in which background music influences the impact of Shane Dawson’s videos:

Emotional Engagement: The right choice of background music can evoke a wide range of emotions in the viewers. From excitement to suspense, joy to sadness, Shane Dawson utilizes music to elicit a specific emotional response at different points in his videos. This emotional engagement keeps viewers invested in the content and creates a deeper connection with the storytelling.

Mood Enhancement: Background music sets the mood for each scene and overall theme of the video. Whether it’s a light-hearted comedic moment, a thrilling investigative sequence, or a deeply introspective segment, the carefully selected music enhances the desired atmosphere. It helps to create an immersive experience that amplifies the impact of Shane Dawson’s storytelling and captivates the viewers.

Rhythm and Pace: The rhythm and pace of background music greatly influence the flow of the video. Shane Dawson leverages the tempo and energy of the music to dictate the pace of his storytelling. Upbeat tracks can infuse energy into comedic segments or montages, while slower or more contemplative music complements emotional or reflective moments. This strategic use of rhythm and pace helps to keep the audience engaged and connected to the narrative.

Audiovisual Synchronization: Shane Dawson pays close attention to synchronizing background music with visual elements in his videos. From timing transitions to match music beats to creating impactful climaxes by aligning the crescendo of the music with key moments, this synchronization adds a level of professionalism and enhances the overall impact of the video. It creates a cohesive and immersive experience that draws viewers deeper into the content.

Memorability: The choice of background music has a lasting impact on the viewers. When a particular track or piece of music becomes synonymous with a Shane Dawson video, it creates a sense of familiarity and nostalgia. These musical associations contribute to the memorability of the content, making it more likely for viewers to revisit and share the videos with others.

In summary, background music has a profound impact on Shane Dawson’s videos. It engages emotions, sets the mood, dictates the rhythm and pace, enhances the audiovisual experience, and contributes to the overall memorability of his content. By carefully selecting and utilizing background music, Shane Dawson elevates his storytelling and creates a powerful connection with his audience.

Now that we understand the impact of background music on Shane Dawson’s videos, let’s explore how he finds and selects the perfect music to complement his content.


How Shane Dawson Finds and Selects Background Music

Shane Dawson’s ability to find and select the perfect background music is a testament to his meticulous attention to detail and deep understanding of the emotions he wants to evoke in his videos. Here’s a glimpse into how he navigates the process:

Music Libraries: Shane Dawson extensively explores various music libraries to find the right tracks for his videos. These libraries offer a wide range of genres, styles, and moods, making it easier for him to discover music that aligns with the theme and tone of his content. He relies on these curated collections to access a vast pool of high-quality music that caters to his specific needs.

Composer Collaborations: At times, Shane Dawson collaborates with composers to create original background music specifically tailored to his videos. This allows him to have complete creative control over the musical elements and ensures that the music perfectly aligns with his vision. Working with composers also gives him the opportunity to craft unique and personalized sounds that enhance the storytelling in his videos.

Soundtracks and Popular Songs: Shane Dawson incorporates popular songs and soundtracks in his videos to add a layer of familiarity and emotional resonance. He selects tracks that resonate with the themes or messages he wants to convey, ensuring that they enhance the overall impact of the content. By integrating well-known music, he taps into the power of nostalgia and creates a deeper connection with his audience.

Collaborations with Musicians: Shane Dawson has collaborated with musicians in the past, featuring their music in his videos. These collaborations not only provide him with unique and original music but also allow him to tap into the artist’s creative style and fan base. By intertwining his content with the work of talented musicians, Shane brings a fresh and dynamic element to his videos.

Matching Emotions and Themes: Above all, Shane Dawson selects background music based on its ability to evoke specific emotions and align with the themes of his videos. He meticulously analyzes the mood, energy, and lyrics (if applicable) of a song to ensure that it perfectly complements the narrative and enhances the viewer’s experience. This careful consideration results in a seamless integration of music into his content.

It’s important to note that Shane Dawson is also conscious of copyright and licensing considerations when selecting background music. He ensures that the music he uses is properly licensed or falls under fair use guidelines to avoid any legal complications.

Overall, Shane Dawson’s approach to finding and selecting background music is a blend of exploration, collaboration, and emotional resonance. His keen eye and ear for the perfect music help him craft compelling narratives and create powerful connections with his audience.

Now, let’s delve into the copyright and licensing considerations Shane Dawson takes into account when using background music in his videos.


Copyright and Licensing Considerations for Background Music in Shane Dawson’s Videos

When selecting background music for his videos, Shane Dawson takes copyright and licensing considerations seriously to ensure that he stays within legal boundaries. This is crucial to avoid potential copyright infringement claims and to respect the intellectual property rights of the artists and composers. Here are some key factors Shane Dawson considers:

Licensing Agreements: Shane Dawson sources his background music from various platforms and libraries that provide proper licensing agreements. These agreements ensure that he has the necessary permission to use the music in his videos without infringing on any copyrights. By adhering to licensing requirements, he supports and respects the work of the artists and composers.

