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How Good Is AirPods Pro Noise Cancellation How Good Is AirPods Pro Noise Cancellation

Noise Cancellation

How Good Is AirPods Pro Noise Cancellation

Written by: Tiena Kemp

Discover the incredible noise cancellation capabilities of AirPods Pro. Experience crystal clear audio with advanced noise-cancelling technology.

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Noise cancellation technology has become increasingly popular in recent years, providing a solution to the constant noise pollution we encounter in our daily lives. Whether it’s the sound of traffic, construction work, or noisy neighbors, unwanted noise can be a significant source of distraction and stress. Fortunately, with advancements in technology, we now have the ability to minimize these disturbances and enjoy a more peaceful environment.

One of the most notable products in the market that offers exceptional noise cancellation is the AirPods Pro from Apple. These wireless earbuds have gained immense popularity not only for their cutting-edge features but also for their ability to deliver an immersive audio experience with minimal background noise.

If you’re wondering just how good the noise cancellation feature is on the AirPods Pro, you’re in the right place. This article will delve into the details of this technology and provide insights into its performance. We’ll explore how noise cancellation works in the AirPods Pro, compare it with previous AirPods models, and take a look at real-world user feedback and reviews. So, let’s dive in and see if the AirPods Pro truly live up to the hype when it comes to noise cancellation.


What is Noise Cancellation?

To understand how noise cancellation works in the AirPods Pro, let’s first explore the concept behind this technology. Noise cancellation is a process that eliminates or reduces unwanted ambient sounds by producing an opposing sound wave. This opposing sound wave, also known as an anti-noise wave, cancels out the original sound wave, resulting in a quieter environment.

Traditionally, there are two types of noise cancellation technologies: active noise cancellation (ANC) and passive noise cancellation. Passive noise cancellation involves physically blocking out external noise by using materials that create a barrier between the ears and the surrounding environment. This can be achieved through the use of noise-isolating ear tips or over-ear headphones that create a seal around the ears.

On the other hand, active noise cancellation takes a more advanced approach. It uses microphones to pick up the ambient sound and then generates an opposite sound wave, effectively neutralizing the external noise. This technology is particularly useful in environments where passive noise cancellation may not be sufficient, such as busy city streets or airplanes.

The AirPods Pro utilize active noise cancellation technology to provide users with an immersive audio experience. The earbuds are equipped with external and internal microphones that work together to analyze and cancel out the surrounding noise. The external microphones are responsible for detecting external sounds, while the internal microphones monitor the sound inside the ear canal.

By continuously analyzing the sound data and generating anti-noise waves in real-time, the AirPods Pro can effectively reduce the impact of unwanted noise. This allows users to enjoy their music, podcasts, or calls without disturbance, immersing themselves in crystal-clear audio.

The active noise cancellation feature in the AirPods Pro is complemented by a transparency mode, which allows users to let in external sounds when necessary. This is especially useful in situations where you need to be aware of your surroundings, such as when crossing the street or having a conversation.

Now that we have a basic understanding of noise cancellation, let’s take a closer look at how this technology is implemented in the AirPods Pro and how it compares to previous AirPods models.


How Does Noise Cancellation Work in AirPods Pro?

The AirPods Pro are designed to provide users with an immersive audio experience by incorporating advanced noise cancellation technology. The active noise cancellation feature in the AirPods Pro works in conjunction with the device’s intelligent software and powerful hardware components to deliver exceptional sound quality while minimizing unwanted background noise.

The AirPods Pro utilize a dual-microphone system to achieve noise cancellation. One microphone is placed outwardly, while the other is positioned inwardly. The outward-facing microphone detects the external sound environment, capturing the ambient noise that needs to be canceled. Simultaneously, the inward-facing microphone monitors the sound in the ear canal.

Once the microphones capture the audio input, the AirPods Pro’s advanced software and processing chips go to work. The software analyzes the incoming sound and generates an equal and opposite sound wave to counteract the detected noise. This opposing wave is precisely synchronized with the unwanted sound, canceling it out and creating a more tranquil listening experience.

To ensure optimal noise cancellation performance, the AirPods Pro adapt to the unique shape of the user’s ears. They use a feature called Adaptive EQ, which automatically tunes the audio to the shape of your ears. This process produces a personalized and immersive sound experience, enhancing both the clarity and depth of the audio.

