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That’s What I Like MP3 Download Bruno Mars That’s What I Like MP3 Download Bruno Mars


That’s What I Like MP3 Download Bruno Mars

Written by: Sibilla Hubert

Download the MP3 version of Bruno Mars' hit song "That's What I Like" and enjoy the catchy tune on your favorite device.

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If you’re a music lover, chances are you’ve heard of Bruno Mars. Known for his soulful vocals, infectious melodies, and captivating performances, Mars has become one of the biggest names in the music industry. One of his most popular songs that continues to captivate listeners is “That’s What I Like.” In this article, we’ll explore the details about this mesmerizing track and how you can download the MP3 version to enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

“That’s What I Like” is a song by Bruno Mars that was released in 2017 as part of his third studio album, “24K Magic.” The track is a delightful blend of R&B, funk, and pop, showcasing Mars’ incredible talent as both a singer and a songwriter. With its catchy hooks, playful lyrics, and groovy beats, “That’s What I Like” has undoubtedly earned its place in the hearts of music enthusiasts around the world.

Bruno Mars has always been hailed for his versatility, and “That’s What I Like” is a testament to that. His smooth vocal delivery and charismatic persona shine through in this song, creating an irresistible energy that keeps listeners hooked from start to finish. Whether you’re a fan of his older hits like “Just the Way You Are” and “Locked Out of Heaven,” or you discovered his music through recent releases, “That’s What I Like” is sure to leave an impression.

So, how exactly did this infectiously catchy song come to be? Let’s delve into the creation process of “That’s What I Like” and explore some interesting insights about its production. From there, we’ll dive into the critical reception the song has received and the remarkable chart success it has achieved. Finally, we’ll discuss where you can download the MP3 version of “That’s What I Like” to add it to your music collection.


Overview of “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars

“That’s What I Like” is a captivating song by the talented artist Bruno Mars. Released in 2017 as a single from his album “24K Magic,” the track showcases Mars’ unique style and musical prowess. It seamlessly blends elements of R&B, funk, and pop, creating a smooth and infectious sound that is instantly recognizable.

The song opens with a catchy piano riff that sets the tone for the rest of the track. Mars’ smooth and soulful vocals enter, delivering lyrics that exude confidence and charm. “That’s What I Like” is a love song packed with playful expressions of affection and a captivating sense of romance. It celebrates the finer things in life and the joy that comes from being in a fulfilling relationship.

Throughout the song, Mars effortlessly transitions between singing and rapping, showcasing his versatility as an artist. The catchy chorus and infectious melody are complemented by the impeccable production, which incorporates elements such as groovy basslines, funky guitar riffs, and lively percussion. This combination of musical elements creates a captivating and memorable listening experience from start to finish.

The lyrics of “That’s What I Like” are a standout feature, with Mars skillfully crafting vivid and relatable imagery. The song’s verses are filled with playful metaphors and vivid descriptions, painting a picture of the indulgent lifestyle that comes with being in love. The lyrics not only exhibit Mars’ songwriting prowess but also provide listeners with a glimpse into his personality and approach to relationships.

One of the most notable aspects of “That’s What I Like” is its infectious energy. The song has an undeniable groove and rhythm that makes it impossible to resist tapping your feet or nodding your head along to the beat. Mars’ impeccable vocal delivery and the overall production quality of the song contribute to its irresistible appeal.

Overall, “That’s What I Like” is a testament to both Bruno Mars’ musical talent and his ability to create timeless and catchy hits. Its seamless blending of different genres, captivating lyrics, and infectious energy make it a standout track in Mars’ discography. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering his music, “That’s What I Like” is a must-listen that showcases the artistry and charisma that have made Bruno Mars a global sensation.


Bruno Mars: The Talented Artist

Bruno Mars is a multi-talented artist who has showcased his abilities as a singer, songwriter, producer, and performer. Born as Peter Gene Hernandez in 1985, Mars was raised in a musical family that instilled in him a love for music from a young age. His father was a Latin percussionist, while his mother was a singer and dancer, so it’s no surprise that Mars developed a natural affinity for music.

From a young age, Mars displayed prodigious musical talent. He began performing at a young age in his family’s band and later pursued a career in music in Los Angeles. His first taste of success came through songwriting, as he co-wrote hit songs for artists such as Flo Rida and Travie McCoy. Mars’ exceptional songwriting skills caught the attention of record executives, which led to the release of his debut album, “Doo-Wops & Hooligans,” in 2010.

Since then, Bruno Mars has continued to dominate the music scene with his distinctive sound and charismatic persona. His music is influenced by a variety of genres, including R&B, pop, funk, soul, and reggae, which he masterfully blends together to create his signature style. Mars’ soulful vocals, infectious melodies, and impeccable production have garnered him numerous accolades and a dedicated fanbase.

What sets Mars apart is not only his musical talent, but also his engaging stage presence. He is known for his high-energy performances, impressive dance moves, and unmatched charisma. Mars has the ability to captivate audiences with his smooth vocals and electrifying stage presence, making every live show an unforgettable experience.

