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Elderbrook How Many Times Andhim Remix Elderbrook How Many Times Andhim Remix


Elderbrook How Many Times Andhim Remix

Written by: Kristine Brotherton

Experience the captivating remix of Elderbrook's "How Many Times" by Andhim. This remix breathes new life into the original track with its infectious beats and mesmerizing melodies. Don't miss out on this must-listen remix!

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Elderbrook’s “How Many Times” is an infectiously catchy and emotionally charged track that captivated audiences worldwide. Known for his unique blend of electronic and soulful sounds, Elderbrook created a song that resonated with listeners on a deeply personal level. With its introspective lyrics and haunting melody, “How Many Times” became a fan favorite and solidified Elderbrook as a rising star in the music industry.

However, what truly sets “How Many Times” apart is the exceptional remix by renowned electronic duo Andhim. With their expert production skills and innate ability to reinvent tracks, Andhim took Elderbrook’s original masterpiece and transformed it into an entirely new sonic experience. The Andhim remix not only brought a fresh perspective to the song but also introduced it to a wider audience, gaining recognition and acclaim from music enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

In this article, we will delve into the mesmerizing world of Elderbrook’s “How Many Times” and explore the fascinating journey of the Andhim remix. From the background of the original track to the creative choices made by Andhim, we will analyze the remix’s impact and reception. Join us on this sonic adventure as we unravel the magic behind the Elderbrook Andhim remix and delve into the evolution of this captivating musical creation.


Overview of Elderbrook’s “How Many Times”

“How Many Times” is a song by the British singer-songwriter and producer Elderbrook, also known as Alexander Kotz. The song was released in 2015 and quickly gained attention for its distinctive blend of electronic and soulful elements. With its introspective lyrics and melancholic vibe, “How Many Times” offers a deeply emotive and introspective listening experience.

The song showcases Elderbrook’s exceptional songwriting skills, as he explores themes of love, heartbreak, and self-reflection. The haunting melody and mesmerizing vocal delivery create an atmosphere of vulnerability and raw emotion, making it relatable to a wide range of listeners. Elderbrook’s unique musical style, which features his soulful vocals layered over electronic beats and intricate production techniques, adds depth and complexity to the track.

The lyrics of “How Many Times” delve into the complexities of relationships, expressing the yearning and longing felt when love becomes a cycle of repeated mistakes. Elderbrook’s introspective and introspective writing style allows listeners to relate to the lyrics on a personal level, drawing them into the emotional depth of the song.

Elderbrook’s original version of “How Many Times” was met with critical acclaim, earning praise for its innovative sound and powerful storytelling. The track gained significant popularity, reaching millions of streams online and establishing Elderbrook as a promising talent in the music industry.

Building on the success of the original version, “How Many Times” caught the attention of the electronic duo Andhim, known for their remixing prowess and ability to reimagine tracks. Andhim saw the potential in “How Many Times” and embarked on a creative journey to transform the song into a new sonic experience, resulting in the remarkable Andhim remix that we will explore in the following sections.


Andhim Remix: Background Information

The Andhim remix of Elderbrook’s “How Many Times” breathed new life into an already captivating track, elevating it to new heights. Andhim is a German electronic music duo consisting of Simon Haehnel and Tobias Müller. Known for their eclectic style and playful approach to music production, Andhim has gained a reputation for their ability to seamlessly blend different genres and create unique soundscapes.

The collaboration between Elderbrook and Andhim came about when the duo heard the original version of “How Many Times” and were immediately drawn to its emotional depth and compelling lyrics. Recognizing the potential of the song, Andhim approached Elderbrook and proposed the idea of creating a remix that would amplify its impact and bring a fresh perspective to the track.

Andhim’s remixing process is characterized by their meticulous attention to detail and their desire to create a distinct sonic experience. They dissected the original elements of “How Many Times” and began experimenting with different sounds and textures to reimagine the track. Their aim was to preserve the essence of the song while infusing it with their signature electronic flair.

What sets the Andhim remix apart is their unique approach to incorporating additional elements into the remix. They masterfully integrated new melodies, atmospheric layers, and rhythmic elements, breathing new life into the song and giving it an added complexity. By strategically building tension and creating dynamic peaks and valleys throughout the remix, Andhim ensured that it would be a compelling journey for listeners.

The Andhim remix of “How Many Times” perfectly captures their distinct style, showcasing their ability to create an immersive experience for the listener. The fusion of Elderbrook’s introspective lyrics and haunting melody with Andhim’s innovative production techniques creates a harmonious balance between vulnerability and electronic energy.

The Andhim remix quickly gained traction within the electronic music scene, captivating both fans and industry insiders. Its unique blend of soulful vocals, evocative instrumentals, and infectious electronic beats struck a chord with listeners, earning praise for its ability to transport them on a sonic adventure.

As we delve further into the analysis of the Andhim remix, we will explore the specific creative choices made by the duo and the impact it had on the overall listening experience. Join us on this journey as we uncover the magic of the Elderbrook Andhim remix.


Analysis of Andhim’s Remix

The Andhim remix of Elderbrook’s “How Many Times” is a masterful reimagining of the original track, showcasing the duo’s exceptional creativity and production skills. Let’s dive into the analysis of the remix to gain a deeper understanding of the elements that make it so captivating.

