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What You Need Inxs Remix What You Need Inxs Remix


What You Need Inxs Remix

Written by: Elisa Edelman

Discover the ultimate remix of "What You Need" by INXS, packed with electrifying beats and captivating melodies. Experience the magic of this thrilling remix today!

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Welcome to the world of remixes, where songs are transformed, reimagined, and infused with new life. Remixes have become an integral part of the music industry, giving artists a chance to showcase their creativity and connect with a broader audience. One such iconic remix that has stood the test of time is the INXS Remix of the hit song “Need You Tonight.”

Released in 1987, “Need You Tonight” became an instant sensation, climbing the charts and solidifying INXS as an influential rock band. However, it was the INXS Remix that truly took the song to new heights, adding a fresh twist to an already beloved track.

Remixes serve as a platform for artists and producers to experiment with different styles, incorporating elements of electronic music, hip-hop, dance, or even orchestral arrangements. They often showcase a diverse range of beats, grooves, and synthesizers to create a unique listening experience for fans.

The INXS Remix of “Need You Tonight” is a prime example of how a remix can transform a song while paying homage to its original spirit. It takes the catchy melodies and captivating lyrics of the original version and infuses them with a modernized sound.

Collaborations between artists and remixers can result in unexpected and exciting musical journeys. The INXS Remix showcases the talents of both the original band and the remix producer, merging their artistic visions to create something truly special.

So, let’s dive into the world of the INXS Remix and explore the changes, additions, and overall impact it had on the music industry. Get ready to rediscover “Need You Tonight” in a whole new light.


The Original Song: “Need You Tonight” by INXS

In order to fully appreciate the INXS Remix of “Need You Tonight,” it’s essential to understand the impact of the original song and its significance in music history. “Need You Tonight,” released as part of the band’s sixth studio album “Kick” in 1987, became one of INXS’s most iconic tracks.

The original version of “Need You Tonight” showcased the band’s unique blend of rock, pop, and funk. The song opens with a captivating guitar riff that instantly hooks listeners, setting the stage for the seductive and soulful vocals of lead singer Michael Hutchence.

The lyrics of “Need You Tonight” maintain a sense of allure and intensity, centering around themes of desire and longing. The song’s intimate and sensual nature combined with its infectious rhythm and catchy chorus helped propel it to the top of the charts in multiple countries, including the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

INXS’s original version of “Need You Tonight” was praised for its innovative production, incorporating elements of dance and new wave into their signature rock sound. The band’s tight instrumentation and Hutchence’s charismatic stage presence made “Need You Tonight” an instant classic, solidifying INXS as one of the most influential bands of their time.

The song’s success and acclaim set the stage for the INXS Remix, which aimed to build upon the foundation laid by the original while infusing it with new energy and bringing it to an even wider audience.

Join us as we delve into the evolution of “Need You Tonight” through the lens of the INXS Remix. Discover how this iconic song was transformed and reimagined, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.


Remixing “Need You Tonight”: A Brief Overview

Remixing a song is an art form in itself, requiring a delicate balance of preserving the essence of the original while infusing it with new creativity and innovation. When it came to remixing “Need You Tonight,” the goal was to create a version that would captivate both longtime fans of INXS and new listeners.

The process of remixing “Need You Tonight” began with selecting a skilled producer who could bring a fresh perspective to the table while respecting the legacy of the original. This task fell to renowned remix producer Nick Launay, who had previously worked with INXS on their album “Kick.”

Launay approached the remix with a vision to emphasize the song’s dance elements and inject a modern flavor into its sound. He aimed to create a remix that would seamlessly blend into contemporary club scenes while still maintaining the undeniable appeal of the original.

One of the key aspects of remixing “Need You Tonight” was incorporating electronic elements and grooves to enhance the song’s danceability. Launay cleverly utilized synthesizers and drum machines to give the remix a fresh, pulsating rhythm that would entice listeners to hit the dance floor.

Furthermore, the remix provided an opportunity to experiment with rearranging certain elements of the song. Launay isolated catchy guitar riffs and vocal hooks, highlighting them at strategic points throughout the remix to create memorable moments that would resonate with listeners.

The production process involved meticulous attention to detail, balancing the levels of each instrument and sound to ensure a cohesive and polished final product. Launay’s expertise and understanding of the original song’s structure helped him carefully insert new layers and textures into the remix without overpowering the essence of the original.

Ultimately, the goal of remixing “Need You Tonight” was to breathe new life into the beloved song while maintaining its familiar essence. The result was an exhilarating reimagining that sparked renewed interest in the track and introduced it to a fresh audience. The INXS Remix of “Need You Tonight” stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity in the world of music remixing.


The INXS Remix: What to Expect

For fans of INXS and those who have yet to discover their music, the INXS Remix of “Need You Tonight” offers a unique and exciting listening experience. This remix takes the essence of the original song and infuses it with new elements that will have you grooving along from start to finish.

When you delve into the INXS Remix, you can expect a fresh take on the song that stays true to the energy and spirit of the original while adding a modern twist. The remix maintains the iconic guitar riff that hooks you right from the beginning, creating an instant connection to the familiar sound of the original song.

However, the INXS Remix introduces an array of electronic textures, beats, and synth-driven nuances that enhance the song’s danceability and bring it into contemporary music spaces. Expect pulsating rhythms, infectious grooves, and a captivating fusion of electronic and rock elements that will have you moving to the beat.

The remix also puts a spotlight on the hypnotic vocals of Michael Hutchence, allowing his soulful delivery to shine through. Hutchence’s charisma and magnetic presence are amplified in the remix, with subtle enhancements that accentuate the passion and emotion conveyed in his voice.

