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How Sweet It Is Sheet Music How Sweet It Is Sheet Music

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How Sweet It Is Sheet Music

Written by: Jacquetta Peterson

Get the sheet music for "How Sweet It Is" and play your favorite melodies. Explore a wide selection of sheet music for all instruments.

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide to “How Sweet It Is” sheet music! In this article, we will explore the history, musical composition, notable performances, popular cover versions, and the influence and legacy of this timeless song. “How Sweet It Is” is a classic piece of sheet music that has captured the hearts of music lovers for decades.

Originally written by the legendary songwriting duo, Holland-Dozier-Holland, “How Sweet It Is” was first recorded by the iconic artist Marvin Gaye in 1964. Since then, it has become synonymous with soulful melodies, poignant lyrics, and unforgettable performances.

Whether you are a pianist, guitarist, vocalist, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of sheet music, you have come to the right place. We will delve into the intricacies of “How Sweet It Is” sheet music, helping you to understand its composition, arrangement, and various versions available.


History of “How Sweet It Is”

“How Sweet It Is” was originally written by the renowned songwriting team of Holland-Dozier-Holland. The trio, composed of brothers Brian and Edward Holland and Lamont Dozier, established themselves as one of the most influential and successful songwriting teams in the Motown era.

The song was first recorded by Marvin Gaye and released in 1964 as a single. It quickly became a hit, reaching the top five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and becoming one of Gaye’s signature songs. The upbeat and catchy tune, combined with Gaye’s smooth vocals, captivated audiences and showcased his versatility as an artist.

The inspiration behind “How Sweet It Is” came from the desire to create a joyful and celebratory song. It is said that Edward Holland came up with the initial concept after attending a wedding. The lyrics reflect the joy and bliss of being in love and experiencing the sweetness of life.

The success of the original recording prompted other artists to cover the song, further solidifying its place in music history. Over the years, “How Sweet It Is” has been reinterpreted by numerous musicians across different genres, each putting their unique spin on the beloved classic.

It is important to note that “How Sweet It Is” is not only a popular hit but also a significant cultural and historical milestone. At a time when Motown was making waves in the music industry, the song exemplified the essence of the label’s sound and the cultural shifts taking place in America.

The longevity and enduring appeal of “How Sweet It Is” can be attributed to its timeless quality. The combination of memorable lyrics, infectious melodies, and the universal theme of love has allowed the song to transcend generations, captivating audiences for over five decades.

As we dive deeper into the world of “How Sweet It Is” sheet music, we will examine its musical composition, lyrics, notable performances, popular cover versions, and its lasting influence and legacy. So grab your instrument or warm up your vocal cords, because we are about to embark on a musical journey with “How Sweet It Is”!


Musical Composition and Lyrics

The musical composition of “How Sweet It Is” is characterized by its upbeat and catchy arrangement, incorporating elements of soul, pop, and R&B. The song features a lively tempo, driven by a rhythmic guitar riff, brass section, and a grooving bassline that creates a vibrant and infectious sound.

The lyrics of “How Sweet It Is” are heartfelt and expressive, capturing the essence of love and happiness. The song’s opening lines, “I close my eyes at night, wondering where would I be without you in my life,” immediately set the tone for a romantic and grateful sentiment.

The chorus of the song, which repeats the line “How sweet it is to be loved by you,” serves as a joyful declaration of the joy and contentment that comes from being loved by someone special. The repetition of this phrase throughout the song reinforces the central theme of love’s sweetness and its transformative power.

The verses of “How Sweet It Is” delve deeper into the emotions of being in love, expressing gratitude for the little things that make a relationship special. The lyrics touch on moments of tenderness and connection, highlighting the importance of these small gestures in building a strong bond.

The bridge of the song provides a melodic and lyrical shift, adding a touch of introspection and vulnerability. It showcases Gaye’s ability to convey emotion through his voice, as he croons the lines “I needed joy, and I needed happiness, too. I found that in you.” This section serves as a heartfelt expression of the transformative power of love and how it can bring joy and fulfillment to one’s life.

Overall, the combination of the lively musical composition and heartfelt lyrics makes “How Sweet It Is” a timeless and beloved song. It is a testament to the skillful songwriting of Holland-Dozier-Holland and the incredible vocal performance of Marvin Gaye.

Now that we have explored the musical composition and lyrics of “How Sweet It Is,” let’s continue our journey by discovering the notable performances of this iconic song.


Notable Performances

“How Sweet It Is” has been performed by numerous artists, each bringing their own unique interpretation to the song. Here are some notable performances that have left a lasting impact:

  1. Marvin Gaye: As the original artist to record “How Sweet It Is,” Marvin Gaye’s rendition remains one of the most memorable. His smooth and soulful vocals perfectly capture the essence of the song, showcasing his impeccable talent and artistry.
  2. James Taylor: In 1975, James Taylor released a cover version of “How Sweet It Is” on his album “Gorilla.” Taylor’s interpretation added a touch of folk and soft rock to the song, showcasing his signature acoustic guitar playing and resonant vocals. It became a commercial success and introduced the song to a new generation of listeners.
  3. Michael Bublé: With his smooth and velvety voice, Michael Bublé’s rendition of “How Sweet It Is” brings a modern twist to the classic. His charming and charismatic performance adds a contemporary flair while still honoring the original essence of the song.
  4. Joan Osborne: Joan Osborne’s cover of “How Sweet It Is,” featured on her 2002 album “How Sweet It Is,” showcased her soulful and bluesy vocals. Her rendition maintained the infectious energy of the original while infusing her own unique interpretation.
  5. Sarah Vaughan: Known as the “Divine One,” Sarah Vaughan’s interpretation of “How Sweet It Is” showcased her incredible vocal range and jazz stylings. Her version added a touch of sophistication and elegance to the song, further highlighting the timeless nature of the composition.

