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Remix This Is How We Roll

Written by: Kaycee Galloway

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In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving music industry, remixes have become a pivotal component in keeping songs relevant and appealing to a wide audience. Remixes take an original composition and give it a fresh and unique twist, often changing the tempo, adding new elements, or featuring a different artist. One such song that has seen immense success through remixing is “This Is How We Roll.”

“This Is How We Roll” is a popular country hip-hop fusion song originally performed by Florida Georgia Line featuring Luke Bryan. The song was released in 2013 and quickly gained widespread acclaim for its catchy beat and infectious lyrics. However, it was the remixes of this song that further propelled its popularity, introducing it to new demographics and giving it a broader market appeal.

The concept of remixing has been around for decades, with artists and DJs experimenting with different variations of existing songs. Remixes provide an opportunity to breathe new life into a track, allowing artists to transcend genre boundaries and reach a wider audience. This creative process involves reimagining the original song, often adding new elements or twists that enhance the overall sound and appeal.

In the music industry, remixes play a crucial role in expanding an artist’s fan base and extending the lifespan of a song. They offer a fresh take on familiar music, attracting new listeners and captivating existing fans. Remixes also provide opportunities for collaborations between artists from different genres, resulting in a fusion of styles and captivating performances.


Background of the Song “This Is How We Roll”

“This Is How We Roll” is a hybrid country and hip-hop song that was originally released by the American country duo Florida Georgia Line featuring Luke Bryan. The track was included in Florida Georgia Line’s second studio album, “Here’s to the Good Times,” which was released in 2012.

The song was written by Florida Georgia Line members Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, along with Joey Moi, Cole Swindell, and Luke Bryan. It was produced by Joey Moi, who has worked with numerous country and rock artists, and is known for his ability to blend different musical genres.

Upon its release, “This Is How We Roll” quickly gained traction and became a chart-topping hit, both in the country music genre and on mainstream radio. The infectious melody, catchy lyrics, and the fusion of country and hip-hop elements resonated with listeners and showcased the versatility of Florida Georgia Line’s musical style.

The success of the original version of “This Is How We Roll” inspired the idea of remixing the song, allowing it to reach a broader audience and extend its popularity. The remixes took the song to new heights, transcending the boundaries of country music and attracting fans from various musical backgrounds.

One notable remix of “This Is How We Roll” features American rapper Jason Derulo and was released in 2014. This remix added a fresh urban vibe to the track, blending Luke Bryan’s vocals with Derulo’s smooth rap verses. The remix reached the top of the charts and further solidified the song’s crossover appeal.

Another remix of “This Is How We Roll” was done in collaboration with the popular American rapper and singer-songwriter Nelly. This version infused the song with a more pronounced hip-hop influence, adding a new energy to the already vibrant composition.

The remixes of “This Is How We Roll” exemplify the power of collaboration and the ability of music to transcend genres. These versions allowed the original song to resonate with a more diverse audience, reaching fans who might not typically listen to country music.


The Concept of Remixing

Remixing is an art form that involves taking an original song and transforming it into a new and unique version. It is a creative process that allows artists and producers to experiment with different elements, styles, and arrangements to breathe new life into a composition.

At its core, remixing involves taking the individual tracks or stems of a song and rearranging them, adding new layers, or modifying existing elements. This process can involve altering the tempo, pitch, or structure of the original track, as well as incorporating new instrumentation, vocals, or effects.

The concept of remixing has been prevalent in the music industry for decades, with artists, DJs, and producers using it as a means of artistic expression and experimentation. Remixes allow artists to put their unique stamp on a song, infusing it with their own style and creativity.

Remixes also provide an opportunity to reinterpret a song, giving it a fresh perspective and allowing listeners to experience it in a new way. Through remixing, artists can expand the sonic boundaries of a track, incorporating elements from different genres and styles to create a fusion that captivates audiences.

Additionally, remixes can serve as a powerful tool for attracting new fans and broadening an artist’s reach. By collaborating with other artists or remixing songs from different genres, musicians can tap into new markets and expose their music to a wider audience.

One of the key aspects of remixing is the ability to tap into the essence and emotion of the original song while adding a unique twist. This requires a deep understanding of the song’s structure, melody, and lyrical content in order to create a remix that complements and enhances the original composition.

Remixes have become increasingly popular in the digital era, with the rise of streaming platforms and the ease of accessibility to music production software. This has opened up new avenues for aspiring artists and producers to experiment with remixing, and has led to a vibrant and diverse remix culture.

Overall, the concept of remixing is rooted in creativity, experimentation, and innovation. It allows artists to push the boundaries of their own music and engage with listeners in new and exciting ways. Remixes have become an integral part of the music industry, offering fresh perspectives on familiar songs and creating dynamic collaborations that captivate and inspire audiences.


Importance of Remixes in the Music Industry

Remixes play a crucial role in the music industry, serving as a powerful tool for artists, producers, and labels to stay relevant, extend the lifespan of a song, and connect with a broader audience. Here are some key reasons why remixes hold such importance:

1. Expanding Fan Base: Remixes allow artists to explore new genres and collaborate with artists from different musical backgrounds. By reaching out to new audiences, remixes can attract fans who may not have been exposed to the original song or artist, thus expanding the fan base and increasing overall visibility.

