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Tank When We Remix Trey Songz Lyrics Tank When We Remix Trey Songz Lyrics


Tank When We Remix Trey Songz Lyrics

Written by: Caty Bounds

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Remixing has become a popular trend in the music industry, allowing artists to put their own unique spin on existing songs. One such example is the remix of Trey Songz’s hit track “When We” by R&B artist Tank. This remix not only showcases the creativity of Tank as an artist but also adds a fresh perspective to the original song.

Released in 2017, “When We” quickly became a fan favorite, with its seductive lyrics and smooth R&B vibes. Trey Songz’s sultry vocals perfectly complemented the sensual tone of the track, making it an instant hit. Tank, known for his soulful voice and impeccable artistry, decided to take on the challenge of remixing this already popular track.

Remixing a song involves making changes to the original composition and often adding new elements to create a different sound. It allows artists like Tank to put their own unique stamp on a familiar tune and breathe new life into it.

In the case of the “When We” remix, Tank not only changed the vocal performance but also modified the lyrics to give the song a fresh perspective. This article will delve into the specific changes made in the remix version and compare it to the original. We will also explore the reception of the remix and how fans and critics have responded to the revamped version.

So, get ready to dive into the captivating world of remixes as we analyze Tank’s reimagining of Trey Songz’s “When We.”


Overview of the Song “When We” by Tank

“When We,” originally performed by Tank, is a seductive R&B track that explores themes of intimacy and desire. Released in 2017 as the lead single from his eighth studio album “Savage,” the song quickly gained popularity and solidified Tank’s position as a prominent figure in the R&B genre.

The song opens with a smooth and captivating instrumental arrangement, featuring a combination of sensual beats, soft piano melodies, and subtle electronic elements. This sets the stage for the emotional journey that the lyrics and vocals take the listener on.

The lyrics of “When We” delve deep into the realm of passion and intimacy. Tank’s smooth and velvety vocals, combined with his impeccable delivery, bring the words to life, creating an alluring and captivating listening experience. The song explores the desire for a love that goes beyond physical attraction, emphasizing the emotional connection between two individuals.

The chorus of “When We” is particularly memorable, with Tank’s soulful voice emphasizing the sensuality and intensity of the moment. The lyrics, “When we, ooh, makin’ love / All I can say is ooh, ooh,” perfectly capture the sheer pleasure and desire expressed throughout the song.

Throughout the track, Tank’s exceptional vocal range and control shine, allowing him to effortlessly glide through the melodic intricacies of the song. His ability to convey raw emotion through his voice showcases the depth of his artistry and contributes to the overall impact of the song.

“When We” by Tank not only showcases his vocal prowess and ability to evoke emotions but also demonstrates his talent for crafting compelling melodies and lyrics. The song’s sophisticated production, coupled with its heartfelt message, has solidified it as a fan favorite and a standout track in the R&B genre.

Now that we have explored the original version of “When We” by Tank, let’s delve into the remix and see how it differs from the original in terms of lyrics and vocal performance.


Analysis of Trey Songz’s Lyrics in the Original Version

Trey Songz’s original version of “When We” features lyrics that are both provocative and intimate, perfectly capturing the essence of the song’s theme. The lyrics engage the listener with their explicit yet poetic nature, adding an extra layer of sensuality to the track.

The song begins with Trey Songz setting the mood, singing, “I’ma put this drink in your mouth / So you don’t gotta say nothing, no.” These opening lines immediately establish the seductive atmosphere and showcase the confidence and control portrayed by the narrator.

The lyrics then continue to explore the emotional and physical aspects of a passionate encounter. Trey Songz expresses an intense desire for intimacy by using metaphors and vivid imagery. For example, he sings, “Can you feel it on your back / When I’m kissing on your spine?” These lyrics not only convey a sense of physical pleasure but also highlight the deep connection and sensuality shared between the individuals involved.

Trey Songz further enhances the intimate nature of the lyrics by addressing his partner directly. He sings, “You remind me of something / But I don’t know what it is.” This line creates a sense of mystery and allure, emphasizing the fascination and attraction the narrator feels towards their partner.