These are just a few examples of the many remarkable performances of “How Sweet It Is” throughout the years. Each artist brings their own style and interpretation, demonstrating the song’s versatility and ability to resonate with audiences across different genres.

As we move forward, let’s explore the popular cover versions of “How Sweet It Is” that have become beloved renditions in their own right.


Popular Cover Versions

“How Sweet It Is” has been covered by numerous artists, each putting their unique spin on the beloved classic. Here are some popular cover versions that have garnered attention and praise:

  1. James Taylor: As mentioned earlier, James Taylor’s cover of “How Sweet It Is” became a chart-topping hit in 1975. With his signature folk-rock sound and heartfelt delivery, Taylor’s rendition brought a fresh and captivating energy to the song, earning him widespread acclaim.
  2. Michael McDonald: In 2004, Michael McDonald released a soulful rendition of “How Sweet It Is” that highlighted his soul and R&B background. His smooth vocals and impeccable phrasing paid tribute to the original while infusing his own soulful style into the song.
  3. Frankie Valli: The legendary vocalist Frankie Valli, known for his work with the Four Seasons, released a cover of “How Sweet It Is” that showcased his iconic falsetto range. His unique take on the song added a touch of contemporary pop and showcased Valli’s distinctive vocal prowess.
  4. Carole King: Singer-songwriter Carole King included a live version of “How Sweet It Is” on her album “Tapestry: Live in Hyde Park” in 2017. Her heartfelt and introspective rendition brought a sense of intimacy and sincerity to the song, exemplifying her ability to connect with audiences on an emotional level.
  5. Kenny Rogers: Country music legend Kenny Rogers recorded a cover of “How Sweet It Is” that showcased his smooth country-pop sound. His rendition added a country flair to the song, making it accessible to a wider audience and highlighting the song’s universal appeal.

These are just a few examples of the popular cover versions of “How Sweet It Is.” Each artist brought their own unique style and interpretation to the song, showcasing the song’s adaptability across different genres and musical landscapes.

Now that we’ve explored the cover versions, let’s move on to discussing the influence and legacy of “How Sweet It Is” in the music world.


Influence and Legacy

“How Sweet It Is” holds a special place in the music world and has left a lasting impact on both artists and listeners alike. Its influence and legacy can be observed in various aspects of the industry:

  1. Cultural Significance: “How Sweet It Is” embodies the spirit of the Motown era and the cultural shifts taking place in America during the 1960s. It represents a time of social and musical change, and its enduring popularity has solidified its status as a cultural touchstone.
  2. Cover Versions and Interpreters: The numerous cover versions of “How Sweet It Is” by renowned artists across genres showcase its versatility and influence. These interpretations pay homage to the original while allowing artists to put their own unique spin on the beloved classic.
  3. Enduring Relevance: Despite being released over five decades ago, “How Sweet It Is” continues to resonate with audiences of all ages. The themes of love, joy, and gratitude portrayed in the lyrics are timeless and universally relatable, ensuring its continued relevance in the music world.
  4. Influence on Music Production: The iconic sound and arrangement of “How Sweet It Is” have inspired countless musicians and producers, shaping the development of soul, R&B, and pop music. The song’s infectious rhythms, lush instrumentation, and memorable melodies set a standard that has influenced subsequent generations of artists.
  5. Lyrical Impact: The heartfelt and expressive lyrics of “How Sweet It Is” have touched the hearts of listeners for decades. Its portrayal of love’s sweetness and the appreciation of life’s joys has become a timeless theme in popular music, continuing to resonate with audiences on an emotional level.

The legacy of “How Sweet It Is” can be seen in its continued popularity, frequent usage in television shows, movies, and advertisements, and its place in the repertoire of musicians worldwide. Its timeless quality and ability to evoke powerful emotions make it a beloved song that will continue to be cherished for generations to come.

As we conclude our exploration of “How Sweet It Is,” we hope that this article has provided you with a deeper appreciation for the song, its history, and its lasting impact in the world of music.



As we close our comprehensive guide to “How Sweet It Is” sheet music, we have delved into the history, musical composition, notable performances, popular cover versions, and the influence and legacy of this timeless song. From its origins as a hit single by Marvin Gaye to the wide range of interpretations by various artists, “How Sweet It Is” has left an indelible mark on the music world.

The joyful and heartfelt lyrics coupled with the infectious melodies make “How Sweet It Is” a beloved classic that has resonated with audiences for generations. Its enduring relevance and cultural significance highlight its timeless quality and ability to transcend musical boundaries.

We have explored how artists like James Taylor, Michael McDonald, and Joan Osborne have put their own unique spin on the song, showcasing its adaptability across genres. These notable covers exemplify the song’s enduring popularity and its ability to draw the attention of talented musicians seeking to pay homage to this cherished composition.

Furthermore, the influence of “How Sweet It Is” can be seen in its impact on music production, its cultural significance during the Motown era, and its lasting legacy on the lyrical landscape of popular music. The song’s themes of love, joy, and gratitude continue to resonate with listeners of all ages, ensuring its continued relevance and appeal.

Whether you’re a musician searching for the perfect sheet music to perform or simply an avid music lover looking to gain a deeper understanding of this beloved classic, “How Sweet It Is” sheet music offers a rich and rewarding experience.

So, let the joyful melodies and heartfelt lyrics of “How Sweet It Is” continue to inspire and bring sweetness to your musical journey. Play it on your instrument, sing it with your voice, or simply let it be a soundtrack to your life. However you choose to enjoy it, “How Sweet It Is” will always remain a cherished piece of sheet music in the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide.

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