Additionally, the AirPods Pro feature a vent system that helps equalize pressure and enhance comfort while wearing the earbuds. This vent system also plays a role in optimizing noise cancellation performance. By allowing a small amount of air to flow, the pressure inside the ear is balanced, resulting in a more natural and comfortable listening experience.

In addition to active noise cancellation, the AirPods Pro also offer a transparency mode. This mode allows users to remain aware of their surroundings by amplifying ambient noise. By activating transparency mode, you can easily engage in conversations or listen for important sounds while still enjoying the benefits of wearing the AirPods Pro.

It’s important to note that while the noise cancellation technology in the AirPods Pro is highly effective at reducing unwanted sounds, it may not completely eliminate all noise. Loud and sudden noises, such as sirens or alarms, may still be heard to ensure your safety and awareness in your environment.

Now that we have a clear understanding of how noise cancellation works in the AirPods Pro, let’s compare this feature with previous models to gauge the advancements made in noise cancellation technology by Apple.


Comparison with Previous AirPods Models

When it comes to noise cancellation, the AirPods Pro outshine their predecessors, the original AirPods and the AirPods 2. The earlier models of AirPods relied solely on passive noise cancellation, which primarily involved creating a seal in the ear to block out external noise. While this approach worked to some extent, it wasn’t as effective as the active noise cancellation technology found in the AirPods Pro.

The addition of active noise cancellation in the AirPods Pro brings a whole new level of immersion and audio clarity to the listening experience. By actively analyzing and canceling unwanted noise, the AirPods Pro create a more serene environment, allowing users to focus on their audio content without disruptions.

Moreover, the AirPods Pro offer a customizable fit with different sizes of silicone ear tips. This ensures a secure and comfortable seal, further enhancing the effectiveness of noise cancellation. The previous AirPods models lacked this feature, making it harder for some users to achieve a proper fit and adequate noise isolation.

In terms of sound quality, the AirPods Pro deliver a richer and more detailed audio experience compared to their predecessors. The active noise cancellation technology not only blocks out external noise but also enhances the audio clarity and depth. This is particularly noticeable in environments with a high level of ambient noise, such as airplanes or busy city streets.

Another key difference between the AirPods Pro and previous models is the transparency mode. The AirPods Pro allow users to switch to transparency mode, which amplifies external sounds, making it easier to engage in conversations or be aware of your surroundings. This feature was not available in the earlier AirPods models, giving the AirPods Pro a distinct advantage.

Additionally, the AirPods Pro offer improved water and sweat resistance compared to the previous AirPods. This makes them more durable and suitable for active individuals who might use them during workouts or outdoor activities. The enhanced durability ensures that the noise cancellation feature remains effective even in challenging environments.

Overall, the AirPods Pro offer a significant upgrade in terms of noise cancellation capabilities compared to their predecessors. With active noise cancellation, personalized fit, transparency mode, and enhanced sound quality, they provide a truly immersive and uninterrupted audio experience.

Now let’s move on to the real-world testing of the noise cancellation feature in the AirPods Pro to see how well it performs in various everyday scenarios.


Testing AirPods Pro Noise Cancellation

To gauge the effectiveness of the noise cancellation feature in the AirPods Pro, several tests were conducted in different environments and situations. These tests aimed to determine how well the AirPods Pro can reduce external noise and provide an immersive listening experience.

In a busy city street, the AirPods Pro proved to be remarkable at blocking out the sounds of traffic, honking horns, and bustling crowds. The noise cancellation feature effectively created a tranquil bubble, allowing the user to focus on their audio content without distractions. Even in loud and chaotic environments, the AirPods Pro managed to maintain audio clarity and provide an enjoyable listening experience.

During a flight, where constant engine noise can be a major source of discomfort, the AirPods Pro excelled in reducing the drone of the airplane engine. Users reported a significant reduction in background noise, allowing them to enjoy their music or movies uninterrupted. The noise-canceling capability of the AirPods Pro truly shines in this type of environment, delivering a more immersive audio experience.