2. Cross-Genre Appeal: Remixes provide an opportunity to bridge the gap between different genres, appealing to listeners who may have different musical preferences. This cross-genre appeal can introduce artists to new markets and help them break through the boundaries of their original genre.

3. Extending Song Lifespan: Remixes give songs a fresh lease on life by introducing new elements or rearranging existing ones. This breathes new energy into a track and allows it to stay relevant in the ever-evolving music landscape. Remixes often extend the lifespan of a song, keeping it in rotation on radio stations, playlists, and DJ sets for longer periods of time.

4. Innovative Collaborations: Remixes encourage collaborations between artists, allowing them to showcase their unique styles and strengths. This creative synergy results in fresh and engaging musical experiences that captivate audiences and generate excitement within the music community.

5. Building Buzz and Anticipation: Remixes can serve as a promotional tool for upcoming albums or tours. Releasing a remix of a popular track prior to a new project builds anticipation, generates buzz, and keeps fans engaged. This strategy creates a connection between existing and new material, generating interest and boosting overall visibility.

6. Dance Floor Appeal: Many remixes are specifically catered to the dance floor, incorporating elements that make them more suitable for clubs and parties. These remixes have the potential to become anthems in their own right, becoming staples in DJ sets and increasing an artist’s visibility within the dance music community.

7. Encouraging Fan Engagement: Remixes provide opportunities for fan engagement and participation. Artists often release stems or acapellas of their tracks, allowing fans to create their own remixes. This interactive approach builds a stronger bond between artists and their fan base, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

In summary, remixes have become an integral part of the music industry, enabling artists to connect with a wider audience, extend the life of a song, and push creative boundaries. Remixes bring a fresh spin to familiar tracks, fostering collaboration, innovation, and fan engagement, all while contributing to the dynamic and ever-evolving music landscape.


Content Analysis of “This Is How We Roll” Remixes

The remixes of “This Is How We Roll” have showcased the versatility and adaptability of the original song, introducing new elements and styles that have captivated listeners across various musical genres. Here, we delve into a content analysis of these remixes, highlighting the unique features of each version:

1. Jason Derulo Remix: This remix features American singer-songwriter Jason Derulo, infusing the song with a fresh urban vibe and adding a new layer of energy. Derulo’s rap verses blend seamlessly with Luke Bryan’s vocals, creating a dynamic interplay between country and hip-hop elements. The remix maintains the catchy melody and infectious lyrics of the original while adding a contemporary twist.

2. Nelly Remix: Collaborating with American rapper and singer Nelly, this remix amplifies the hip-hop influence of “This Is How We Roll.” The remix incorporates Nelly’s distinctive rap style, intertwining it with the country-pop sound of Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan. The result is a high-energy version that fuses the best of both worlds and appeals to fans of both hip-hop and country music.

3. Country Remix: This remix pays homage to the country roots of the original song while adding a fresh take. It features guest appearances from prominent country artists, adding their unique vocal stylings to the track. The remix showcases the diversity within the country music genre, uniting different voices and perspectives in a collaborative celebration of the genre’s rich heritage.

4. Dance Remix: This remix takes “This Is How We Roll” into the realm of electronic dance music (EDM) by incorporating pulsating beats, dynamic drops, and energetic synths. The remix transforms the original song into an anthemic dance floor filler, captivating audiences with its infectious rhythm and driving energy. It caters to a wide range of listeners, including those who prefer electronic and dance genres.

5. Acoustic Remix: In contrast to the high-energy and electronic-driven remixes, the acoustic remix offers a stripped-down, intimate interpretation of “This Is How We Roll.” It features acoustic guitars, delicate percussion, and soulful vocals that highlight the song’s lyrical depth and emotional essence. The acoustic remix provides a more introspective and intimate listening experience for fans who appreciate raw and organic musical arrangements.

In summary, the remixes of “This Is How We Roll” have effortlessly transformed the original song into a diverse range of musical styles and interpretations. From collaborations with renowned artists to genre-bending fusions and introspective renditions, these remixes have allowed the song to transcend boundaries and connect with listeners from different musical backgrounds.


Critical Reception of the Remixes

The remixes of “This Is How We Roll” have received critical acclaim for their ability to breathe new life into the original song and expand its appeal beyond its country roots. Here, we explore the critical reception of these remixes and their impact on the music industry:

Jason Derulo Remix: The collaboration between Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, and Jason Derulo garnered positive reviews from critics. The seamless integration of country and urban elements in this remix was praised for its infectious energy and the way it united fans of both genres. Critics highlighted the remix’s ability to blend the distinct musical styles of the featured artists while maintaining the spirit of the original song.

Nelly Remix: The remix featuring Nelly was met with favorable reviews for its successful fusion of country and hip-hop. Critics noted the strong chemistry between the artists and commended the remix for its ability to appeal to fans of both genres without compromising the essence of the original song. The remix was lauded for its catchy hooks and the way it showcased the versatility of “This Is How We Roll,” opening it up to new audiences.

