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Klaas Feat. Carlprit Do What You Do Bodybangers Remix Klaas Feat. Carlprit Do What You Do Bodybangers Remix


Klaas Feat. Carlprit Do What You Do Bodybangers Remix

Written by: Ulrica Harding

Get ready to groove with the electrifying "Remix" of Klaas Feat. Carlprit's hit track, "Do What You Do". The Bodybangers bring the perfect blend of energy and beats to keep you on your feet!

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Klaas Feat. Carlprit is a German dance music duo that gained international recognition with their hit song “Do What You Do.” This infectious track caught the attention of remix enthusiasts and was given a fresh spin by the Bodybangers. The “Do What You Do” Bodybangers Remix took the already captivating original version and infused it with a new energy and dynamic sound.

In this article, we will delve into the background of Klaas Feat. Carlprit and explore the origins of their chart-topping hit. We will then take a closer look at the Bodybangers’ remix style, analyzing their approach to transforming the original track into a club anthem. Comparisons between the remix and the original version will also be discussed, highlighting the differences and similarities between the two. Furthermore, we will examine the reception and popularity of the remix, along with the impact it had on Klaas Feat. Carlprit’s success.

So, get ready to discover the world of Klaas Feat. Carlprit and the electrifying “Do What You Do” Bodybangers Remix. Let’s dive in and explore the magic behind this captivating dancefloor sensation.


Background of Klaas Feat. Carlprit

Klaas Feat. Carlprit consists of two talented individuals who have made a significant impact on the dance music scene. Klaas Gerling, born in Germany, is a DJ and producer known for his infectious beats and energetic performances. Carlprit, on the other hand, is a versatile artist from Namibia, recognized for his vocal prowess and charismatic stage presence.

The duo first joined forces in 2010 when they released their collaborative track “Freak.” This song quickly gained popularity, reaching the top of the charts in various countries. Building on this success, Klaas Feat. Carlprit continued to produce hit after hit, captivating audiences around the world with their irresistible dance tracks.

One of their most notable releases was “Do What You Do,” a pulsating anthem that showcases the synergy between Klaas’ infectious beats and Carlprit’s captivating vocals. The original version captured the essence of the dancefloor, blending catchy melodies with powerful lyrics that resonate with listeners.

With their unique sound and undeniable talent, Klaas Feat. Carlprit quickly gained a devoted fan base and received critical acclaim within the electronic music community. Their ability to create high-energy, feel-good tracks served as a catalyst for their success, propelling them into the international spotlight.

Now that we have explored the background of Klaas Feat. Carlprit, it’s time to shift our attention to the remix that took their popular track to new heights. The “Do What You Do” Bodybangers Remix breathed new life into the song and became an instant sensation among dance music enthusiasts worldwide.


Overview of “Do What You Do” Bodybangers Remix

The “Do What You Do” Bodybangers Remix takes the original version of Klaas Feat. Carlprit’s hit track and gives it a fresh and exhilarating twist. The Bodybangers, a DJ and production duo hailing from Germany, are renowned for their ability to create electrifying remixes that ignite dancefloors.

Their remix of “Do What You Do” builds upon the infectious energy of the original while infusing it with a new and dynamic sound. The track begins with an attention-grabbing intro, incorporating uplifting synths and a pulsating bassline that sets the stage for the exhilarating journey ahead.

The Bodybangers’ remix maintains the infectious hooks and catchy melodies that make the original so memorable while adding their signature touch of high-energy beats. They skillfully layer new elements, such as anthemic chord progressions, and incorporate intricate production techniques, creating a modern and impactful sound that is sure to get crowds moving.

One of the standout features of the remix is the expertly crafted build-ups and drops that create intense moments of anticipation and release. The Bodybangers masterfully manipulate the song’s dynamics, crafting seamless transitions that heighten the impact and ensure maximum impact on the dancefloor.

In addition to the instrumental elements, the remix showcases the vocal prowess of Carlprit, who delivers an energetic and captivating performance. His vocals soar above the pulsing beats, providing the perfect complement to the infectious rhythms and melodies.

Overall, the “Do What You Do” Bodybangers Remix encapsulates the essence of what makes a great remix. It takes the elements that made the original so special and enhances them with a fresh take, resulting in a track that is both familiar and excitingly new. The Bodybangers’ remix successfully captures the spirit of the dancefloor, ensuring that listeners will be grooving and singing along from start to finish.


Analysis of Bodybangers’ Remix Style

The Bodybangers have established a distinct remix style that sets them apart in the electronic music scene. Their remix of Klaas Feat. Carlprit’s “Do What You Do” showcases their unique approach to transforming a song and creating an unforgettable dancefloor experience.

One of the defining characteristics of the Bodybangers’ remix style is their mastery of blending different genres and influences. In their remix of “Do What You Do,” they seamlessly merge elements of electro house, progressive house, and EDM, creating a dynamic and eclectic sound that appeals to a wide range of listeners.

The Bodybangers are known for their attention to detail in production. They meticulously layer different sounds and textures, creating a rich and immersive sonic landscape. From the thumping bassline to the intricate synth melodies, every element is carefully crafted to maximize impact and energy.

Another key aspect of the Bodybangers’ remix style is their ability to create engaging and memorable build-ups and drops. They skillfully build tension through cleverly placed risers, vocal chops, and subtle transitions, leading to explosive drops that are guaranteed to make the dancefloor erupt in euphoria.