In addition to his solo career, Mars has also collaborated with other renowned artists, including Mark Ronson on the chart-topping hit “Uptown Funk” and Cardi B on the remix of “Finesse.” These collaborations demonstrate his versatility as an artist and his ability to create music that transcends genres and resonates with a wide audience.

Throughout his career, Bruno Mars has amassed an impressive collection of awards and achievements. He has won multiple Grammy Awards and has been recognized by prestigious institutions like the Billboard Music Awards and the American Music Awards. His impact on the music industry is undeniable, and his influence continues to inspire new generations of artists.

With his talent, dedication, and passion for music, Bruno Mars has solidified his place in the music industry as one of the most successful and respected artists of his generation. His ability to blend different musical styles, his captivating performances, and his undeniable charisma have cemented his status as a true musical superstar.


The Making of “That’s What I Like”

The creation of “That’s What I Like” was a collaborative effort that brought together Bruno Mars and a talented team of producers and songwriters. Mars worked closely with production duo Shampoo Press & Curl, consisting of Philip Lawrence and Christopher Brody Brown, to bring his vision for the song to life.

The process of creating “That’s What I Like” began with Mars and his collaborators crafting the song’s melody and lyrics. Drawing inspiration from classic R&B and funk, they wanted to create a track that would be both nostalgic and fresh. Mars, known for his meticulous attention to detail, spent hours in the studio perfecting every aspect of the song.

The production of “That’s What I Like” is a testament to the team’s dedication to creating a sonically rich and dynamic track. The song features a diverse range of instruments, including keyboards, drums, bass, and guitar, all expertly played to create a layered and groovy sound. The meticulous production process involved experimenting with different sounds and arrangements until they achieved the desired result.

One of the standout features of “That’s What I Like” is the infectious drum pattern that drives the song. The team carefully selected and mixed the drum samples to create a unique rhythm that adds to the song’s energetic vibe. The bassline and guitar riffs further enhance the song’s funky elements, creating a captivating groove that keeps listeners hooked.

Mars’ undeniable vocal prowess shines through in “That’s What I Like.” With his smooth and soulful delivery, he effortlessly brings the lyrics to life and adds an extra layer of emotion to the track. The team spent time perfecting Mars’ vocal performance, ensuring that every note and inflection conveyed the desired feeling.

Once the recording and production process was complete, the team mixed and mastered the song to achieve the perfect balance of instruments and vocals. Paying attention to every detail, they made sure that “That’s What I Like” sounded great on various audio systems, from headphones to car speakers.

Overall, the making of “That’s What I Like” was a meticulous and collaborative process. Bruno Mars, along with his talented team of producers and songwriters, worked tirelessly to create a song that would showcase his musical abilities and captivate listeners. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence resulted in a track that continues to be celebrated for its infectious energy and timeless appeal.


Critical Reception of “That’s What I Like”

“That’s What I Like” received widespread critical acclaim upon its release, with many praising its infectious groove, catchy lyrics, and Bruno Mars’ exceptional vocal performance. The song’s blend of R&B, funk, and pop elements garnered praise for its timeless appeal and ability to captivate listeners.

Reviewers often highlighted the song’s memorable chorus and strong hooks, which made it instantly recognizable and replay-worthy. Mars’ smooth and soulful vocals were lauded for their ability to convey both vulnerability and confidence, adding depth and emotion to the track. Critics particularly applauded Mars’ versatility, seamlessly transitioning between singing and rapping, and showcasing his exceptional musicianship.

The lyrics of “That’s What I Like” were also praised for their playful and relatable nature. The song’s expressions of love and indulgence resonated with audiences, drawing listeners in with its vivid imagery and charm. Critics acknowledged the clever wordplay and catchy phraseology that made the lyrics memorable and enjoyable to sing along to.

Furthermore, the production quality of “That’s What I Like” was widely commended. The seamless blend of various instruments, including the dynamic drum pattern and funky bassline, created a rich and energetic sound that had reviewers tapping their feet and nodding their heads. The meticulous attention to detail in the song’s mixing and mastering was noted for its ability to make the track sound great on various audio systems.

The commercial success of “That’s What I Like” further solidified its critical acclaim. The song reached the top of the charts in several countries and achieved multi-platinum certifications. Its popularity on streaming platforms and radio airplay demonstrated its widespread appeal and the impact it made on listeners.

In addition to positive reviews and commercial success, “That’s What I Like” garnered recognition from various music award ceremonies. The song received multiple Grammy nominations and won in the categories of Best R&B Song and Best R&B Performance, further solidifying its status as a standout track.

Overall, the critical reception of “That’s What I Like” was overwhelmingly positive. Reviewers praised the song for its infectious groove, catchy lyrics, and Bruno Mars’ exceptional vocal performance. Its timeless appeal, relatable lyrics, and impressive production quality made it a standout track in Mars’ discography and a memorable addition to the R&B and pop music landscape.


