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How To Pair Polk Signa S2 Subwoofer How To Pair Polk Signa S2 Subwoofer


How To Pair Polk Signa S2 Subwoofer

Written by: Jobye Waugh

Learn how to easily pair your Polk Signa S2 Subwoofer with your audio system. Enhance your sound experience with this powerful subwoofer.

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Welcome to the world of deep, immersive bass! Subwoofers are an essential component of any audio setup, whether it’s for your home theater system or your car. These specialized speakers are designed to reproduce low-frequency sounds, adding depth and richness to your audio experience.

One renowned brand in the world of subwoofers is Polk Audio, and their Signa S2 subwoofer is a popular choice among audio enthusiasts. Designed to complement the Polk Signa S2 soundbar, this subwoofer delivers powerful bass that brings movies, music, and games to life.

If you’ve recently purchased the Polk Signa S2 subwoofer or are considering adding it to your audio setup, you may have questions about how to properly pair it with your soundbar. In this guide, we’ll take you through the step-by-step process of pairing the Polk Signa S2 subwoofer, ensuring you get the best performance possible.

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to enjoy deep and rumbling bass that enhances your audio experience and makes every beat and explosion feel more impactful.


Step 1: Unboxing the Polk Signa S2 Subwoofer

Before you can begin the process of pairing your Polk Signa S2 subwoofer, you’ll need to unbox it and familiarize yourself with its components. Follow these steps to unbox your subwoofer:

  1. Find a suitable location: Choose a location for your subwoofer that is close to your soundbar and offers optimal bass response. Avoid placing it too close to walls or corners, as this can affect the sound quality.
  2. Unpack the subwoofer: Carefully remove the subwoofer from its packaging, taking care not to damage any cables or components.
  3. Inspect the contents: Check that all the necessary components are included in the package. This typically includes the subwoofer unit, a power cable, and any additional accessories.
  4. Read the user manual: Take a few moments to read through the user manual provided with the subwoofer. This will give you a better understanding of all the features and functions of the Polk Signa S2 subwoofer.
  5. Connect the power cable: Plug one end of the power cable into the subwoofer and the other end into a power outlet. Ensure that the power outlet is easily accessible and meets the electrical requirements of the subwoofer.

Once you have successfully unboxed the Polk Signa S2 subwoofer and connected it to a power source, you are now ready to move on to the next step of the pairing process.


Step 2: Preparing the Subwoofer for Pairing

Before you can pair the Polk Signa S2 subwoofer with your soundbar, you need to ensure that it is properly prepared for the pairing process. Follow these steps to get your subwoofer ready:

  1. Place the subwoofer in the desired position: Choose a suitable location for your subwoofer, keeping in mind that it should be close to your soundbar for optimal performance. Find a stable surface and avoid obstructing objects that may affect the sound quality.
  2. Power on the subwoofer: Press the power button on the subwoofer to turn it on. You should see a power indicator light up, indicating that the subwoofer is receiving power.
  3. Check the wireless connection: The Polk Signa S2 subwoofer features a wireless connection option, allowing it to communicate with your soundbar without the need for cables. Ensure that the subwoofer’s wireless function is enabled. Refer to the user manual for instructions specific to your model.
  4. Verify the subwoofer is in pairing mode: Put the subwoofer into pairing mode by pressing and holding the pairing button on the back of the subwoofer for a few seconds. The pairing light will start blinking, indicating that the subwoofer is ready to establish a connection.

Once you have completed these steps, your Polk Signa S2 subwoofer is prepared and ready to be paired with your soundbar. Proceed to the next step to initiate the pairing process and enjoy the immersive sound experience that awaits!


Step 3: Pairing the Subwoofer with the Soundbar

Now that your Polk Signa S2 subwoofer is prepared, it’s time to pair it with your soundbar. Follow these steps to establish the connection:

  1. Ensure that your soundbar is powered on and in pairing mode. Refer to the soundbar’s user manual for instructions on how to enable pairing mode if needed.
  2. Using the remote control that came with your soundbar, navigate to the settings menu or subwoofer settings.
  3. Select the option to pair a subwoofer. The soundbar will begin searching for nearby subwoofers.
  4. Wait for the soundbar to detect the Polk Signa S2 subwoofer. Once detected, the soundbar will display the subwoofer’s name or a unique identifier.
  5. Select the subwoofer’s name on the soundbar’s menu or enter the unique identifier if prompted. This will initiate the pairing process.
  6. Wait for the soundbar to establish a connection with the subwoofer. This may take a few moments.
  7. Once the pairing is successful, you will see a confirmation message on the soundbar’s display or hear a sound indicating the successful pairing.

Now that your Polk Signa S2 subwoofer is paired with your soundbar, you can start enjoying the enhanced audio experience with deep, resonant bass. Proceed to the next step to fine-tune the subwoofer settings according to your preference.