Their remixes often feature catchy and infectious hooks that stick in the listener’s mind. By utilizing memorable vocal samples or creating compelling synth melodies, the Bodybangers create a sense of familiarity and instantly hook listeners into their remixes.

Furthermore, the Bodybangers excel in their ability to create tracks that are both versatile and impactful. Their remixes can seamlessly transition from energetic club tracks to festival anthems, making them a favorite among DJs and partygoers alike.

In summary, the Bodybangers’ remix style can be characterized by their eclectic blend of genres, meticulous attention to detail in production, the creation of engaging build-ups and drops, and their ability to craft versatile and impactful tracks. Their remix of “Do What You Do” is a testament to their talent and creativity in transforming a song and bringing it to new heights.


Comparisons to the Original Version

When comparing the “Do What You Do” Bodybangers Remix to the original version by Klaas Feat. Carlprit, it becomes evident that the remix offers a fresh and dynamic take on the already popular song.

One of the main differences between the remix and the original is the energy level. The Bodybangers inject a new level of intensity and excitement into the track, turning it into an explosive dancefloor anthem. The remix features more prominent and driving beats, creating a high-energy atmosphere that is perfect for club settings.

While both versions maintain the catchy melodies and memorable hooks, the Bodybangers’ remix amplifies these elements, enhancing their impact. The remix utilizes additional synths and production techniques, adding layers of complexity to the sound and creating a more captivating listening experience.

Another notable difference is in the arrangement and structure of the song. The remix showcases the Bodybangers’ unique approach to building tension and releasing it through well-crafted drops. They add new elements and build-ups that heighten the anticipation, resulting in an even more satisfying release when the drop hits.

Additionally, the remix gives a new perspective to the vocals provided by Carlprit. The Bodybangers skillfully manipulate the vocals, incorporating vocal chops and effects that add an extra layer of excitement to the track. This not only showcases their production skills but also brings a fresh and unique sound to the vocals.

Despite these differences, it’s important to note that the Bodybangers’ remix maintains the essence and spirit of the original version. The infectious hooks and the overall vibe of the song remain intact, ensuring that listeners can still connect with the familiar elements that made the original so popular.

Ultimately, the “Do What You Do” Bodybangers Remix represents a creative reimagining of the original version. It takes the core elements that made the song successful and enhances them with a fresh and energetic twist. The remix offers a new perspective and a different experience for listeners, making it a standout track in its own right.


Reception and Popularity

The “Do What You Do” Bodybangers Remix received an overwhelmingly positive reception upon its release, quickly gaining popularity and making waves in the electronic music scene. The remix’s infectious energy and dynamic sound resonated with listeners and established the Bodybangers as masterful remixers.

Club DJs and radio stations embraced the remix, adding it to their playlists and incorporating it into their live sets. The high-energy beats and captivating hooks became a favorite among partygoers, ensuring that the dancefloors were packed whenever the remix was played.

Furthermore, the remix garnered attention online, with music blogs and social media platforms buzzing about its impact. Fans took to the internet to express their enthusiasm, sharing their excitement and urging others to give the remix a listen.

The remix’s popularity was not limited to the electronic music community. It crossed over to mainstream audiences, reaching new fans who were drawn to its infectious sound. The track received airplay on mainstream radio stations and gained traction on music streaming platforms, boosting its exposure and solidifying its place as a standout remix.

In terms of chart success, the “Do What You Do” Bodybangers Remix climbed the ranks, securing high chart positions in various countries. Its energetic sound and widespread appeal contributed to its success, solidifying the Bodybangers’ reputation as premier remixers.

Moreover, the remix’s popularity resulted in increased recognition for Klaas Feat. Carlprit as well. The remix breathed new life into their original track, introducing their music to a broader audience and expanding their fan base.

Overall, the “Do What You Do” Bodybangers Remix achieved significant reception and popularity. Its infectious energy, dynamic sound, and widespread acclaim solidified its place as a beloved track in the electronic music scene, establishing the Bodybangers’ remix as a standout in their discography.



The “Do What You Do” Bodybangers Remix is a testament to the power of skillful remixing and the ability to take an already popular track and elevate it to new heights. The remix by the German DJ and production duo, the Bodybangers, successfully captures the essence of Klaas Feat. Carlprit’s original version while infusing it with their own unique style and energy.

Throughout this article, we explored the background of Klaas Feat. Carlprit, learning about their success and the origins of the chart-topping hit, “Do What You Do”. We then delved into the Bodybangers’ remix style, analyzing their approach and techniques that make their remixes stand out.

We also compared the remix to the original version, highlighting the differences and showcasing the Bodybangers’ ability to enhance and transform the song. The remix’s reception and popularity were examined, demonstrating the impact it had on both the electronic music scene and Klaas Feat. Carlprit’s career.

In conclusion, the “Do What You Do” Bodybangers Remix exemplifies the power and artistry of remixing. It not only breathed new life into a beloved track but also showcased the Bodybangers’ talent for creating high-energy, infectious remixes. The remix’s reception and chart success further solidified its place as a standout track in the electronic music landscape.

So next time you’re looking for a dancefloor banger that combines catchy melodies, pulsating beats, and an electrifying atmosphere, be sure to give the “Do What You Do” Bodybangers Remix a listen. It’s an exhilarating journey that will leave you wanting more.

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