Furthermore, the INXS Remix incorporates new layers and arrangements that add depth and richness to the overall sound. This remix is expertly crafted to create peaks and valleys, building anticipation and maintaining the listener’s engagement throughout.

As you listen to the INXS Remix, keep an ear out for unexpected surprises. The remix may take familiar elements from the original song and present them in a fresh context, incorporating subtle variations or unexpected twists that keep you on your toes.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the original “Need You Tonight” or someone new to INXS’s music, the INXS Remix promises a captivating and invigorating journey. Get ready to experience the magic of the original song reimagined for a new generation.


Key Changes and Additions in the Remix

The INXS Remix of “Need You Tonight” introduces several key changes and additions that give the song a fresh and contemporary feel. These modifications enhance certain aspects of the original track while adding new layers and textures to captivate listeners.

One notable change in the remix is the incorporation of electronic elements. The remix takes advantage of synthesizers and drum machines to create a pulsating rhythm that drives the song forward. This infusion of electronic beats adds a modern twist to the original’s rock and funk fusion, giving it a dynamic and infectious energy.

Additionally, the remix highlights the catchy guitar riffs and vocal hooks of the original song, placing them strategically throughout the track for maximum impact. These familiar elements act as anchor points, ensuring that listeners can still connect with the essence of the original while enjoying the fresh interpretation.

Another noteworthy addition in the remix comes in the form of subtle production techniques. The remix incorporates various layers of sound, carefully balancing each instrument and effect to create a more immersive and dynamic listening experience. This attention to detail adds depth and richness to the sound profile, providing an enhanced sonic journey for the audience.

Furthermore, the remix accentuates the danceability of “Need You Tonight” by introducing new grooves and rhythmic patterns. The remix’s infectious beats and energetic pulse make it an irresistible choice for club DJs and fans who love to move to the music. It elevates the original song’s potential for dancefloor domination, appealing to a wider range of listeners.

The addition of these key changes and enhancements in the remix showcases the creativity and innovation of the producer while staying true to the essence of “Need You Tonight.” The remix breathes new life into the song, offering a fresh perspective that invites listeners to rediscover and embrace it.

Whether you’re a fan of the original version or new to the world of INXS, the key changes and additions in the remix promise to deliver a captivating listening experience. The INXS Remix provides a compelling fusion of old and new, striking a delicate balance that will keep you hooked from the first beat to the last.


Reception of the INXS Remix

When the INXS Remix of “Need You Tonight” was released, it generated significant buzz and garnered widespread attention from fans and music critics alike. The remix breathed new life into the beloved song, capturing the imagination of listeners and solidifying its place in music history.

One of the notable aspects of the reception of the INXS Remix was how it managed to appeal to both longtime fans of the band and a new generation of music enthusiasts. Longtime fans appreciated the fresh take on a beloved classic, admiring the way the remix maintained the essence of the original while injecting it with a modern flair.

The remix also succeeded in attracting a new audience, thanks to its vibrant and danceable nature. Its electronic beats and pulsating rhythms resonated with club-goers and fans of contemporary music, introducing them to the timeless appeal of INXS.

Critics hailed the INXS Remix for its infectious energy and skillful production. The remix was praised for its ability to update the original song without sacrificing its iconic elements. The seamless merging of electronic and rock elements, coupled with the enhancement of vocal hooks and guitar riffs, received accolades for maintaining a perfect balance.

Furthermore, the INXS Remix was commended for its ability to stand on its own as a distinct and enjoyable track. It showcased the talents of the remix producer in reimagining the song while still paying homage to the original band’s vision.

Commercially, the INXS Remix enjoyed success, further solidifying the band’s status and expanding their reach. It climbed the charts in various countries, reaching new audiences and exposing the band to a wider fan base.

Over the years, the INXS Remix of “Need You Tonight” has maintained its popularity and continues to be a staple in remix playlists and club scenes. Its lasting impact speaks to the timeless quality of the original song and the ingenuity of the remix.

Whether you experienced the remix during its initial release or discovered it later on, the overwhelmingly positive reception it received is a testament to its ability to captivate and engage listeners. The INXS Remix remains a shining example of how a well-executed remix can breathe new life into a classic song and leave a lasting impression on music lovers everywhere.



The INXS Remix of “Need You Tonight” stands as a testament to the power of remixing to breathe new life into a beloved song. It successfully combines the iconic elements of the original track with fresh, modern elements, creating a captivating listening experience for both longtime fans and new listeners.

Through the skillful production of remix producer Nick Launay, “Need You Tonight” was transformed into a dynamic, danceable track that maintained the essence and spirit of the original. The incorporation of electronic beats, grooves, and subtle production techniques added a contemporary flair while staying true to the song’s rock and funk roots.

The INXS Remix received widespread acclaim from critics and fans alike, earning praise for its infectious energy and skillful execution. It captured the attention of a new audience while maintaining the loyalty of longtime INXS fans.

Not only did the remix enjoy commercial success, climbing the charts in various countries, but it also showed the creative potential of collaboration between artists and remix producers. The seamless merging of their visions resulted in a remix that showcased both the talents of the original band and the remix producer.

Today, the INXS Remix of “Need You Tonight” continues to resonate with listeners and maintains its place in the pantheon of iconic remixes. Its timeless appeal and ability to captivate across generations stand as a testament to the enduring power and creativity of remixing in the music industry.

So, whether you’re looking to revisit a classic or discover the magic of INXS’s music for the first time, the INXS Remix of “Need You Tonight” offers a thrilling and invigorating journey. Allow yourself to be swept away by the fusion of old and new, as this remix showcases the transformative power of remixing and the transcendent nature of great music.

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