Step 4: Adjusting the Subwoofer Settings

Once you have successfully paired the Polk Signa S2 subwoofer with your soundbar, it’s time to fine-tune the subwoofer settings to achieve the desired audio balance. Here are the steps to adjust the subwoofer settings:

  1. Access the soundbar’s settings menu or subwoofer settings using the remote control.
  2. Look for the option to adjust the subwoofer level or subwoofer volume. This setting allows you to control the intensity of the bass produced by the subwoofer.
  3. Experiment by increasing or decreasing the subwoofer level to find the optimal balance for your listening preference. You can reference audio samples or test different media to gauge the impact of the adjustments.
  4. Additionally, consider adjusting the crossover frequency setting. This determines the point at which the sound transitions from the soundbar to the subwoofer. Adjusting this setting can help achieve a smooth and seamless audio experience.
  5. Continue making small adjustments until you are satisfied with the overall sound balance between the soundbar and the subwoofer.

Remember that personal preferences for bass levels may vary, so it is key to find the settings that suit your listening preferences the best. Take the time to fine-tune these settings for an immersive and tailored audio experience.

Once you have adjusted the subwoofer settings to your liking, move on to the next step to ensure that the subwoofer connection is working correctly.


Step 5: Testing the Subwoofer Connection

After pairing the Polk Signa S2 subwoofer with your soundbar and adjusting the settings, it’s crucial to test the subwoofer connection to ensure everything is working as expected. Follow these steps to test the subwoofer connection:

  1. Play audio content that includes deep bass, such as a movie, music track, or video game with intense sound effects.
  2. Listen carefully and pay attention to the presence and clarity of the bass. If the subwoofer is functioning properly, you should feel the impact of the low-frequency sounds and notice the added depth and richness to the audio.
  3. Walk around the room as you listen to the audio. The subwoofer should maintain a consistent sound quality and volume, regardless of your location within the room.
  4. If you notice any issues, such as weak or distorted bass, check the subwoofer’s position and ensure there are no obstructions or interference sources nearby.
  5. You may also consider adjusting the subwoofer settings further if necessary, using the steps outlined in the previous section.

By testing the subwoofer connection, you can confirm that the pairing process was successful and that the subwoofer is delivering the desired bass performance. If you encounter any difficulties or inconsistencies, continue to the final step for troubleshooting tips.


Step 6: Troubleshooting Tips

In some cases, you may encounter issues or difficulties during the pairing process or while testing the subwoofer connection. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you resolve common problems:

  1. Check the placement: Ensure the subwoofer is positioned correctly and is not obstructed by any objects or walls that could interfere with the wireless signal. Adjust the subwoofer’s location if necessary.
  2. Verify the power supply: Make sure the subwoofer is receiving power from a working electrical outlet. Check the power cable to ensure it is securely connected.
  3. Restart the devices: Power off both the subwoofer and the soundbar, then turn them back on after a few seconds. This can help reset the connection and resolve any temporary issues.
  4. Confirm wireless signal strength: If the subwoofer is experiencing connectivity problems, check the distance between the subwoofer and the soundbar. Signal interference can occur if they are too far apart. Consider relocating the subwoofer closer to the soundbar.
  5. Update firmware: Check for any available firmware updates for both the soundbar and the subwoofer. Keeping them up to date can resolve compatibility issues and improve performance.
  6. Reset the devices: As a last resort, you can try performing a factory reset on both the subwoofer and the soundbar. Refer to the user manual for instructions on how to perform a reset.

If after following these troubleshooting tips you are still experiencing issues with the Polk Signa S2 subwoofer, it may be necessary to contact Polk Audio customer support for further assistance. They will provide you with specific guidance and solutions based on your situation.

Remember, troubleshooting is a normal part of the setup process, and with a little patience and perseverance, you’ll be able to enjoy your Polk Signa S2 subwoofer to its fullest potential.



Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to pair the Polk Signa S2 subwoofer with your soundbar. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can now enjoy a more immersive audio experience with powerful and rich bass.

Remember, the key steps in the pairing process include unboxing the subwoofer, preparing it for pairing, establishing the connection with the soundbar, adjusting the subwoofer settings, testing the connection, and troubleshooting any potential issues that may arise.

With the Polk Signa S2 subwoofer, you can elevate your home theater or audio setup to new heights. Whether you’re watching a movie, listening to music, or playing video games, the deep bass will enhance every sound and make your audio more impactful and engaging.

Additionally, don’t hesitate to refer back to the user manual or contact Polk Audio customer support for further assistance if you encounter any challenges during the process or have any specific questions about your subwoofer.

Now go ahead and enjoy the immersive audio experience that the Polk Signa S2 subwoofer brings to your sound system. Sit back, relax, and let the deep, resonant bass transport you into a world of captivating sound.

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