One of the standout features of the Andhim remix is its innovative use of electronic beats and percussion. The duo introduces infectious rhythms and intricate drum patterns that create a groovy and danceable foundation for the track. These elements add a dynamic energy to the remix, enhancing the overall listening experience and inviting audiences to move to the music.

In addition to the gripping beats, Andhim incorporates atmospheric layers and ethereal textures that create a mesmerizing sonic landscape. The remix transports listeners to a dreamlike realm, evoking a sense of introspection and wonder. By carefully layering electronic elements with subtle melodies, Andhim adds depth and complexity to the remix, offering a multifaceted sonic journey.

Andhim’s remix also pays careful attention to Elderbrook’s vocals. They skillfully isolate and manipulate certain vocal phrases, enhancing their impact and emotional resonance. By using electronic techniques such as pitch shifting and vocal effects, they create a unique sonic treatment that adds a new dimension to the vocals while maintaining the raw emotion of the original.

Furthermore, Andhim’s remix features carefully crafted build-ups and climactic moments that heighten the emotional impact of the track. They strategically introduce new elements and increase the intensity, building tension throughout the remix. These moments create a sense of anticipation and release, keeping listeners engaged and captivated.

The Andhim remix demonstrates a balance between staying true to the essence of the original track and infusing it with their own creative vision. While retaining the introspective lyrics and haunting melody of Elderbrook’s song, Andhim successfully injects their unique electronic energy, creating a symbiotic blend of styles.

Overall, the Andhim remix of “How Many Times” is a testament to their adept remixing skills and their ability to create a captivating sonic experience. It showcases their meticulous attention to detail, their innovative use of electronic elements, and their commitment to preserving the emotional depth of the original song.


Impact and Reception of the Remix

The Andhim remix of Elderbrook’s “How Many Times” made a significant impact on both the electronic music scene and the wider music community. Upon its release, the remix garnered widespread attention and received acclaim from listeners and industry professionals alike.

One of the notable achievements of the Andhim remix was its ability to introduce Elderbrook’s music to a new audience. The infectious energy and unique production techniques of the remix attracted electronic music enthusiasts who may not have been previously familiar with Elderbrook’s work. This crossover appeal helped elevate Elderbrook’s profile and expand his fanbase, ultimately leading to increased visibility and recognition.

Furthermore, the Andhim remix received significant support from DJs and radio stations around the world. It became a staple in many DJ sets and was frequently played on radio shows dedicated to electronic music. The remix’s presence in these platforms helped propel it into the mainstream consciousness and solidify its status as a standout production.

The remix also achieved success on digital streaming platforms, accumulating millions of streams and downloads. Its popularity indicated that audiences connected with the fresh take on Elderbrook’s original track, highlighting the remix’s ability to resonate with listeners on a visceral level.

Moreover, the Andhim remix of “How Many Times” received critical acclaim, earning praise for its innovative production and creative reinterpretation. Music critics lauded the duo’s ability to enhance the emotional depth of the song while infusing their distinctive electronic style. The remix was commended for its seamless blending of soulful vocals, infectious beats, and immersive atmospheres, creating a sonic experience that appealed to both electronic music enthusiasts and fans of Elderbrook’s original work.

The impact of the Andhim remix extended beyond immediate acclaim and recognition. It served as a catalyst for further collaborations and opened doors for both Elderbrook and Andhim to explore new artistic opportunities. The success of the remix ignited interest in their respective musical portfolios, solidifying their status as innovative and influential artists within the electronic music scene.

Ultimately, the impact and reception of the Andhim remix of “How Many Times” highlighted the transformative power of remixes. It demonstrated the ability of talented producers to take a beloved song and breathe new life into it, elevating it to new heights and attracting a wider audience. The remix not only showcased the creative synergy between Elderbrook and Andhim but also showcased the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the music industry.



The Elderbrook Andhim remix of “How Many Times” stands as a brilliant example of the transformative power of remixes and the creative synergy between artists. The remix took Elderbrook’s emotionally charged original track and infused it with Andhim’s unique electronic energy, resulting in a captivating sonic journey that resonated with audiences worldwide.

Through our analysis, we explored the intricate details and creative choices that Andhim made in their remix. From the use of groovy beats and atmospheric layers to the manipulation of vocals and strategic build-ups, the remix showcased Andhim’s expert production skills and ability to reimagine a song while maintaining its core essence.

The impact and reception of the Andhim remix were remarkable. It introduced Elderbrook to a wider audience, attracting both electronic music enthusiasts and fans of the original track. The remix gained support from DJs, radio stations, and streaming platforms, further catapulting its recognition and success.

Beyond its immediate impact, the remix served as a catalyst for further collaborations and opportunities for both Elderbrook and Andhim. It solidified their positions as innovative and influential artists, highlighting the transformative potential of remixes in the constantly evolving music industry.

In conclusion, the Elderbrook Andhim remix of “How Many Times” is a testament to the power of creative reinterpretation. It beautifully melded Elderbrook’s soulful vocals and poignant lyrics with Andhim’s innovative electronic production, resulting in a sonic masterpiece that captivated listeners and left a lasting impression. The remix served as a testament to the boundless possibilities of collaboration and showcased the ability of music to connect on an emotional level.

As we reflect on the journey of the Andhim remix, we are reminded of the artistry and innovation that can arise from the marriage of musical minds. It celebrates the power of reinvention and the ability of music to evolve and transcend boundaries. The Elderbrook Andhim remix of “How Many Times” will continue to be cherished for its profound impact and remain a remarkable example of the art of remixing.

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