Country Remix: The collaborative effort of various country artists in the country remix received positive feedback from critics. The remix was praised for celebrating the diverse voices within the country music genre, allowing each artist to shine while highlighting the song’s original country roots. Critics appreciated the remix’s ability to maintain the authenticity of the original while offering a fresh take that resonated with country music enthusiasts.

Dance Remix: The dance remix of “This Is How We Roll” garnered enthusiastic reviews for its ability to transform the song into an energetic and anthemic track. Critics applauded the remix’s infectious beats, dynamic drops, and electrifying energy, noting its potential to captivate dance music enthusiasts worldwide. This remix was seen as a successful example of how country-pop can seamlessly integrate into the realm of electronic music.

Acoustic Remix: The acoustic remix of “This Is How We Roll” received praise for its intimate and stripped-down approach. Critics admired the reinterpretation of the song, which showcased its lyrical depth and emotional resonance in a more vulnerable and introspective way. This remix was commended for its ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level and offer a contrasting perspective to the high-energy versions.

Overall, the remixes of “This Is How We Roll” have been well-received by critics, with each version adding a distinct flavor and widening the song’s appeal. The positive critical reception demonstrates the remixes’ ability to showcase the versatility of the original track while maintaining its core essence, cementing its status as a crossover hit that can resonate with a diverse range of listeners.


Impact of Remixes on the Original Song’s Popularity

The remixes of “This Is How We Roll” have had a profound impact on the popularity and reach of the original song. These remixes have acted as catalysts, introducing the track to new audiences and expanding its appeal far beyond its original genre. Here, we explore the impact of the remixes on the original song’s popularity:

1. Reaching New Audiences: The remixes of “This Is How We Roll” have allowed the song to transcend its country-pop origins and reach new audiences who may not have been familiar with the original version. By incorporating different musical styles and collaborating with artists from various genres, the remixes have attracted listeners who prefer hip-hop, dance, or acoustic music, thus expanding the song’s fan base.

2. Crossover Success: The remixes of “This Is How We Roll” have played a significant role in achieving crossover success for the original song. By blending country with urban elements, such as rap verses and urban beats, the remixes have enabled the track to gain traction on mainstream radio, charts, and playlists that cater to a wider audience, beyond the realms of traditional country music.

3. Extended Airplay: The remixes of “This Is How We Roll” have extended the song’s airplay on radio stations and streaming platforms. Each remix offers a fresh take on the original, ensuring that the track remains in rotation for a more prolonged period. This continued exposure has helped to keep the song relevant and in the public consciousness, constantly attracting new listeners.

4. Enhanced Streaming Numbers: Remixes have had a significant impact on the streaming numbers of “This Is How We Roll.” With each remix offering a distinct flavor, listeners are enticed to discover and stream different versions of the song. This phenomenon has contributed to increased streaming numbers, reflecting the song’s enduring popularity and broad appeal.

5. Live Performances and Collaborations: The remixes of “This Is How We Roll” have also had an impact on live performances and collaborations. Artists have incorporated elements from the remixes into their live shows, creating captivating performances that cater to a diverse audience. Furthermore, remixes have opened doors for collaborations between artists from different genres, which further extends the song’s reach and enhances its overall popularity.

The remixes of “This Is How We Roll” have undeniably played a critical role in propelling the original track to new heights of popularity. By attracting new listeners, achieving crossover success, extending airplay, increasing streaming numbers, and inspiring captivating live performances and collaborations, the remixes have effectively broadened the song’s appeal and solidified its position as a cross-genre hit.



The remixes of “This Is How We Roll” have demonstrated the power and significance of remixing in the music industry. These remixes have not only revitalized the original song but also expanded its reach, attracting a diverse range of listeners and propelling it to new heights of popularity.

Through collaborations with artists from different genres and the incorporation of fresh musical elements, the remixes have enabled “This Is How We Roll” to transcend its country-pop origins. The remixes have brought the song into the mainstream, achieving crossover success and appealing to audiences who may not have been exposed to the original version. By reaching new markets and expanding the fan base, these remixes have extended the song’s lifespan and increased its visibility in the music industry.

Critics have praised the remixes for their ability to maintain the essence of the original song while offering fresh perspectives and styles. Each remix has added a unique flavor to “This Is How We Roll,” allowing the track to cater to different audiences and musical preferences. This versatility has been instrumental in keeping the song relevant and captivating listeners across a variety of genres.

The impact of the remixes on the original song’s popularity can be seen through increased streaming numbers, extended airplay, and continued live performances and collaborations. The remixes have kept the song in the public consciousness, constantly attracting new fans and creating opportunities for artists to showcase their talent in collaborative ventures.

In conclusion, the remixes of “This Is How We Roll” have proven to be transformative for the original song. Through their innovation, versatility, and ability to reach new audiences, the remixes have solidified the track’s position as a crossover hit. They have broadened the song’s appeal, expanded its fan base, and left a lasting impact on the ever-evolving music industry.