Chart Performance and Success of “That’s What I Like”

“That’s What I Like” became a massive success on the charts, achieving widespread popularity and solidifying Bruno Mars’ status as a music industry powerhouse. The song’s catchy hooks, infectious groove, and Bruno Mars’ undeniable talent propelled it to the top of various music charts around the world.

Upon its release, “That’s What I Like” debuted at number 84 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Over the following weeks, the song steadily climbed the charts and eventually reached the coveted number one spot, becoming Mars’ seventh chart-topping single on the Hot 100. The track spent a total of 24 weeks on the chart, showcasing its longevity and sustained popularity.

The success of “That’s What I Like” wasn’t limited to the United States. The song achieved similar triumphs internationally, peaking within the top ten in countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Its global appeal transcended language barriers and showcased Bruno Mars’ ability to create music that resonates with a diverse audience.

Furthermore, “That’s What I Like” achieved impressive success on streaming platforms. The song racked up millions of streams within its first week of release and continued to accumulate streams at a rapid pace. Recognizing its popularity and influence, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certified “That’s What I Like” seven times Platinum, signifying equivalent sales of over seven million units in the United States alone.

The music video for “That’s What I Like” also contributed to its success. The visually captivating video, featuring Bruno Mars showcasing his smooth dance moves against a minimalistic backdrop, garnered millions of views on YouTube. It further solidified the song’s popularity and helped to elevate its chart performance.

Additionally, “That’s What I Like” received recognition from various music award ceremonies. The song earned Bruno Mars Grammy Awards for Best R&B Song and Best R&B Performance, among other accolades. Its critical acclaim, commercial success, and influence within the music industry established “That’s What I Like” as one of Bruno Mars’ most successful and celebrated tracks.

Overall, the chart performance and success of “That’s What I Like” is a testament to its infectious appeal and Bruno Mars’ undeniable talent. The song’s chart-topping success, global popularity, and multi-platinum certifications solidify “That’s What I Like” as a standout hit and highlight its impact on the music industry.


Where to Download “That’s What I Like” MP3 by Bruno Mars

If you’re looking to add “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars to your music collection, you’ll be happy to know that there are several online platforms where you can download the MP3 version of the song. Here are a few popular options:

  1. Online Music Stores: Platforms like iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play Music allow you to purchase and download individual tracks or entire albums. Simply search for “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars and choose your preferred platform to make the purchase and download.
  2. Streaming Services: Many streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music Unlimited, offer offline listening options. If you have a subscription to any of these services, you can download “That’s What I Like” onto your device for offline playback.
  3. Official Artist Website: Visit Bruno Mars’ official website, as artists often provide a means to purchase and download their music directly from their site. Check for a “Store” or “Music” section on his website to see if “That’s What I Like” is available for download.
  4. Third-Party MP3 Download Sites: There are several websites that specialize in providing free or paid downloads of MP3 files. However, exercise caution when using these sites, as they may not always offer legal or high-quality downloads. Make sure to research the credibility and legitimacy of the site before proceeding with any downloads.
  5. Music Apps: Some mobile applications, such as SoundCloud and Bandcamp, allow artists to share and distribute their music directly. Check these platforms to see if “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars is available for download.

Remember, it’s important to support the artists by purchasing their music through legal and authorized means whenever possible. This ensures that the artists are compensated for their work and allows them to continue creating the music you love.

No matter which option you choose, downloading “That’s What I Like” MP3 will allow you to enjoy the song whenever and wherever you want, whether it’s on your computer, smartphone, or dedicated music player. So, go ahead and add this infectious track to your personal music library and have it at your fingertips for countless enjoyable listens.



“That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars is a mesmerizing track that showcases the artist’s immense talent and musical versatility. With its infectious groove, catchy lyrics, and smooth vocals, the song has captivated listeners worldwide. From its creation to its chart-topping success, “That’s What I Like” has left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Bruno Mars, with his exceptional artistry and captivating stage presence, has become one of the most revered artists of his generation. His ability to seamlessly blend genres and deliver unforgettable performances sets him apart from his peers.

The critical reception of “That’s What I Like” has been overwhelmingly positive, with reviewers praising its infectious energy, memorable chorus, and Bruno Mars’ outstanding vocal performance. The song’s commercial success further solidified its impact, reaching the top of charts around the world and earning multi-platinum certifications.

If you’re looking to add “That’s What I Like” to your music collection, there are various online platforms where you can download the MP3 version. Whether it’s through online music stores, streaming services, or official artist websites, you can easily enjoy this captivating track wherever and whenever you like.

In conclusion, “That’s What I Like” is a testament to Bruno Mars’ musical talent and ability to create timeless hits. Its infectious energy, catchy hooks, and impeccable production have cemented its place as one of his standout tracks. So, whether you’re a long-time fan or a new listener, be sure to experience the magic of “That’s What I Like” and let Bruno Mars’ musical brilliance take you on a journey of pure enjoyment.

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