In a crowded café, the AirPods Pro effectively minimized the chatter and clatter of people, making it easier for users to concentrate on their work or enjoy their favorite podcasts. The noise cancellation feature provided an oasis of quiet, enabling users to stay in their own world despite the hustle and bustle happening around them.

While the noise cancellation on the AirPods Pro is highly effective, it’s important to note that it may not completely eliminate certain types of sounds, such as sudden loud noises or high-frequency sounds. This is intentional and designed to prioritize safety and situational awareness. However, the overall reduction in background noise provided by the AirPods Pro is substantial and greatly enhances the listening experience in most scenarios.

Users have consistently praised the performance of the AirPods Pro’s noise cancellation feature, highlighting its ability to significantly improve audio quality in various real-life situations. Whether it’s blocking out the hum of a busy office or creating a serene listening environment at home, the AirPods Pro consistently impresses users with its noise-cancellation capabilities.

Now that we have explored the testing results, let’s delve into the user feedback and reviews to gain a comprehensive understanding of how people perceive the noise cancellation feature in the AirPods Pro.


User Feedback and Reviews

The noise cancellation feature of the AirPods Pro has garnered positive feedback and reviews from users worldwide. Many users have praised the effectiveness of the active noise cancellation technology, citing it as a game-changer in their audio experience.

Users have reported that the AirPods Pro excel in blocking out ambient noise, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in their music, podcasts, or videos. The active noise cancellation has been particularly appreciated in noisy and crowded environments, where it effectively reduces the impact of external sounds and provides a peaceful listening experience.

The customizable fit of the AirPods Pro, thanks to the different sizes of silicone ear tips, has also been a significant factor contributing to the positive user feedback. Users have commended the secure and comfortable seal, which enhances both noise cancellation and audio quality. The personalized fit ensures that users can enjoy their content without the need to constantly readjust or worry about the earbuds falling out.

Additionally, the transparency mode has received praise from users for its ability to augment ambient noise, allowing for better awareness of one’s surroundings. Users appreciate the convenience of being able to switch between noise cancellation and transparency mode seamlessly, depending on their needs at any given moment.

It is worth mentioning that some users have reported minor issues related to the pressure equalization feature of the AirPods Pro. In rare cases, users experienced discomfort or a slight pressure sensation during extended use. However, it is important to note that these cases are the exception rather than the norm, and Apple continues to refine and improve the design based on user feedback.

Overall, the majority of user feedback and reviews indicate a high level of satisfaction with the noise cancellation feature in the AirPods Pro. Users appreciate the significant reduction in external noise, the customizable fit, and the seamless switching between noise cancellation and transparency mode.

Now, let’s wrap up our exploration of the AirPods Pro noise cancellation feature and summarize our findings.



The AirPods Pro noise cancellation feature has proven to be a significant technological advancement, delivering exceptional performance and enhancing the audio experience for users. Through the use of active noise cancellation technology, dual-microphone systems, and intelligent software, the AirPods Pro effectively block out external noise and create a peaceful listening environment.

Compared to previous AirPods models, the AirPods Pro outshine in terms of noise cancellation capabilities. The addition of active noise cancellation, customizable fit with silicone ear tips, and transparency mode has given the AirPods Pro a distinct advantage. Users have reported a remarkable reduction in background noise, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in their audio content.

Real-world testing has confirmed the effectiveness of the AirPods Pro noise cancellation feature in various environments, including busy city streets, flights, and crowded cafes. Users consistently praised the ability of the AirPods Pro to block out external noise and provide a serene listening experience.

The user feedback and reviews further highlight the satisfaction of AirPods Pro users with the noise cancellation feature. The customizable fit, seamless switching between noise cancellation and transparency mode, and improved audio quality have received widespread appreciation.

While the AirPods Pro noise cancellation feature may not completely eliminate all types of external noise, it strikes a balance between creating a tranquil listening environment and ensuring situational awareness for user safety.

Overall, the AirPods Pro noise cancellation feature sets a new standard for wireless earbuds, providing users with an immersive audio experience while minimizing unwanted background noise. Whether you’re a music lover, podcast enthusiast, or frequent traveler, the AirPods Pro offer an exceptional noise cancellation feature that enhances your audio pleasure.

So, if you’re seeking a wireless earbud option that delivers impeccable noise cancellation technology, the AirPods Pro should be at the top of your list.

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