Royalty-Free Music: Royalty-free music is another avenue that Shane Dawson explores for his background music needs. It allows him to use the music without incurring additional fees or royalties for each use. Platforms like Kevin MacLeod’s website and other royalty-free music libraries offer a wide range of tracks that can be legally used in content creation, ensuring compliance with copyright laws.

Public Domain Music: Shane Dawson may also choose to incorporate public domain music into his videos. Public domain music refers to works that are not protected by copyright or whose copyrights have expired. By utilizing public domain music, Shane can freely use and adapt these tracks without restriction or the need for licensing.

Fair Use: In certain instances, Shane Dawson may rely on the legal principle of fair use to incorporate copyrighted music into his videos. Fair use allows for the limited use of copyrighted material for purposes of commentary, criticism, or transformative work. However, it is important for Shane to ensure that his use of copyrighted music falls within the boundaries of fair use and does not infringe upon the rights of the original copyright holders.

Clearing Sampled Music: If Shane Dawson intends to use sampled music or remixes in his videos, he must seek permission from the original copyright holders. This involves obtaining clearance and, in some cases, negotiating licensing agreements to compensate the original artists for the use of their work.

By considering these copyright and licensing considerations, Shane Dawson ensures that he operates within legal bounds while incorporating background music into his videos. This commitment to respecting intellectual property rights not only protects him from legal issues but also sets a good example for fellow creators in the industry.

Now that we have explored the copyright and licensing considerations, let’s take a look at other influencers who use similar background music to Shane Dawson.


Other Influencers Who Use Similar Background Music to Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson’s unique style of incorporating background music has not only captivated his audience, but it has also influenced other content creators in the online space. Several influencers utilize similar types of background music to enhance their videos and evoke a similar emotional impact. Here are a few notable examples:

Jenna Marbles: Known for her comedic and lighthearted content, Jenna Marbles often incorporates upbeat and catchy background music in her videos. She uses tracks that complement her energetic and humorous personality, creating an entertaining and engaging viewing experience for her audience.

Emma Chamberlain: Emma Chamberlain, a popular vlogger and lifestyle influencer, often incorporates indie-pop and lo-fi tracks as her background music. These genres create a chill and relaxed ambiance in her videos, perfectly aligning with her casual and relatable style.

Liza Koshy: Liza Koshy, a versatile content creator, embraces a wide range of musical styles in her videos. She frequently incorporates catchy pop songs and upbeat tracks that match the energetic and vibrant nature of her content.

Tyler Oakley: As an LGBTQ+ advocate and lifestyle influencer, Tyler Oakley often uses empowering and anthemic music in his videos. These motivational tracks enhance the inspirational messages he conveys and create a sense of empowerment for his viewers.

The Dolan Twins: Ethan and Grayson Dolan, renowned YouTubers, often utilize dramatic and emotional background music in their videos. These tracks heighten the impact of their storytelling, adding depth to their vlogs and creating a more immersive experience for their audience.

While these influencers have their distinct styles and preferences, they share a common understanding of the importance of background music in enhancing their content. They curate tracks that align with their personalities, content themes, and desired emotional responses, similar to the approach Shane Dawson takes with his background music selection.

It’s worth noting that these are just a few examples of influencers who incorporate background music in their videos. Countless other creators explore a wide range of genres and styles to enhance their content, showcasing the versatility and impact of background music in the online space.

Now, let’s conclude our exploration of background music in Shane Dawson’s videos.



Background music is a powerful tool that influences the impact and storytelling in videos, and Shane Dawson is a master at utilizing this tool to its fullest potential. By carefully selecting and incorporating background music in his videos, Shane creates an immersive experience for his audience, evoking emotions, setting the mood, and enhancing the overall engagement.

From popular songs to instrumental tracks, Shane Dawson’s choice of background music reflects his artistic vision and storytelling prowess. Whether he is building suspense in a conspiracy theory video or adding depth to an emotional moment, the music he selects aligns seamlessly with the content, amplifying its impact.

Shane Dawson’s process of finding and selecting background music involves exploring music libraries, collaborating with composers, and considering licensing agreements. He ensures that he operates within copyright boundaries, respecting the intellectual property rights of artists and composers while creating a unique audiovisual experience for his viewers.

Other influencers, such as Jenna Marbles, Emma Chamberlain, and Liza Koshy, also understand the significance of background music and use it to enhance their own content. They curate tracks that align with their personalities and content themes, showcasing the diverse ways in which background music can elevate videos across different genres and styles.

In conclusion, background music plays a vital role in enhancing the impact of videos, and Shane Dawson’s mastery in utilizing this tool has contributed to his influential status. By selecting music that resonates with his audience, evokes emotions, and adds depth to his storytelling, he has established a unique audiovisual signature that sets him apart. As viewers, we can appreciate the thoughtfulness and creativity that goes into each background music choice, enhancing our overall viewing experience.

So the next time you watch a Shane Dawson video or any other content creator’s video, pay attention to the background music. You’ll be amazed at how it seamlessly weaves into the narrative, creating a truly immersive and impactful viewing experience.

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