The chorus of the original version is particularly impactful, with Trey Songz’s smooth vocals delivering lines like, “When we, ooh, make love / All I can say is ooh, ooh.” These lyrics emphasize the sheer pleasure and satisfaction experienced during moments of intimacy, further intensifying the emotional connection established throughout the song.

The lyrics of the original version of “When We” by Trey Songz not only showcase his ability to create poetic and seductive imagery but also highlight his skill in capturing the intricacies of human desires and passions. Through his lyrics, Trey Songz draws the listener into a world of sensuality and vulnerability, making the song a captivating and relatable experience.

Now that we have analyzed the original version of “When We,” it’s time to explore Tank’s remix and how it differs in terms of lyrics and vocal performance.


The Remix Version: Changes in Lyrics and Vocal Performance

Tank’s remix version of “When We” introduces notable changes in both the lyrics and the vocal performance, injecting a fresh perspective into the song. With his unique artistic vision, Tank adds his own flavor to the track, reimagining the original lyrics and delivering them with his soulful and captivating voice.

In the remix version, Tank modifies the lyrics to provide a different perspective on the themes of intimacy and desire explored in the original. While still maintaining the sensual tone, Tank introduces subtle changes that add layers of complexity to the narrative. For instance, he alters the opening lines from “I’ma put this drink in your mouth / So you don’t gotta say nothing, no” to “Let me put this water in your mouth / So you don’t gotta hold back, girl”. These changes convey a more nuanced approach, inviting a greater sense of vulnerability and emotional openness.

Tank’s vocal performance in the remix version sets it apart from the original. His rich and velvety voice brings a different energy to the track, creating a distinct atmosphere. Tank’s approach to the lyrics adds a touch of rawness and intensity, emphasizing the emotions behind the desires expressed in the song. His delivery showcases his remarkable vocal range and control, allowing him to infuse each lyric with passion and conviction.

Moreover, Tank’s ad-libs and vocal embellishments throughout the remix version enhance the overall impact of the song. These spontaneous vocal additions serve to heighten the emotional value and create a sense of spontaneity and intimacy.

Another notable change in the remix version is the alteration of the chorus. Tank’s rendition of the lyrics “When we, ooh, make love” is filled with fervor, making it feel even more passionate and enticing. The subtle tweaks in ad-libs and vocal dynamics bring a fresh perspective to the chorus, making it a standout moment in the remix version.

Overall, Tank’s remix of “When We” showcases his artistry and his ability to put his own unique spin on an already popular track. Through both the revised lyrics and his captivating vocal performance, Tank adds a layer of depth and passion that creates a fresh experience for listeners.

Now that we have explored the changes in the lyrics and vocal performance of the remix version, let’s compare it to the original and see how it measures up.


Comparison of the Original and Remix Versions

When comparing the original version of “When We” by Trey Songz to Tank’s remix, it becomes clear that both interpretations bring something unique to the table. While the original version captivates with Trey Songz’s smooth and sultry vocals, Tank’s remix introduces changes in lyrics and vocal performance that offer a fresh perspective on the song.

One noticeable difference between the two versions is the lyrical modifications made by Tank. While Trey Songz’s lyrics in the original version focus on explicit desires and physical intimacy, Tank’s remix brings a more nuanced approach. Tank’s revisions add a layer of emotional vulnerability and openness, inviting a deeper connection with the listener. The altered lyrics enhance the introspective nature of the song, allowing for a more introspective and personal experience.

Vocally, Trey Songz delivers a captivating performance in the original version, showcasing his smooth vocal range and seductive delivery. However, in the remix, Tank adds his own unique flair, with his soulful voice and passionate delivery taking the song to new heights. Tank’s vocal performance brings a heightened sense of raw emotion and intensity, engaging listeners in a new and captivating way.

Furthermore, the remix version stands out with its subtle yet impactful changes in ad-libs and vocal dynamics. Tank’s spontaneous vocal embellishments add a sense of unpredictability and intimacy, elevating the overall experience of the song. These small tweaks enhance the emotional impact of the lyrics, drawing listeners even deeper into the narrative.

It’s important to note that both the original and the remix versions of “When We” have their own strengths and appeal. The original version captivated audiences with Trey Songz’s smooth and sensual vocals, while the remix by Tank brings a fresh perspective and a heightened level of emotional depth to the table.

Ultimately, the choice between the original and remix version comes down to personal preference. Some may prefer the original’s explicit and straightforward approach, while others may gravitate towards the remix’s introspective and emotionally charged interpretation.

Regardless of personal preference, it is undeniable that both versions of “When We” showcase the talent and creativity of their respective artists. They give listeners the opportunity to experience the song from different perspectives, adding to its overall appeal and longevity.

Now that we have compared the original and remix versions of “When We,” let’s delve into the reception and public opinion surrounding the remix.


Reception and Public Opinion on the Remix Version

Upon its release, Tank’s remix of “When We” received positive feedback from both fans and critics alike. The reimagined version quickly gained traction, further solidifying the popularity of the song. The remix version showcased Tank’s artistry and ability to create a unique spin on a beloved track, garnering widespread acclaim.

Fans of Tank appreciated the fresh perspective he brought to the remix. Many praised his soulful vocals and emotive delivery, noting that he added a new layer of depth and sensuality to the song. They embraced the lyrical modifications, with some expressing how the changes allowed for a more personal and relatable connection with the music.

Critics also praised Tank’s remix for its artistry and vocal performance. They highlighted the raw emotion and intensity he brought to the track, noting that his rendition breathed new life into the song. Tank’s ability to infuse each lyric with passion and conviction was recognized as a standout aspect of the remix.

Public opinion on the remix version was largely positive, with many expressing their admiration for Tank’s talent and creative vision. Social media platforms buzzed with discussions about the remix, with fans sharing their favorite moments and highlighting the impactful changes in lyrics and vocal performance.

The remix version of “When We” also garnered attention from streaming platforms and radio stations, receiving strong airplay and climbing the music charts. The remix’s success further solidified its appeal and demonstrated its broad commercial appeal.

Overall, the reception and public opinion surrounding the remix version of “When We” by Tank were overwhelmingly positive. Fans and critics alike praised Tank’s artistry and ability to reimagine the song, with many acknowledging the fresh perspective and emotional depth he brought to the track. The success and recognition of the remix version further reinforced its impact and showcased its enduring appeal.

Now that we have explored the reception and public opinion on the remix, let’s conclude our analysis of Tank’s reimagining of “When We.”



Tank’s remix of Trey Songz’s “When We” is a shining example of the power of artistic interpretation and the creativity that remixing can bring to a song. Through subtle changes in lyrics and a captivating vocal performance, Tank adds a fresh and emotionally charged perspective to the original version.

In the analysis of the original version, Trey Songz’s lyrics and smooth vocals exemplified the seductive nature of the track, while Tank’s remix showcased his ability to bring vulnerability and introspection to the forefront. The modified lyrics and raw vocal delivery in the remix version gave listeners a deeper connection and a more personal experience.

The comparison between the original and remix versions revealed the strengths of each rendition. While Trey Songz’s original version captivated with his sultry delivery, Tank’s remix brought a distinct atmosphere and a heightened sense of emotion. The changes in ad-libs and vocal dynamics added fresh nuances, enhancing the overall impact of the song.

The remix version of “When We” received positive reception from fans and critics, who praised Tank’s artistry and vocal performance. The remix gained popularity and recognition, further solidifying the appeal of the song. The public opinion was overwhelmingly positive, with listeners appreciating the unique perspective and passionate delivery showcased by Tank.

In conclusion, Tank’s remix of “When We” is a testament to the power of reimagining and reinventing music. By putting his own spin on the song, Tank showcases his artistry and ability to bring a fresh perspective to a beloved track. The remix version adds depth and emotional intensity, creating a captivating listening experience for fans of both artists.

Whether listeners prefer the explicit and straightforward approach of the original version or gravitate towards the introspection and vulnerability of the remix, both versions have their own strengths and unique appeals. The remix version stands as a testament to the versatility and creative possibilities that remixing offers in the music industry.

So, the next time you come across a remix of your favorite song, take a moment to appreciate the artistry and unique perspective it brings. You may discover a whole new dimension that resonates with you in unexpected ways.

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